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An outline of all achievements can be found in the final progress report, however some key achievements at the national level are presented here. Donor Human Milk Banking in Australia. The need for a policy paper on milk banking in Australia was recognised in The Best Start Report on the inquiry into the health benefits of breastfeeding, and subsequently by all jurisdictions in the Australian National Breastfeeding Strategy 2010-2015.

The Australian Government Department of Health prepared this paper based on inputs from the Breastfeeding Jurisdictional Senior Officials Group BJOGmilk bank experts nominated by BJOG, the Therapeutic Goods Administration TGA and Food Standards Australia New Zealand FSANZ. Infant Feeding Survey. The 2010 Australian National Infant Feeding Survey ANIFS was the first large-scale, Australian national survey of infant feeding practices and related attitudes and behaviours.

Results from this survey showed most babies 96 were initially breastfed, with 39 exclusively breastfed meaning breastmilk had been the infant s exclusive source of fluid for less than 4 months and dropping to 15 for less than 6 months. However, 69 of babies were receiving any breastmilk at 4 months of age and 60 at 6 months. National breastfeeding indicators. The reporting of breastfeeding results from both the ANIFS and Australian Health Survey was based on a draft set of national breastfeeding indicators published by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare AIHW in 2011.

At the national level, the Australian Government has funded the Australian Breastfeeding Association ABA since 2008 to support the infrastructure required to allow volunteers to provide breastfeeding information and support services to more than 80,000 mothers each year. ABA funding. During the election, the Australian Government announced continued funding until 30 June 2023.

Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding. In November 2012, the Australian Health Ministers Conference meeting affirmed that all Australian jurisdictions support the effective, practical guidance provided by the WHO UNICEF Baby Friendly Health Initiative BFHI and its ten steps to successful breastfeeding for health services. The Australian Health Ministers encouraged all public and private hospitals to implement the ten steps to successful breastfeeding and to work towards or to maintain their BFHI accreditation.

National Framework for Universal Child and Family Health Services. The National Framework for Universal Child and Family Health Services outlines the core services that all Australian children from birth to eight years and families should receive at no financial cost to themselves, regardless of where they live, and how and where they access their health care. The Framework was developed through a strong partnership between the Commonwealth, State and Territory governments and the non-government sector.

Breastfeeding Breastfeeding and You A Handbook for Antenatal Educators Evaluation Toolkit for Breastfeeding Programs and Projects National Breastfeeding Helpline Evaluation report. Education and Prevention Alcohol Child and Youth Health Environmental Health Illicit Drugs Immunisation Injury Prevention International monitoring Maternal and Infant Health Marketing in Australia of Infant Formula MAIF Breastfeeding Mental Health My Health Record registration National Drug Strategy Nutrition and Physical Activity Patient Education Reproductive Health Tobacco National Preventive Health Strategy Travel Health and Human Biosecurity.

Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback. It will be used to make improvements to this website. Department of Health. Commonwealth of Australia ABN 83 605 426 759. This much-anticipated system connects the t slim X2 pump with the Dexcom G6 CGM continuous glucose monitorproviding glucose prediction and auto insulin shut-off when a low is predicted. Here at the Mine we talked to a bunch of early users who provided glowing reviews last month.

Tandem Basal-IQ Review Mostly Crazy Wonderful. Tandem Diabetes Care, once looking like it would be the latest insulin pump company to go bust, is back with a vengeance with the recent announcement of its latest system, the turbo-charged t slim X2 with new control technology called Basal-IQ. Now I have been using this system myself for the past month, and am finding that it adds a whole new level of CGM integration and control that we ve never seen before. I m personally christening it the BiQ, just because I need an acronym, and that looked cool to me.

In a nutshell The BiQ is a lovely, brilliantly designed pump both physically, and perhaps more importantly, in its programing. Kudos to Tandem especially for putting a CGM status screen front and center with no need to unlock the pump to view it. Oh, and the way the pump shuts off basal really does avoid a lot of lows, increases safety, and makes it possible to be more aggressive on insulin delivery in order to reduce complication risk. Pumps have come a long way, baby. Still, the BiQ is not perfect.

Here s my take on using it the good, bad and ugly of this newest device. Basal-IQ Specifics. Let s start with how the system works. The BiQ uses CGM to power the bottom half of the blood sugar curve. It will shut off basal delivery in two cases When you go below 70 mg dL, or when its predictive algorithm suspects you ll go below 80 mg dL within the next 30 minutes.

