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Upgrade your insight into the performance of your defenses in a beautiful, responsive SaaS interface designed for maximum signal-to-noise. Stop drowning in a sea of red. AttackIQ Solutions. The AttackIQ Security Optimization Platform provides at least 26 threat-informed, data-driven solutions for a security organization. The automated platform helps red teams to be more efficient; they can run automated testing operations at scale and benefit from the rich performance data that scaled automation brings.

AttackIQ s Security Optimization Platform can enable the Security Operations Center to anticipate, prepare, and hunt for threats that may affect the enterprise. Teams can use the AttackIQ platform to assess all of the security technology sensors within an enterprise, including the event logs, the network security controls, and the SIEM, to ensure that the technology works as it should. AttackIQ Platform Features. MITRE ATT CK. AttackIQ is a founding research partner of the MITRE Center for Threat Informed Defense CTIDwhere ATT CK resides.

We are committed to providing the broadest and deepest coverage of the ATT CK framework and integrating ATT CK-based toolsets and workflows. AttackIQ gives customers the most consistent, trusted, and safest way to test and validate security controls at scale and in production. Our ATT CK-based adversary emulation plans incorporate framework visualizations in the plan and in reporting options.

Flexible Open Architecture. Supports both SaaS and on-premises deployments and full application programming interface API workflows. Customers can leverage the platform s intuitive web-based user interface or create, customize, and execute tests and extract results via the API. AttackIQ Scenario Library. With the most comprehensive library of curated ATT CK scenarios, the AttackIQ SOP is powered by both our dedicated content team and customers submissions.

Users can select from over 2000 scenarios that provide coverage for enterprise and cloud-based requirements. Easily Customizable Attack Scenarios. The AttackIQ SOP is an open-system testing platform, and all content in our scenario library is available for customers to download and modify. Security analysts can easily modify python-based scenarios to create custom tests for proprietary requirements, uploading any scripts in python, bash, or PowerShell for the platform.

Close-loop Integrations. Provides seamless integration to most commercial security controls and a query builder software development kit SDK to integrate with proprietary systems and data. Provides significant insights into product misconfigurations and prevention and detection capabilities. Remediate with Actionable Insights.

Leverages closed-loop integrations to facilitate access to organizational dashboards and to the alert feeds of systems under test. Quickly identify gaps and facilitates remediation before the adversary can take advantage of misconfigurations. Nemertes From Reactive to Proactive Security Optimization and Threat-Informed Defense. Gives detailed analysis of protection failures and actionable insights into rapid remediation.

451 Research Business Impact Brief What You Should Already Know About BAS. TechStrong TV The Tectonic Shift CISOs Must Make. Countering ransomware with AttackIQ s Security Optimization Platform. Security Control Optimization Leveraging MITRE ATT CK. Are your security controls optimized for success. Tune in to our on-demand webinar to hear from industry experts about how to gain visibility into your security controls and ensure your program is not only effective but efficient.

Pre Hire Assessments That Identify High Potential Candidates Quickly. So, you need to recruit more staff. Chances are you get lots of applicants and lots of emails and CV Resumes to sift through. But selecting staff with just a CV Resume and an interview is not enough to predict future job performance. Assessments are an effective way to help you identify high potential candidates quickly. We then send you samples of the reports that may be generated so you may decide if the information is appropriate for your needs.

Big 5 Assessments is the new way to recruit your next employee. View a demo today and discover how easy it is to reduce employee turnover and improve employee performance by ensuring you can quickly and accurately identify the best candidates for any given job role. The free trial enables you or one of your colleagues to †try-out†the assessments as if you were a candidate. Based in Oxford UKwe are a worldwide provider of pre-employment assessments, tests and online recruitment software for business use.

Our range of pre-employment tests and assessments help Recruiters, Hiring Managers and HR Professionals to identify future talent, look beyond the CV and objectively improve their recruitment effectiveness. Rank Candidates. Big 5 Assessments is easy-to-use, cloud-based and affordable. Easily rank your candidates by job fit. Iqoption gale Reports.

