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The way you present your jobs to the public can also have more than the desired effect. Not only could it help you source the talent you want, but it also promotes your company as innovative and could garner media attention. Since millennials are the largest generation is the US workforce, why not leverage trends popular with that demographic to get their attention.

Free publicity about your company, the attention of hard to find passive talent as well as incoming traffic from active jobseekers; there is a lot riding on your job description. Don t mess it up by being bland. Everybody else does that. Not using video as a key part of your hiring process. According to some estimates, video content will make up 80 percent of internet traffic in a few years. Which means video needs to become part of an effective recruitment strategy.

You can start by creating a company culture video, accepting video applications, or performing video interviews. Not having a mobile-friendly candidate process. We know about the importance of responsive sites and a mobile-friendly experience for customers. And with at least 45 percent of job seekers using mobile devices for their search, we need to have it in mind for recruiting as well.

Not leveraging employee referrals. If you ve done your job and hired great people to begin with, then this has a network effect. Your best source for finding new employees is most often your existing team. If your current employees are happy, working on great stuff with a great team and making customers happy, then they re inclined to refer their friends and colleagues to join them. The biggest mistake is not involving the team. David Burkus. Your current hires are your best source of information about who is open to joining he company.

So best to involve the whole team. In addition, whoever you hire, success will be based on team fit. Failing to nurture your talent pool with drip email marketing. Keep the emails simple. Once you ve made the decision to hire for a position, put the rest of the promising candidates into a campaign that sends a drip email 2-3 times per year. Remind people who you and your company are, ask them how they re doing, and make it iq option x é confiável for them to check out your careers page and connect with your company on social media if they want more info.

Using interviewers with poor interview skills. Just being familiar with common interview questions and the best phone interviewing techniques is not enough to nail your interview process. Consider letting one person partner with each candidate. They can leverage this relationship at the offer stage and flag issues with hiring managers who are turning off good candidates. Jordan Burton. The most painful and counterproductive mistake I see startups make in hiring has to be over-selling and failing to interview the candidate thoroughly.

This almost guarantees you end up with a bad team. The weak candidates pass through too easily, but more importantly, the strong ones walk away--they don t want to work with a mediocre team, and they are estimating the quality of your team based on how rigorous your process is. Part of being able to interview well is being clear on exactly what the position will require, and doing your research to make sure you can vet well.

As Wendy Maynard told us below, it s worth the effort to avoid a bad apple hire. Wendy Maynard. Know who you want. Most leaders of startups are so busy, they don t want to take the time to get clarity on the position, with a very clear job description that includes roles and responsibilities. This should be followed by a methodical interview process that thoroughly vets candidates. Hiring is one of the most important decisions they will make one that can catapult a startup forward at great speeds when done right.

Or, destroy its progress because they ve brought on the wrong person. Ignoring rehires and alumni. Keep up with former employees if they performed well and left under positive circumstances. After all, they already know your company culture, and you know them. Turning rehires into a source of employees is easy as well. First of all, make sure that they re treated with respect when they exit, and that you do a great job with communication as they go.

Not profiling your best employees. Look at the performance of your best employee to date. What makes that person special. Is it domain expertise. Is it hunger and drive. Is it raw intellectual horsepower. Maybe it s the will to learn and try new things. Whatever it is about that person, use it as a gauge to create your core values, and then hire for those values. Imagine a company where your entire team performs at the level of your best employee.

What is a recruiting strategy. A recruiting strategy is a formal plan used to identify, attract and hire the best talent to fill any open positions within an organization. What are some examples of recruiting strategies. Treat candidates like your best customers. Understand the cost benefit of every hire. Hire freelancers where appropriate, not just full-timers.

Hire candidates for the long term. Strengthen your employer brand with content marketing. Using a coaching culture to attract millennials. Have an office space that attracts millennials. Have a strategy to attract the best cultural fits. Chase passive candidates. Use niche job boards. Cover pain points in your job posts. Use data to optimize your hiring time. Use video in more stages of your hiring process. Implement a mobile-friendly application process.