It automatically resumes again when the sugar passes nadir and starts rising again. I m happy to see this predictive feature. Real-time data is great. Future data is better. The pump has the same basic touchscreen form factor as its predecessors, so to save space I ll focus on what s new and different. If you want a better understanding of day-to-day operation of Tandem pumps, you can check out my series of reviews on the first gen t slim, here. Anyone who s ever used a Tandem pump knows the three-button wakeup and confirmation screens can be a bit much.

But fortunately with the BiQ, they ve changed the design to offer more viewable info without needing to unlock the device. You just need to wake the pump up by pressing the one physical button on the entire device on the top and you are presented with a very nice, full-color CGM status screen, defaulted to a three-hour look-back view of the CGM trace. You can scroll through 6, 12, 24, and 1-hour trace screens, all without unlocking the pump. To unlock the pump, the traditional three circular targets have been replaced by three small rectangles at the bottom of the CGM status screen, which sadly are a bit small for big fingers.

The current BG and trend are displayed, along with the battery and transmitter status, the volume of insulin in the pump, and current IOB insulin on board. The BiQ comes complete with a colorful 320-page manual that I ve never cracked open. Most Up-to-Date CGM Technology. The CGM that powers the IQ part of the BiQ is the Dexcom G6. Prior to my BiQ trial, I d been rockin the G5, so this was my first experience with the Gen 6. I had wanted to wear both at the same time to compare, but the Dex folks cautioned me not to as the Bluetooth signals from a G5 and a G6 can apparently get scrambled and wreak all kinds of havoc.

I haven t needed to, thanks to a combination of the simple operation, the good online training, the BiQ s built-in prompts, and excellent in-person training from someone wearing a BiQ on her hip, to boot. G6, of course, is approved for direct bolus decisions without need for a confirmatory fingerstick.

Actually, with the G6, in theory, you ll never need another fingerstick again. It self-calibrates, and seems to do a pretty good job at it, but if it does wander off track, you can calibrate it. The sensor runs 10 days, but unlike the G5, isn t as simple to reboot for a second session. How Smart is Basal-IQ. Of course, what you really want to know is how well the new automated basal restriction system works the IQ of the BiQ.

I gotta say, it s pretty remarkable. In both garden-variety and steep blood sugar drops, the pump shuts off delivery in time to allow a recovery above 80 mg dL the majority of the time. It s crazy wonderful. Where the BiQ isn t as good, is with what I call low coasting lows the ones where I m steadily but surely heading low over a period of several hours. In almost every case, the BiQ didn t catch these, and I ended up sucking down orange-flavored Transend glucose gel.

I suspect a good way to deploy the BiQ pump is to set your insulin rates slightly on the high side for everything basal programs, insulin-to-carb ratio, and correction factor. This way highs can be shortened and their peaks blunted, without the corresponding risk of low blood sugar as the pump cuts the basal flow as the sugar trends downwards. Remember that it s only the bottom half of the blood sugar curve by that s controlled by shutting down basal delivery to deal with hypos or projected hypos.

But don t worry, the next iteration from Tandem will be the Bolus-IQ Control-IQ model coming in 2019, that will allow for bolus doses to deal with high blood sugars. It s exciting to see this one-two punch in short order to Tandem, and I can t wait. This might be a good time to buy some Tandem stock. But I gotta say, in both this pump and in the Medtronic 670G, I m amazed at how much control is possible just playing with basal alone.

Basal-IQ Blows the Competition Away. It s important to note that there s nothing else like the BiQ system on the market. Sure, I ve mentioned the Medtronic 670G that automatically shuts off insulin when a low is predicted, which also adjusts basal when your blood sugar is heading above the preferred target. I ve used both systems, and am finding that BiQ blows the doors off of the 670G, which is saying a lot as it shouldn t be nearly as capable, given that the BiQ only leverages CGM for lows, making it half the pump the 670G is.

But the reason is largely because the connected Dexcom G6 CGM is simply way more accurate and the insulin pump itself is way less intrusive and easy to use, IMHO. I hooked up Oct. 4th, so for purposes of this initial review my use entailed 22 days. When the BiQ auto-suspends, it looks like 27 of that time is at night not surprising as I tend to run low in late afternoons. For my entire initial test-drive, I saw two suspensions per day on average.