Targeted Interiew Questions. Gather evidence of past competence and behaviour. 130 Success Benchmarks. Pre loaded with success benchmarks for up to 130 different jobs. Top Of Funnel. Screen all of your applicants quickly and easily. Support Included. Ongoing supportive accoiunt management included for free. Recruitment Development. Use for selection, on-boarding, development and engagement. Plans and packages to suit all budgets. Online Dashboard.

Manage your candidates and results easily. Add your logo and corporate colours. Custom Benchmarks. Create your own custom benchmarks based on your best performers. API Integration. Different levels of integration available with your ATS. Easy Deployment. Easily set up for centralised or decentralised recruitment. Organisations that have used Big 5 Assessments. Job Fit Technology Assessments. Intelligent recruitment assessments to help you identify and discover the best candidates more easily.

Personality Cognitive Attitude Engagement Advanced Reasoning. Personality Questionnaire. The Personality Assessment measures the Big Five personality traits and behavioural characteristics. Cognitive Ability Test. The Cognitive Ability Test measures an individuals ability, speed of problem solving and learning styles. Attitude Assessment. The Attitude Assessment measures counter-productive behaviours during the pre-hire screening process.

Engagement Survey. The Engagement Survey measures the engagement between an individual, their job and also to their employer. Advanced Reasoning Tests. Advanced Reasoning Tests to assess Numerical, Verbal Spatial Reasoning Ability as well as a Vocabulary Test. Get our weekly recruitment retention tips. We ve created 52 practical, easy and sometimes surprising tips to improve recruitment and retention of your workforce.

Sign up below to receive these tips directly in your inbox each week. By signing up to our weekly tips, you will receive a weekly email with one interesting, excellent, surprising, clever recruitment or retention tip. We won t spam you with other emails. Make data driven recruitment decisions. We all have different abilities, attitudes, values and personalities. Ensuring the applicants you interview are fit for purpose for your organisation is a critical component of reducing employee turnover, selecting top performers and reducing recruitment risks.

Effectively screened applicants are more reliable, stay with you longer and are more productive. Using pre-employment screening has proven results. Improve the quality of applicants you interview Reduce time sifting through resumes Reduce the time-to-hire Reduce costs-per-hire Reduce recruitment risk Reduce employee turnover Increase performance Empower hiring managers Increase consistency of the hiring process across multiple sites.

Home Assessments API Pricing Demo Free Trial Blog About Us Partnering Contact Us Support T C s. Big 5 Assessments. The Magdalen Centre, The Oxford Science Park. Oxford, OX4 4GA, UK. 44 0 1865 784 290. Copyright Big 5 Assessments PCSL HR 2019 All rights reserved. Made with in the UK. Visual and concise reports. Short Assessments. Identify and dig deeper in areas of fit and mis-match. Assessments take between 6 to 10 minutes. Drill Down Reports. SEM involves buying PPC pay-per-click ads that display on a search engine results page.

What Is Search Engine Marketing SEM. Search Engine Marketing SEM is commonly used today to describe only the paid advertising portion of marketing through a search engine. Such ads may be placed through Google Ads, Bing Ads, or other search engines. You know you re doing SEM if. When you give a search engine money to appear on their search engine results page.

In that case you re doing SEM. Common SEM concerns are cost per click and cost per acquisition CPC and CPA. These indicate how much money is being spent on search advertising, and whether the return is worth it. As you begin to implement advertisements across search engines, consider how dynamic ads can supercharge your SEM campaigns. Some other important terms used in the world of SEM include. Retargeting Geotargeting Dayparting Demographic targeting Mobile targeting and many more.

Another part of what is SEM has to do with why SEM is important to search engines. SEM is the area where search engines make most of their money. As a result, paid search advertising takes precision so that ad dollars aren t wasted. Does Search Engine Marketing Include SEO. That makes SEM a marketing specialty of rapid change, one of the more exciting frontiers in search.

SEM and SEO are now two different roles. The longer answer is Not anymore, but it s complicated. When Danny Sullivan spoke about SEM back in 2001, he used it as a catch-all to describe all efforts that encouraged website traffic from search engine results pages including paid and organic search initiatives. According to Danny then, both SEO and PPC folks worked in search engine marketing. Yet in the 18 years since, the common understanding of the term SEM has shifted.