Leverage employee referrals. Nurture your talent pool with drip emails. Train your interviewers on the latest interview techniques. Connect with alumni for rehires. Profile your best employees. What are the best recruiting methods. Advertising on job boards. Recruiting internally. Social media recruiting.

Using staffing agencies. Print advertising. Participating in career fairs. Advertising on your company career site. How do you develop a recruitment strategy. Successful recruitment depends on a range of factors including careful preparation before the interview stage and finding the most suitable candidate for the position to help your company grow. Write an effective job description A good job description includes a job title, a brief summary of what the job entails, a description of your company, and how the candidate can apply.

Use the right recruitment tools There is a wide range of recruitment tools that you can use to publicize your job ad and monitor applications while creating exposure for your company. These include job boards, social media, recruitment agencies, your company website, and advertising through traditional media. Do an initial screen of applicants Doing an initial screen of candidates over the telephone will allow you to separate strong candidates from weaker ones and help you to save time during the interview stage.

You can also use standardized tests to assess their skills or ask to see their portfolio. Interview the best candidates Decide whether to ask behavioral interview questions or situational questions during the interviews. Once you ve narrowed down your list to the best applicants, invite them to an interview to confirm their skills and qualifications, and ensure they re a great fit for your company culture. Make a job offer Once you have selected your best candidate, give them a call and make an offer.

If they ve confirmed, be sure to send them a job offer letter to seal the deal. How do you attract the best candidates. Again, the key is making the position and your company attractive. But if you know iq option x é confiável will make your position attractive to candidates and focus your job postings around that, you might be able to fill the job free. Check out our job posting guide here for more.

How can I improve my recruitment skills. What is your goal. Before you begin the hiring process, it s important to think about the overall goal you are trying to achieve. Do you need to hire an experienced candidate to fill a technical position. Or do you need entry-level candidates who can grow along with the company. Once you understand your goal, you can tailor the recruiting process according to your needs.

Attract the right talent Make sure that your job descriptions are clear and appealing to job seekers. If a candidate declines an interview, ask them if they know of anyone else who might want to apply. So be sure to advertise your position on the right platforms. If the role is more suited to creatives, try posting your job on social media engaging with candidates on niche platforms like Reddit.

Source candidates in the right places Where you look for candidates matters just as much as the job description itself. You can also attend career events and ask your employees for referrals. Build a talent pool A talent pool can greatly reduce your hiring time by allowing you to engage and source candidates before roles become available. Reach out to past candidates or employees to let them know about a prospective job opportunity.

Invest in recruitment software Applicant tracking systems and other software enable you to maintain a candidate database and manage the hiring process efficiently. Any advice on how to recruit employees on a tight budget. It s pretty common for startups to operate on a tight budget, but there are plenty of ways to get the word out, including free job posting sites.

You can also promote jobs on social media for free, and ask your current staff for referrals. There s no shortage of recruiting methods that can work on a budget. The key is making a good argument for why the best candidates should want to work with you. What are some online recruitment strategies even small or new startups can put in practice. At this stage, one of the best recruiting ideas to focus on is that everything you do online can be part of recruiting.

it all has the potential to be found and form part of how potential candidates view your company. When you re talking to employees about how to create a recruitment strategy, try to get them to start asking themselves how would a potential employee see this. What is a passive candidate. A passive candidate is a potential job applicant who is not actively seeking a new job, but is open to changing jobs if an opportunity is presented to them.

It is estimated that passive candidates make up about 75 percent of the potential candidate pool. You ll waste lots of money trying to push a job people don t find interesting on job boards or with other online recruitment methods. Whether it s a blog post, a tweet, a Facebook We Are Hiring image post, etc. Renewables statistics examine trends in renewables covering. Renewables statistics. Data on the UK s sources of renewable energy, including capacity, electricity and heat generation, and transport fuels.