My data speaks for itself. What Else is Good About Basal-IQ. One of the best things about BiQ, and something that really sets it off from its competition, is that it s not a nag. For me, in just these first 22 days of using this Basal-IQ system, I feel it works better than I had expected. You have the choice of letting the pump s CGM-driven basal shutoff and re-start functions run seamlessly in the background without notifications, and this is how I set mine up.

I don t need to know it s doing its thing. I just want it done. The less I m bothered, the better. Note that even with the auto shut-off in the background, the CGM status screen still shows great swaths of red when basal is shut down, so you can always quickly check to see what s happening if you want to.

As it s based on the X2 platform, the BiQ is fully Internet upgradable and you can do this from home. No waiting forever to exchange your pump for the latest and greatest. Any changes in the future like CGM control over basal delivery for elevated blood sugars can be installed simply by plugging your existing pump into your computer.

This is huge and deserves a shout-out. Additionally, there are other aspects that I like about this device. The G6 can feed CGM data to the pump, a phone, and an Apple Watch all at the same time. When you need a quick bolus for food or a correction, it s not a complicated process. The Quick Bolus feature really is easy, and doesn t require you to unlock the pump. Instead you communicate with the BiQ using Morse Code via the button on the top of the pump.

True of previous versions, it has a meal bolus menu allowing you to add in particular food items on the fly to save yourself from extra mental math. Fancy bolus programs are elegant with a combined extended combo menu. Unlike Medtronic pumps, on each bolus you can choose or ignore these options without adding an extra step. Empty cartridges can be ejected with the handy Tandem Tool or a quarter. Or a poker chip. Alerts are user-selectable to various volumes, vibrate, or off, and you can choose by each type of alarm, so you don t have just one response for all the pump s feedback.

The Bad and Ugly of the Basal-IQ. True of previous versions, the BiQ is exceedingly user-friendly to program. Repeat Data Entry for Boluses My chief bitch about the BiQ is that I need to manually enter my CGM sensor glucose value to correct my blood sugar. That s just crazy. The pump already knows my BG. And it gets worse. After I m forced to enter my blood sugar manually for a correction, I m then asked by the pump if I want a correction for it. Otherwise, why the heck else would I have wasted my time entering it.

Hey, one way or the other, Tandem, but not both. Eating When Low. I was also quite annoyed that it isn t possible to layer on a meal when the BiQ had suspended the basal insulin. I know I m at risk of a Low, but if I m about to eat a banana spilt, it would be a good idea to let me deliver some insulin to cover it without turning the basal back on.

Site Changes While the site change reminder can be set for anytime, rather than when you actually did it, the system limits us to 1 2 3-day reminders only. No 4-day, darn it, which is my preferred interval, especially on a new pump when I need to bank supplies. My workaround is to get my supplies out and leave them on the bathroom counter for the next day when my site reminder goes off, but pump reminders should mirror reality in the field, not try to enforce some ideal of medical perfection.

Limited Profiles There s no automatic way to switch between profiles, i. the pump will not start a weekend profile at midnight on Fridays, you have to wake up and do it manually. Too Quick of a Glance The quick glance at the CGM screen, done without unlocking the pump, times out and goes blank in 10 seconds with no way to change that. This isn t long enough and it d be nice to have the ability to prolong that glance period. Once unlocked, users can choose screen time outs of 15, 30, 60 or 120 seconds.

Ugly Case Design Whoever designed the current case for the BiQ clearly doesn t wear an insulin pump. At first glance, it looks like a huge improvement it s one piece, not two, and not only can the pump be charged or downloaded in the case, but the insulin cartridges can be changed without removing the pump from the case.

The case has a lovely stainless clip that can be set for either horizontal or vertical wear, but in both cases upside-down. There s only one vertical choice pig tail up and one horizontal choice pump upside down for viewer. It seems that making the clip work for all four orientations would have been easy, so I can t imagine why they didn t do that. Confirmation Screens This is a good time to talk about the plethora of are you sure screens that are part and parcel of operating an insulin pump nowadays.