This definition was accepted by the industry at the time. What caused this change. A few possible causes include Wikipedia s page on SEM being entirely skewed toward paid efforts; Yahoo s push of their PPC solution; and the general alphabet soup of confusing marketing acronyms. For a detailed history of the term SEM, see Danny s recap from 2010. Whatever the reason, the answer to the question what is SEM has definitively changed.

SEM now means paid. Today when you head to Search Engine Land, you ll find SEM defined this way. That clearly includes pay per click, local search ads, product listing ads, and all advertising efforts with regard to search engines. What about Search Marketing. Iqoption gale Search Engine Marketing is the process of gaining website traffic by purchasing ads on search engines. In place of SEM as an umbrella term, the industry coined the phrase search marketing without engine.

Again looking at SEL, the definition of search marketing is. Search marketing is the process of gaining traffic and visibility from search engines through both paid and unpaid efforts. Defining SEM for the Future. Raise your hand if you think SEM is done evolving. You may recognize that definition as Danny s original meaning for SEM. I see signs that SEM will expand in meaning in the future.

In 2019, search marketing conferences are including more than just search engine advertising within the track called SEM. Exhibit A SMX West. The upcoming SMX West conference divides their tracks into SEO organic and SEM paid. So that division is clear. In the SEM track, sessions focus on PPC topics like improving a Google Ads campaign.

What s striking is the addition of advertising platforms besides Google and Bing. Sessions in the SEM track also talk about. You can expect to learn about organic ranking in the SEO track. Facebook YouTube Twitter Amazon. Exhibit B Pubcon Las Vegas I wondered if SMX was just an exception here. So I looked at another big marketing event, Pubcon. It turns out that Pubcon s SEM theme also covers more than just traditional search engines.

Facebook advertising makes the cut. And there could be others that just aren t mentioned in the summary description. At least in the context of conferences, SEM can mean any variety of online ad placement. This is somewhat counter intuitive. No longer are sessions merely focused on Google and Bing. They cover non-search outlets that accept ads, too. Or will another term entirely take over to encapsulate the always evolving and always exciting world of internet marketing.

Will this lead to another shift in the definition of SEM. The scope of what we do as search marketers has grown. So should our definitions. Search marketing, in my view, now has to include more than just organic SEO and paid SEM in the major search engines. It also involves video, server issues, site performance, voice, YouTube, Amazon, and the list goes on. One thing is certain the search industry continues to develop.

So too will the language we use to describe it. If you find yourself asking what is SEM 10 years from now and discover that the answer has changed once again, at least you won t be surprised. 6 Replies to What Is Search Engine Marketing SEM. Thanks for a lot of information. It is great for new beginner people. SEM stands for search engine marketing. As it is commonly used today, SEM describes only the money-backed portion of marketing through a search engine.

Thank you for explaining both the sides and telling us which is best among them. SEM requires money but SEO needs hard work. I learned a lot about SEM and its usefulness. Serving North America based in the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area Bruce Clay, Inc.Suite 101 Simi Valley, CA 93065 Voice 1-805-517-1900 Toll Free 1-866-517-1900 Fax 1-805-517-1919. 2245 First St. Copyright 1996 to 2020 Bruce Clay, Inc. We use cookies to offer you a better site experience and to iqoption gale site traffic.

Read about how we use cookies in our Privacy Policy. Calendar API. Activities and their directly related data components may be queried and filtered using the API and utilized in other systems, displays, and output types outside of the Astra Schedule application. The Astra Schedule calendar API was created to provide access to calendar activity data for use by third party programs. The Astra Schedule calendar API makes the activity data available for consumption.

It is the responsibility of the institution to create any programs that utilize the API and to display the content. Key Components of the Calendar API. Data Structures Understanding the data structure and relationships for the activity and related data you are interested in is a key element in utilizing the API. Common basic activity data elements and relationships are provided below. There are several key elements involved in the calendar API that will come into play when interacting with the data and should be understood.

If additional information is desired, please contact Ad Astra for assistance. Filter Syntax It is likely that you will want to filter the data returned by the API in some way to limit the number of records you have to work with. Learning how to structure the filter syntax is important in getting the correct results. Common examples of filtering include. Keyword ART ActivityName. CampusId in c2b87e48-dd05-450e-9845-d66ed0c3e7a4 Building Location.