If you have questions about these statistics, please email renewablesstatistics beis. Digest of UK Energy Statistics DUKES annual data. capacity of renewable sources electricity and heat generated from renewable sources load factors for renewable electricity generation renewables sources for transport fuels progress of renewables subsidy schemes. A summary and explanation of long term trends are provided in the chapter text. Annual review of the UK s renewables sector, with data provided on electricity and heat generation, capacity, electricity load factors and progress on the Renewable Energy Directive.

Digest of UK Energy Statistics DUKES renewable sources of energy 30 July 2020 National Statistics. Energy Trends quarterly and monthly data. Energy Trends UK renewables 10 September 2020 National Statistics. Quarterly and monthly data on renewable electricity capacity and generation, liquid biofuels for transport and the renewables obligation scheme. Regional statistics. Annual data on renewable electricity for devolved administrations and the regions of England.

Data covers the number of sites, installed capacity, generation and load factors. Published every September and compatible with the latest DUKES publication. Regional Renewable Statistics 26 Iq option x é confiável 2019 National Statistics Energy Trends September 2019, special feature article - Renewable electricity in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the regions of England in 2018 26 September 2019 National Statistics.

Special feature articles on renewable energy issues in the United Kingdom from the quarterly statistical bulletin Energy Trends. Energy Trends articles. Energy Trends September 2019, special feature article - Aggregated energy balances showing proportion of renewables in supply and demand 26 September 2019 Research and analysis Energy Trends June 2018, special feature article - Renewable energy in 2017 28 June 2018 National Statistics Energy Trends September 2015, special feature article - UK and EU trade of wood pellets 24 September 2015 Official Statistics.

Information on any changes to the statistics are also provided. Supplementary information on the data and methods used to produce renewables statistics. Energy Trends March 2018, special feature article - The contribution of reversible air to air heat pumps towards the Renewable Energy Directive 29 March 2018 Research and analysis Summary results of the domestic wood use survey 31 March 2016 Guidance Energy Trends March 2016, special feature article - Summary results of the domestic wood use survey 31 March 2016 Research and analysis Renewable energy statistics data sources and methodologies 25 July 2013 Guidance.

26 September 2019. Energy Trends September 2019 articles added. 29 September 2016. Energy Trends September 2016 article added. Energy Trends June 2016 article added. 24 September 2015. Energy Trends September 2015 articles added. Energy Trends June 2015 article, Renewable energy in 2014 added. 25 September 2014.

Regional renewable statistics for 2003-2013 has been added to the collection page. 28 November 2013. Tables DUKES 6. 7 has been revised since first publication in July 2013, in order to be consistent with the UK s submissions to EU on progress under the RED which included some data and methodology revisions. New documents added to the collection. 26 September 2013. Rippln Interview Michael Rutherford May 6, 2013.

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When you register with the Selective Service, you re helping ensure a secure future for your community and the United States of America. It s Your Country Take one minute to protect it. Selective Service registration is required by law as the first part of a fair and equitable system that, if authorized by the President and Congress, would rapidly provide personnel to the Department of Defense while at the same time providing for an Alternative Service Program for conscientious objectors.

By registering, a young man remains eligible for jobs, Federal student aid, State-based student aid in 31 states, Federally-funded job training, and U. citizenship for immigrant men. Why is Selective Service Important. Verify Your Registration. Online verification provides a quick way to access your Selective Service registration number and date of registration.

You also can print a copy of your registration card that can be used as proof of registration. Men 26 and Older. If you are 26 or older, it s too late to register. If you failed to register by age 26 and are seeking benefits associated with Selective Service registration, click the link below to learn more about next steps. The law currently requires that only men register with Selective Service.

In the event that the law is changed to include registering women, Selective Service is prepared to expand registration. Additional Groups. If you are an immigrant man living in the United States, documented or undocumented, and are between the ages of 18 and 25, you are required to register with few exceptions. If you are a military veteran or a military reservist,В you are still required to register with Selective Service. However, if you served in the Armed Forces and are 26 or older, but failed to register, your DD Form 214 is evidence that your failure to register was not knowing and willful.