During site changes, the pump guides you step-by-step through the process. But as my comfort level with the system grew, I would have preferred something faster. At iq option 60 seconds, I liked having an onboard checklist. I d love to see an option for beginner and advanced user. For daily activities like when want to eat or need to correct your blood sugar, you have to work your way through five screens just to do those simple tasks.

It s tedious. And because there are so many screens, I sometimes get lost and forget to press the last button to get my bolus. The pump reminds me about five minutes later that I have an incomplete bolus, but by then it s timed out and I have to start over. Smaller Pig-Tail One of the bizarre things about Tandem pumps is the infusion set connection, now dubbed the t lock Connector. They have a short pig tail of tubing coming out of the top of the pump to connect the infusion set.

It s one of the things I personally hate the most about Tandem pumps. It looks medical, it s too short to tuck into my waistline, and it makes the tubing more snag-prone. I wish they would work on figuring out something better, like putting the stupid tubing straight into the iq option 60 seconds and being done with it. Anyway, despite being ugly and a snag-prone, it s nice that this new slightly smaller Tandem lock speeds up the tubing fill process at site change, thanks to a skinnier aperture, requiring less insulin.

When I used their first generation pump I used to make coffee, shred potatoes for hash browns, scramble some eggs and run into town for the mail, all while waiting for the tubing to fill. Now I only have time to make the coffee. So that s an improvement. That s all the criticism I have of this new system. A Keeper for Me. Tandem has a real winner here. But the jury is still out on whether it s a keeper, and I will have to decide in the next month of using the loaner. The first week or two, I had amazing blood sugar control, but I ve noticed that every time I change my therapy, the first few weeks are great.

I m convinced that diabetes is an intelligent alien parasite that you can catch off guard, but quickly adapts. To be honest, I ll have to decide whether I can live long-term with the two things I hate most the upside-down case and the damn pig tail. I can MacGyver a case solution, and in fact the folks at Tandem were kind enough to send me one to try my hand at. The Dremel tool and the Gorilla Glue are standing by.

But there s nothing I can do about the pig tail, and that might be the deal-breaker for me. Isn t it amazing how these liveability factors trump everything else when deciding which health tech tools to use. I sure hope industry manufacturers are taking note of that. We teach investment courses because we believe every retail investor has the right to success. Learn from those who put their money where their mouth is. And that s fine. But if you want to put your money to work in the stock markets, this is for you.

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Discover how to do seed investing into a new startup with this guides. Learn how to invest safely in our crowdfunding guides. In this exercise, you are asked to decide which level of measurement of correct Nominal, Ordinal, Interval, or Ratio for each example. Objective Measurement of Subjective Phenomena. Items, Levels of Measurement, and Methods of Scale Construction. Instructions Decide what the correct level of measurement is for each of the examples below.

Levels of Measurement Nominal Ordinal Interval Ratio. В Course grades A, B, C, D 2. В Commute times minutes 3. В Health status Excellent, Average, Poor 4. В High school test scores such as 78, 80, or 95 percent correct 7. В Type of surgery 8. В Difficulty Impossible, Difficult, Easy 9. В Hours spent exercising in one week 10. В Body temperature in degrees Fahrenheit F 11. В Race ethnicity 12. В Breast cancer rates in geographic regions cases per 100,000 people 13. В Test scores, such as an IQ score of 90 or 115 on an intelligence test.

 Course grades A, B, C, D Ordinal  Course grades A, B, C, D are indicators of the quality of a student†s performance and are ordered, so this is an example of an ordinal level of measurement.  Commute times minutes Ratio  Minutes or some other unit of time, like days, hours, or seconds is at the ratio level of measurement because it has an absolute zero value and the difference between values is meaningful.  Thus, the difference between 60 and 70 minutes is the same magnitude of time as the difference between 10 and 20 mninutes.

В And, 20 minutes is twice as long as 10 minutes. В Health status Excellent, Average, Poor Ordinal В This is an example of an ordinal level of measurement because it consists of levels in order of magnitude, but the distance between levels is not quantifiable. В So, it is not possible to determine whether the difference between Excellent and Average is the same magnitude as the difference between Average and Poor.

В Gender Nominal В Gender is at the nominal level of measurement. В Nominal variables allow a researcher to distinguish between 2 or more classes of an attribute by name. В There is no order associated with values on nominal variables. В Age Ratio В Age is at the ratio level of measurement because it has an absolute zero value and the difference between values is meaningful. В For example, a person who is 20 years old has lived since birth half as long as a person who is 40 years old.