BuildingId in 31ec568d-fc17-46f0-a7d5-462d294f8c9e Event Type EventMeetingByActivityId. EventTypeId in e16ec8d9-eb07-4fa3-aa98-357ff6b27b88 Standard operators are also supported by the API, as shown in the following example. Example StartDate 2011-10-01T05 00 00. Filters may be set and tested using the user interface and then the queries can be copied and pasted into your program. NOTE The calendar API test tool lets you pick from a list of string values in the UI but then inserts actual GUIDs for the values selected when constructing the query.

The queries may be used as is, with GUIDs. However, the API also supports using text string comparisons as well if preferred. For example, if you want to get all activities occurring in a specific building, you could include Location. BuildingId in 31ec568d-fc17-46f0-a7d5-462d294f8c9e in your call, OR you could use Location. Name Jones Hall. Fields The API returns a list of fields by default when activities are returned by a query, based upon the activity type. The results grid in the test tool displays these fields.

000Z EndDate TIP The calendar API test tool, described below, can assist in creating filters for use when calling the API. However, you can restrict the list of fields returned in your query. Example of the default fields provided for list queries. fields ActivityName,ParentActivityName,Description,StartDate,EndDate,StartMinute,EndMinute,ActivityTypeCode,CampusName,BuildingCode,RoomNumber,RoomName Example of the default fields provided for event detail queries.

Data Format Result Types The API can return activity data in various output formats. See example query below. The output format options provided include Excel, XML, RSS, vCal, Text, JSON, and HTML. The API call must specify the view format desired. NOTE The vCal and RSS output formats have field requirements that should be noted.

In both cases these formats require that specific fields in the return data map to specific fields in the output type. Iqoption gale the number of fields returned is limited by the user so that the required fields are no longer available to the output format, the format will not function. API Query Example All activities from 10 1 2011 through 10 31 2011 in the Adams building using the vCal output format.

ART Date Range StartDate 2011-11-01T05 00 00. 000Z EndDate Campus Main Location. action get view vcal columns ActivityName 0,ParentActivityName 1,Description 2,StartDate 3,EndDate 4,StartMinute 5,EndMinute 6,ActivityTypeCode 7,CampusName 8,BuildingCode 9,RoomNumber 10,RoomName 11 fields ActivityName,ParentActivityName,Description,StartDate,EndDate,StartMinute,EndMinute,ActivityTypeCode,CampusName,BuildingCode,RoomNumber,RoomName sortOrder StartMinute, StartDate filter StartDate 2011-10-01T05 00 00.

A Calendar API test tool is provided within the Astra Schedule application. This tool may be used to test the results returned by a certain filter and output, as well as to help formulate the filter syntax that can be used in the API queries. The test tool can be accessed by going to the following URL from within the Astra Schedule application. Calendar API Test Tool. The API test tool consists of the following elements. A filter panel is provided on the far left side of the page.

The filter controls here work similarly to other list page filters throughout the application. You may enter a keyword search, date range, and or one or more filter criteria from the list. When Search is clicked, the list grid will update to show the matching results. The purpose of this tool is to test certain filters to see if the data returned is what is desired. Activity List Grid. Activities may include event activities, section activities, holidays, and announcements. This grid shows a list of all activities returned by the search criteria.

Review the data to be sure that the results are desired. When satisfied with the results, the API query that returned the results can be copied directly by using the Show URL option. This can help you formulate the required API calls when creating a program that utilizes the API. List Output Options. The buttons across the top of the page allow you to test the list output formats supported by the API.

Click one of the output buttons and the list of activities in the search results will be displayed or exported in the format desired. Detail Output Options. The buttons to the left of each row in the search results allow you to test the detail output formats supported by the API. Click one of the output buttons and the detail information for that specific activity will be displayed or exported in the format desired.

Manage check, wire and ACH accounts all in one place with SinglePoint В Essentials. Cash management. Put cash flow management before profits. Want greater control over finances or forecasting cash flow. Our convenient cash services make it possible. SinglePoint Essentials. Access and manage your accounts and transactions in real time.