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Инструмент для майндмэппинга 1. Захватывайте, разрабатывайте и делитесь идеями визуально. MindMeister - это онлайн-инструмент для майндмэппинга, который позволяет захватывать, разрабатывать и делиться идеями визуально. Уже более 13 миллионов человек используют наш удостоенный наград редактор интеллект-карт для мозгового штурма, создания заметок, планирования проектов и множества других творческих задач.

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Майндмэппинг в командном режиме еще никогда не был таким простым. Члены команды могут быстро комментировать темы, голосовать за идеи или обсуждать изменения во встроенном чате. Визуализация идей наилучший способ донести их до остальных. Великолепные презентации. С помощью встроенного в MindMeister режима презентаций Вы можете за пару секунд превращать ментальные карты в красивые, динамичные слайд-шоу. Как только слайды готовы, Вы можете экспортировать их в PNG, вставить презентацию на свой сайт целиком или даже транслировать её в режиме реального времени своим коллегам.

Простое Управление Проектами. MindMeister плавно интегрируется с MeisterTask - интуитивно понятным приложением для управления задачами и проектами в команде. Что Такое Майндмэппинг. Как только Вы закончили мозговой штурм и планирование в MindMeister, Вы можете просто перетащить свои идеи в связанный проект в MeisterTask, где они превратятся в практические задачи. Майндмэппинг это мощная техника, которая помогает вам визуализировать ваши мысли и передавать их другим. Как Использовать Интеллект-Карты.

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Добавьте ветви Ветви - это линии, которые простираются от центра и символизируют основные категории или ключевые идеи, относящиеся к Вашему предмету. Большинство карт имеет от четырех до шести ветвей, но Вы можете добавить столько, сколько Вам. Это сделает Вашу карту компактной и легкой для обзора, и Вы сможете увидеть Ваши самые важные идеи с первого взгляда. Добавьте идеи Каждая карта, которую Вы создаете, может вызывать ассоциации в Вашем мозгу и пробуждать новые идеи, которые затем можно будет добавить в качестве дочерних ветвей.

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Интеллект-карты используют изображения и ключевые слова для создания новых ассоциаций в Вашем мозгу, которые Вы можете понимать с невероятной скоростью. Если традиционные бумажные интеллект-карты отлично подходят для самостоятельной разработки идей, то онлайн интеллект-карты позволяют проводить мозговой штурм с другими людьми и совместно планировать в режиме реального времени, неважно, где вы находитесь или какое устройство используете. Кому Нужны Интеллект-Карты.

Творческие люди. Дизайнеры, писатели и маркетологи могут использовать карты ума для мозгового штурма и визуализации идей. Менеджеры могут использовать карты ума для создания стратегий, планов проектов, успешных совещаний и т. Консультанты могут использовать карты ума для успешного общения с клиентами и для показа презентаций. Учителя могут использовать карты ума и шаблоны для развития критического мышления и сотрудничества в классе.

Каждый может использовать интеллект-карты для раскрытия своего творческого потенциала, решения проблем и визуализации целей. Не пора ли Вам присоединиться к лиге успешных профессионалов, которые выбрали визуальное сотрудничество. По сравнению с записью текста со слайда, создание интеллект-карт делает процесс обучения более осмысленным и запоминающимся для студентов.

University Lecturer Teacher Trainer. Основное преимущество MindMeister состоит в том, что все находится на одной странице и выглядит очень профессионально и презентабельно. То как это выглядит и работает легко для восприятия клиентов. MindMeister - это отличный способ визуализации наших мыслей, идей и приоритетов. Храним Ваши Идеи в Безопасности. Конфиденциальность и безопасность наших пользователей в сети являются нашим главным приоритетом.