В High school test scores such as 78, 80, or 95 percent correct Ratio В Test scores on course examinations are often recorded as percent correct. В Such scores are at the ratio level of measurement because there is an absolute zero value 0 correct and differences between values can be compared meaningfully. В Type of surgery Nominal В Type of surgery would be classified by names, so this is a nominal level of measurement.

В Difficulty Impossible, Difficult, Easy Ordinal В This is an example of an ordinal level of measurement because it consists of levels in order of magnitude, but the distance between levels is not measureable per se. В Hours spent exercising in one week Ratio В Hours is a ratio level of measurement because it has an absolute zero value and differences between values can be compared.

В Body temperature in degrees Fahrenheit F Interval В Temperature iq option 60 seconds degrees F is at the interval level of measurement because there is no absolute zero and values of temperature cannot be expressed as ratios. В For instance, it is incorrect to say that 70 degrees F is twice as hot as 35 degrees F.

В But, temperature on the Kelvin K scale is on a ratio level. В Race ethnicity Nominal В Race ethnicity would be classified by names so this is a nominal level of measurement. В For instance, numeric codes may be used to distinguish participants who are Black, White, Hispanic, non-Hispanic, etc.but the numbers used do not imply magnitude of an attribute ethnicity or any ordering of the groups. В Breast cancer rates in geographic regions cases per 100,000 people Ratio В A rate of disease is at the ratio level of measurement because it has an absolute zero value and the difference between values is meaningful.

В Furthermore, a breast cancer rate of 10 per 100,000 is twice as high as a rate of 5 per 100,000. В Test scores, such as an IQ score of 90 or 115 on an intelligence test Interval В An IQ score or a standardized score on many other kinds of tests, such as achievement tests is probably best considered as falling at an interval level of measurement.

В Some argue that such scores are at the ordinal level, providing only an ordering of performance. В But, given the large number of potential values 95 of the population falls between 70 and 130 on an IQ scalethe scores function well as interval-scaled values. В Thus, the difference between 20 and 30 minutes of exercise is the same as the difference between 50 and 60 minutes. For example, if you have 7 glasses on hand that you want to return to the supplier, but AccountEdge shows you having 6 glasses in stock, you will not be able to record that transaction.

You will receive an error like the following i f you try to return more items than what is recorded in your AccountEdge inventory. AccountEdge shows there are 6 units on hand. 01 14,282 quote 0. 01 32,369 quote 0. 05 24,607 quote 0. 04 2,955 quote 0. 08 1,996 quote 0. Dialogs are being run twice, once on load, once on submit, this lets us reuse the values we picked so they don t rerun on submit.

d-m-u commented Jun 26, 2018. GAPRINDASHVILI Add option to prov workflow to not rerun methods 17641. There s a related API PR. It s eclarizio s code. Also it s WIP cause it needs tests. c est the g release version of this fun 17642 and ManageIQ manageiq-api 407. My guess is we should front-port in the near-future eclarizio thanks and can you please, am testing now. miq-bot add_label g only is there even such a label. iq option 60 seconds commented Jun 26, 2018. d-m-u Cannot apply the following label because they are not recognized g only.

simaishi commented Jun 26, 2018. d-m-u We need master PR first. Checked commit d-m-u 86e5305 with ruby 2. 0 3 files checked, 0 offenses detected Everything looks fine. miq-bot add_label performance miq-bot add_label bug. JPrause commented Jul 3, 2018. simaishi commented Jul 3, 2018. My guess is we should front-port in the near-future. d-m-u Not sure if this means there is no PR for master branch. Based on that comment, I d think this is an issue in master as well. I can t tell what s happening with master branch.

If so, we need PR for master first and backport that PR, or create G-specific PR if change is different. found the master PR. Please link them in the future, thanks. JPrause commented Jul 9, 2018. eclarizio were you able to review this PR. eclarizio left a comment. LGTM, though it looks very similar on first glance to 17642, do we need this specific PR or can simaishi just cherry-pick.

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2013IT-Related Service A Multidisciplinary Perspective iq option 60 seconds, Journal of Service Research, 16 3251 258. Google Scholar Ignatius, Adi 2015Man, Machine, and WorkHarvard Business Review, June, 12.

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