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The accounting profession is changing, and so are the tools you need to meet and exceed client expectations. With CCH Axcess you benefit from. Common Core Database. The common database saves time on data entry and reduces errors because you only need to enter data once for it to populate throughout the system.

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Grow revenue and fight commoditization with predictive analytics. A cloud-based solution where all of your audit practice aids for planning, risk assessment, review and team collaboration happens. Streamline your digital workflows for preparation, compilation and review engagements conducted anywhere at any time with our cloud-based PCR software.

A centralized hub for client communication and collaboration. Easy to use time and billing with powerful reporting capabilities. An automated workflow solution with project management and due date tracking capabilities. File 500 or less returns a year. Designed specifically for firms with up to 4 users or less, CCH Axcess With Quick Start offers easy setup, cloud-based tax preparation and optimized data security while reinventing client collaboration.

See how firms use best-in-class cloud solutions like CCH Axcess to harness the power of the cloud. Building Relationships to Fuel Growth. Move Forward in the Cloud Cloud-Based Tax Accounting Software Solutions. At the center of a future-ready tax accounting firm is the right technology technology that fuels firm growth through digital tax and audit workflows built on a single unified platform. Dewar Meeks Ekrem work smarter and faster, using CCH Axcess to power up productivity.

The transition to the cloud was really a no brainer for us. We could have more flexibility; we would save time in computer maintenance and reduce our need for server infrastructure. I saw that as a win win win. We save time, we save money and we don t have to deal with administrative stuff. CCH Axcess iQ Finalist in technology innovation of the year. CCH Axcess Financial Prep Top New Trial balance tools.

Award Winning Cloud-Based Tax Accounting Software Solutions. CCH Axcess iQ Finalist new product of the year category. CCH Axcess Financial Prep Cloud Computing SaaS Innovations category. CCH Axcess Financial Prep New Product Service Business Technology. CCH Axcess iQ Integrating Content into Workflow category. CCH Axcess Product of the Year.

Achieving Peak Performance With CCH Axcess. See their stories of improving productivity, enhancing client service, and offering staff better remote work capabilities and work life balance. Future-ready tax accounting firms are achieving peak performance by embracing digital transformation. I want to see how CCH Axcess drives efficiency. Join us at the upcoming CCH Forward Together Virtual Conference this October 26-30.

Choose from 50 sessions across 5 days. The library is fully compatible with all modern web frameworks such as React, Angular, and Vue and requires no external libraries to run. Built with HTML5 Canvas and in conformance with web standards, it runs on all modern browsers and touch devices out of the box. To get a copy of the library, see the Getting the SDK tutorial. If you re completely new to the library, check out our Quick Start guide, which details a basic installation, integration with a data feed, and customization of the chart user interface.

To see the library in action, see the demo and our collection of JSFiddles. Features include interactive chart navigation such as panning and zoomingdrawing tools, multi-panel view with drag-and-drop configuration of multiple stocks and studies, and a full suite of technical indicators. ChartIQ is a professional-grade charting solution for financial, time-series data. Sample templates †Take advantage of a basic or full-featured user interface built with W3C Web Components.

GitHub projects †Get a head start developing in Angular, React, iOS, or Android with one of our public repos. See the UI Development Methodologies tutorial for more information. How to Use the Documentation. Library API †Use the library API in your programming environment to build a custom charting application. Take a look at our extensive library of tutorials. There s no need to read them all -- simply pick what s relevant to your use case.

You may also find our API reference useful for your more specific questions. If you can t find something, try the Search option in the upper right corner. Developer Overview. JavaScript version support. In order to keep the library compatible with most modern browsers, we use ES5 EcmaScript 5 standards on our core library, which is the JavaScript version used in the “HTML5” world. Our Web Components UI wrapper leverages ES6 capabilities syntax in order to support Web Components Version 1, embedded on all modern browsers.

Browser and OS version support. The Charting Library will support all current release versions of all major browsers running on Windows, macOS, Android and iOS operating systems; so long as mainstream support is still being provided by the OS and the browser combination. The Library s focus is on highly interactive charts. As such, ES6 will also be fully supported since all ES5 syntax is compatible with ES6. An interactive chart is one that can be panned and zoomed quickly and easily by the end user.