MindMeister является сертифицированной услугой Trusted Cloud и полностью соответствует EU-GDPR. Вся наша продукция размещается на территории Европейского Союза с серверами, расположенными в сертифицированном по стандарту ISO 27001 дата-центре во Франкфурте, Германия. Лучшее Применение Интеллект-Карт. Возможности применения интеллект-карт практически безграничны. Компании в основном используют интеллект-карты для стратегического планирования, сотрудничества и формирования идей, в то время как учителя и учащиеся используют карты для визуализации сложных проблем и стимулирования участия в классе.

Вот шесть наиболее распространенных примеров использования интеллект-карт. Мозговой штурм. Майндмэппинг способствует свободному потоку идей и наталкивает на новые мысли через ассоциации. Это идеальный инструмент для креативного мозгового штурма в одиночку или в команде. Создание заметок. На конференции или в лекционном зале - делать заметки в ментальной карте более эффективно и потом их легко можно просмотреть и запомнить. Вы можете использовать карты, чтобы набрасывать планы проектов, разрабатывать бизнес-стратегии, планировать мероприятия и многое другое.

Планирование с ментальными картами является простым, визуальным и даже не ощущается как работа. Управление совещанием. Подготавливайте и распространяйте информацию для встреч, создавайте быстрые презентации, протоколы встреч и назначайте задачи - и все в рамках одной ментальной карты. Управление Идеями. С помощью интеллект-карт Вы легко генерируете, захватываете и управляете идеями. Собирайте мнение участников, голосуйте и комментируйте темы, а также расставляйте приоритеты - и это все в одной карте.

Управление Знаниями. Интеллект-карты позволяют организациям хранить, обмениваться и управлять своими коллективными знаниями централизованно и надежно. Интеллект-карты облегчают сотрудничество. Благодаря их интуитивно понятному формату, поиск и обновление информации не составляют труда. История Интеллект-Карты.

Термина интеллект-картаоднако, не существовало до 1970-х, когда он был придуман английским исследователем Тони Бузаном. Бузан искал способ справиться с большим количеством информации, которую ему необходимо было запоминать во время учебы в университете. Он изучил мнения величайших мыслителей, которые он смог найти, и объединил их подходы с собственными исследованиями в области психологии, творческого мышления и запоминания.

Визуальное представление информации используется тысячи лет. В дальнейшем, после первых успехов его разработанной техники, он начал писать серию книг на эту тему. Первое издание книги Супермышление вышло в 1995 году. Этим инструментом был MindMeister, который быстро стал программным обеспечением для создания интеллект-карт номер один в сети. Полезные ссылки.

Двенадцать лет спустя, в 2007 году, был реализован первый веб-инструмент для создания интеллект-карт. MindMeister в данный момент считается лучшим онлайн-приложением для майндмэппинга на рынке. С нашей удостоенной наград веб-версией и бесплатными мобильными приложениями для iPhone, iPad и Android, пользователи могут составлять интеллект-карты в школе, дома, в офисе и даже в пути. Майндмэппинг с MindMeister настолько прост и интуитивно понятен, что каждый от первоклассника до директора компании может использовать его для повышения продуктивности и превращения своих идей в действия.

MindMeister предлагает мощный функционал, который позволяет совместно работать и устраивать мозговой штурм онлайн, планировать проекты, разрабатывать бизнес-стратегии, создавать динамические презентации и использовать бесчисленные преимущества интеллект-карт в образовании. Для этого MindMeister предоставляет хорошие скидки для учителей и учащихся и даже предлагает бесплатные аккаунты с тремя интеллект-картами, которые имеют все необходимые функции для простого, но мощного создания интеллект-карт.

Learn about the most common staking methods. Discover why staking methods are important in betting. Staking One method to improve your betting. Find out which staking method is best. There is a strong case to suggest that the amount you bet is actually more important than what you bet on. Continue reading to discover which is best. We reviewed five popular staking methods. Professional blackjack player and author Ed Thorp was a successful card-counter.

Despite his expertise as a professional gambler he published two books on the subject he attributed the majority of his success to a staking formula created by mathematician John Kelly Jr. Method of calculating the appropriate amount of money to place on a bet for consistent profit making as part of a betting strategy. Playing strategy is maybe a third to a quarter of what you re going to get out of it.