The end user can add content to the chart studies, comparison symbols. The user can quickly flip between symbols. The user can change chart type, range, interval, etc. The libraries API, data model, layout are all based on this underlying requirement. This may differ from other charting tools that are focused primarily on static charts. The Library s focus is on charting market data aka stock charts.

Many choices in API design and interactivity defaults have been made with a preference towards traders. To streamline library functionality and use it as a static chart, see the Creating Static Charts tutorial, after you have connected your data to the chart. In particular, the charts are optimized for technical analysis the use of charts for trading securities. For instance, the data model assumes Open, High, Low and Close values.

Other charting tools are typically focused on generic time series charting for instance, charting temperature over the past century. ChartIQ can be used for generic time series charting analytics for instance but the API is intended to make stock charting the easiest. You host the library. You provide the market data. You will receive the ChartIQ Library as a zip file which contains the core library chartiq. jsUI templates, examples and support files.

You host the the library on your own servers, as part of your application. You must provide a source of data. Typically, the source of data is a market data server you attach to the chart engine via a quote feed, but you can also use static data files. An event based data model is recommended for highly interactive stock charts. Highly interactive charts require fetching data in response to user activity - changing symbol, adding a comparison, changing interval, paginating, streaming.

Managing the state of a chart can quickly become difficult, so we ve designed the library to manage its own state. Instead of feeding data into the chart, the chart will ask you for the data it needs you write code called a quotefeed to do this. This is very different than most charting tools. It requires a little bit more effort and understanding at the beginning but saves a lot of work.

ChartIQ makes a distinction between the chart and the UI that controls the chart. The charting library creates a chart inside of a div tag. The chart can be controlled either by a user interface menus, dialogs, symbol entry or it can be controlled with the API calling functions. The UI is optional. This is different than many stock charting tools that come with a hard coded user interface which probably would look terrible in your app. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

If you feel comfortable jumping right in, the library offers three options to suit your development requirements. Cientistas revivem micróbios de mais de 100 milhões de anos. Bienvenue dans ce nouvel épisode des Lundi de la bureautique. Comment saisir du texte rapidement en détournant les options de correction automatique. Il s agit d utiliser le détournement des options de correction automatique.

Je suis Nathalie Roussel. Découvrez comment détourner une fonctionnalité d Office pour un plus grand confort de saisie. Donc, je viens ici saisir ocurrenceEt si je vous montrais ici, vous allez pouvoir Je viens valider ceci. Donc, pour ceci, je vais ouvrir Passons voir maintenant dans les différentes autres applications. Et puis, pour terminer, il y a certainement un logiciel Mais par contre, quand vous taperez 1242-.

Contents Notebook. Déjà parues. Skill Level Intermédiaire. Mark as unwatched Mark all as unwatched. Are you sure you want to mark all the videos in this course as unwatched. This will not affect your course history, your reports, or your certificates of completion for this course. Mark all as unwatched Cancel.

Take notes with your new membership. Type in the entry box, then click Enter to save your note. 1 30 Press on any video thumbnail to jump immediately to the timecode shown. Skills covered in this course. Continue Assessment. You started this assessment previously and didn t complete it. You can pick up where you left off, or start over. Start My Free Month. Resume Start Over. com courses. Develop in-demand skills with access to thousands of expert-led courses on business, tech and creative topics.

Video Comment saisir du texte rapidement en détournant les options de correction automatique. Embed this video. Start your free month on LinkedIn Learning, which now features 100 of Lynda. Notes are saved with you account but can also be exported as plain text, MS Word, PDF, Google Doc, or Evernote. FLEX-6600 Server SDR Features.

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5ppm TCXO GPS Disciplined Oscillator Optional 5 x 10 -12 Over 24 Hours External 10MHz Reference Input Power Supply Requirements 13. 160m-6m Transmitter Output 1-100W 25W AM Harmonic Suppression Typ General. Modes Note 1 SSB, CW, AM, SAM, FM, FREE-DV, RTTY, DIGITAL Integrated Remote Operation Maestro, PC, MAC, iPhone, iPad Client Options Internal Speaker Power 2W Class D 6600M Frequency Stability 0C 50C 0. 8 VCDC - 15 14 VDC Nom Dimensions 6.