Of course, it s easy to say that a betting strategy is important. But what makes a useful strategy in sports betting. With influence from Alex Bellos Alex s Adventures in Numberlandwe mapped the success of five betting strategies over a series of 500 bets. The above graph shows the profits from 500 simulated bets for five betting systems, with the probability of winning at 55 on a Binary bet. The initial bet for each method was 100 except for the all-in method, which initially bet 1000.

Betting strategy may be two thirds or three quarters. Each system started with a 1000 bank, and the simulation continued for each method until the 500th bet or until their bank was minimised. The five systems are outlined below which letter do you think each line corresponds to. Strategy 1 Bet everything, every time. Bet your entire bankroll on each bet.

The advantage is that you get big returns, fast. As soon as you lose, you re out of money and out of the game. As you can see, one betting system provides far greater returns than the others, while one drops you out pretty quickly. Strategy 2 Fixed wager. Bet a fixed amount for each bet, and don t vary no matter how much you win. In this example, it was 100.

If your chance of winning 55 on a 2. 000 bet, this method means you ve dramatically reduced your chance of losing your entire stake. Unfortunately, it means your winnings are limited to increase in a slow and steady fashion. Strategy 3 Martingale. Bet double your stake after any failed bet, to cover your losses with the next bet s winnings. This gives a quicker increase than fixed wagers as you re doubling up to cover any losses.

If you experience sequential losses, however, the required stakes continue to double, and you ll very soon be betting large amounts to cover your losses. Increase your stake in a Fibonacci sequence, to your losses with the next bet s winnings. Strategy 4 Fibonacci. This method has similar drawbacks to Martingale method in sports betting, but it reduces how quickly the stake increases if you re on a losing streak and therefore also reduces the rate at which you win.

Strategy 5 Proportional betting. Bet a fraction of your bankroll in proportion to your edge. In this simulation, we used the Kelly Criterion formula for proportional sports betting. With this method, your bet should be your edge divided by the odds. In this example, as the edge is 10 and the odds are evens, 10 1 is 10. Therefore 10 of the 1000 wallet should be bet 100. Should that bet be successful, the next bet would increase to 110, 10 of the new 1100 wallet.

This means winnings increase quicker than in the fixed-wager system, and losses slow down. Which strategy is best. Bet everything. Proportional Betting. As you can tell from the descriptions above, proportional betting appears to have a natural advantage over the others systems. The correct answer is. Imagine you re down to your last 100 you d be betting 10, and decreasingkeeping you in the game for much longer than a fixed-bet system, where your last iq option x é confiável would be your last bet.

Bet everything brings in big gains after the first bet, earning as much in one risk than the others do in the first seven. The light that burns seven-times as bright burns a thousandth as long, however, the bet everything sports betting strategy is eliminated on just the second round. The chance of making it through 1,000 rounds at 55 is infinitesimally small as to be practically impossible although you would have earned 67 billion by round 27.

The simulation shows that different staking techniques have vastly different outcomes, even if the variables stay the same. Fibonacci and Martingale progressive sports betting systems also start strongly, but any big sequence of losses ramp up the required stake. These defeats totally wiped out both Fibonacci and Martingale s stakes, and at the end of this 11-in-a-row streak the hypothetical Martingale bettor had to bet 403,000 dollars to recuperate his losses.

That s a huge amount, considering his maximum purse was just 6,300. For Fibonacci, the maximum bet was 33,500, with his purse reaching its zenith at 4,100 before the wipeout. The only system other than proportional betting to avoid losses was fixed betting, which accrued slow but steady increments. By R83, fixed betting had increased its purse to 3,400, and afterwards it had only dropped to iq option x é confiável.

It wasn t out, but there was not a lot to show for 95 bets. The 11-bet losing streak also hit proportional betting pretty hard, reducing its winnings from 7,359 to 2,286 lower than that of fixed betting.

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