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After a few months with my new 6600 and Maestro, this is pretty much the best radio I ve ever used. Learn from our Community or visit the Support Center. Get the latest release. Make your product work seamlessly with our Application Developers Program ADP. Commercial Government. HF radio solutions from the pioneers of software-defined radios. Help when you need it. Purchasing Programs. Trade in used equipment.

Works with Flex. Explore what connects with your Flex. Shop All Products Purchasing Programs Warranty Return Policy International Resellers Where To Buy Company About Us Careers Contact us Flex Gives Back Flex Insider Support Create a support ticket HelpDesk Community Documentation Videos FAQs Downloads Download Download the app SmartSDR Software. By using this website you agree to our updated Conditions of Use and consent to the collection and use of your personal information as described in our updated Privacy Notice, which includes the categories of data we collect and information about your preferences and rights.

Tips and tricks Exclusive sales Community announcements. Michael, N3LI. We can help create anything you can imagine and we ll be your little secret. no manual, automatic. I have Mt4 expert advisor which backtests binary options indicators and it is working with the actual real market and it takes options automaticaly and applies martingle steps on it is special way, so i need a bridge between my MT4 binary options auto trader expert advisor and IQ OPTION, i want the new expert advisor it can be standalone program whatever to work the same as my backtester does, so it should be taking binary option calls and sells automatically in the real account and demo account but the same way the backtester takes options and applies martingle, no need to change the martingle applying code lines, i just need some thing that connects my MT4 binary options advisor to iq option, the expert advisor can work with any indicator, for example you write the indicator name and starts taking signals from that indicator.

Connecting ea mt4 auto trader to IQ API, it must take signals from my EA advisor. there are already made solutions like mt2iq but i prefer konkis auto trader. So that we may better serve your needs, please read the following before submitting the form below. For information on our services or solutions, supplier partner program or for media press inquiries please complete the required fields below and we will be in touch.

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Nordic Countries Telephone 46 8 664 80 50 Email nordicsupport workforcelogiq. com Hours 8AM 5PM CET Assistance provided in English. Asia Pacific Telephone 91 265 613 6131 Email apac_service workforcelogiq. 2020 Workforce Logiq. UK IRE Other European countries Telephone 44 207 509 6583 Email globalsupport workforcelogiq. REPORT COVID-19 impact on air quality in 10 major cities.

As millions of people are sheltered in place to curbe the spread of the coronavirus in the interest of public health, the largest unintended air quality experiment is unfolding. As in cities around the world an unprecedented number of us stay off the roads, stay home from work, and limit our activities like never before, the impact on air quality becomes apparent. Air pollution levels are dropping at unprecedented rates.

In early April 2020, the air quality in Los Angeles, a city notorious for its polluted air, was among the best in the world a feat that seemed impossible before regional shutdowns were ordered in California weeks earlier. This Earth Day, such an accomplishment seems bittersweet that a phenomenal improvement in air quality coincides with the loss of million of jobs and thousands of lives in the wake of the largest global pandemic of our time.

An IQAir AirVisual special report highlights air pollution data from 10 major cities during periods of government-enforced shutdowns in response to the outbreak of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus responsible for the COVID-19 disease. Download the full report to see how air pollution levels have dropped in major cities following the global SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus outbreak Read our analysis of the data what we found and how to understand the findings Learn how to help keep air pollution levels low even after the COVID-19 pandemic ends.

Representative of thousands of cities globally affected by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus outbreak, the report shows just how much global shutdown and shelter-in-place orders have affected air pollution levels. Download the COVID-19 Report Report on the COVID-19 outbreak impact on air pollution in major world cities. How do we keep the air quality momentum going. Every Earth Day, many of us promise to do more to help save the planet. Now, we have data to help us decide what exactly that could look like.

Choose alternative modes of transportation. Here are some tips for reducing air pollution levels even after economic activity resumes and sources of global air pollution become active again. Many of us are reliant on cars, buses, and planes, to get us where we need to go. Unfortunately, vehicle combustion engines are one of the leading global sources of air pollution, generating high levels of dangerous pollutants like carbon monoxide COnitrogen and sulfur dioxides NO 2 and SO 2PM2.

5, and ultrafine particles UFPs. Many of these pollutants have been linked not only to global pollution but also to long-term health risks like heart disease, lung disease, and premature death. In 2019 alone, the World Health Organization WHO reported that air pollution was directly linked to 4. 2 million deaths and the loss of over 103.

1 million total years of life. There are a number of ways to reduce air pollution from transportation that will also reduce your carbon footprint here are some options. walking biking taking carpools or vanpools taking buses that run on clean fuel taking subways or trains using ridesharing apps using apps for scooter- or bike-sharing using a hybrid or electric vehicle. Some cities even offer tax breaks or financial incentives to encourage you to give up your car for greener commuting options look into these opportunities to help make the transition.

And lastly, consider limiting how many trips you make in general every time you take a drive, you re contributing a little bit to global air pollution. Here are some tips to help you reduce the amount of times you need to leave the house. Visit the market or grocery store once a week and purchase what you need all at once Designate a day of the week to run all your errands instead of staggering them throughout the week Don t drive if you can walk, bike, or take public transit to your destination Ask friends or family to help you run errands if they re already planning to go out.

Move to cleaner energy sources. Shutdowns of global economic activity also means reductions of major pollutant sources like cars, trucks, factories, refineries, shipping facilities and ports. As a result, air pollution in major industrial centers like Los Angeles and New York City has dropped drastically. This reduction in industrial air pollution could be achieved in the long run with cleaner energy sources like wind, solar, and even safe nuclear energy sourcesespecially if governments provide assistance or incentives to ease the transition.

As our report shows, the widespread slowdown of economic activity can reduce fine particluate PM2. 5 air pollution by up to 60. Here s a quick snapshot of the air quality benefits of a transition to a clean, renewable mixed energy portfolio of wind, solar, and nuclear energy. Wind power produces zero emissions and, worldwide, already prevents 200 million tons of air pollution equal to 43 million cars a year.

Even taking into account manufacturing the equipment used in wind turbines, the average 2-megawatt wind turbine pays back its carbon costs in less than six months. Some argue that the pollutants produced by the manufacturing of solar panels and the impact of huge solar facilities on the local environment outweigh the benefits. 8 While not suitable for power generation everywhere, solar energy is low-cost and has many long-term benefits for reducing air pollution as part of a mixed-energy plan.

Nuclear power stations don t produce air pollution. While the risk of large scale nuclear accidents has reduced the acceptance of nuclear power, new safer implementations are on the horizon. An emerging nuclear energy source called aneutronic fusion produces power directly from reactions between elements like boron, helium, and hydrogen with almost no risk of radioactive fallout. 9,10 It s much safer than nuclear fission energy that uses uranium or plutonium and can lead to meltdowns like those in Chernobyl and Fukushima.

This year, Earth Day is focused on two crises the COVID-19 pandemic and the irreversible damage that is being done to our climate. Both threaten our health, our safety, and human existence. The massive reduction in global air pollution during a difficult and challenging time is an unexpected sign that human activity is the source and can be solution to a large part of global air pollution. Armed with that realization, it is up to all of us to take the steps necessary to move toward a future with better air quality.

IQAir is a Swiss-based air quality technology company that since 1963 empowers individuals, organizations and communities to breathe cleaner air through information, collaboration and technology solutions. IQAir is a Swiss-based air quality technology company empowering individuals, organizations and communities to breathe clean air through information and collaboration. Since its founding in 1963, IQAir has been a global leader and operates in more than 100 countries worldwide.

3 Cohen AJ, et al. Estimates and 25-year trends of the global burden of disease attributable to ambient air pollution An analysis of data from the Global Burden of Diseases Study 2015. 1016 S0140-6736 17 30505-6. Ambient particulate air pollution and daily mortality in 652 cities. 5 Expanding traveler choice through the use of incentives A compendium of examples. 6 Bergstra AD, et al.

The effect of industry-related air pollution on lung function and respiratory symptoms in school children. Solar energy doesn t produce any air pollution. XE Currency Data API. Plus, it dynamically detects and filters out any data errors. XE s Rate Blender uses over 100 global sources to reinforce accuracy. Easily plug-in XE Currency Data into your existing software.

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