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It would be great if it only had clever writing. Somehow Valve managed to pack both into an unmissable, unforgettable experience that messes with your head in more ways than one. Its titular mechanic teaches you to think differently by letting you instantaneously create paths to almost everywhere, and its underlying story, at once grim and gut-bustingly funny, is constantly egging you on. Portal 2, meanwhile, delivers more of everything that made Portal great, and a peerless co-op mode besides.

Portal 2 s world is bigger and its puzzles are more complex, and it doesn t sacrifice any of the series sinister, sassy humor to pull them off. But the sequel s true triumph is that it invites you to play with a friend not through some tacked-on bonus levels, but through a handcrafted co-op campaign so good it makes the stellar singleplayer feel like a prelude. Opus Magnum Released 2017 Iq option 3 saques gratis Zachtronics Humble Store, Steam Our review. The challenge of Opus Magnum isn t just to figure out how to solve each puzzle, but how iq option 3 saques gratis solve it the best way.

With programmable robot arms you ll build alchemy machines that are more or less efficient at the transmutation task put before you, and there s an amazing number of ways to succeed simple parts and simple instructions can produce some not-so-simple machines. If it grabs you, Opus Magnum doesn t let you go easily. Gorogoa Released 2018 Developer Buried Signal GOG, Steam Our review. The gorgeous, hand-drawn Gorogoa is one of our favorite recent puzzle games.

The premise is simple arrange illustrated tiles in imaginative ways to solve puzzles. The complexity, and the feat of its creation, is in how those tiles interlock with impeccable elegance. As Pip said in our review Chunks of interiors and exteriors match perfectly without seeming out of place in either of their respective scenes, an image in a thought bubble lines up with a balcony scene, a star in the sky is positioned perfectly so that it peeps through the gap in an overlaid tile and becomes the light from a lamp.

It s best to see it in motion, so check out the trailer here. Lumines Remastered Released 2018 Developer Resonair Steam Our review. The classic musical puzzle game, which was first released on the PSP, returns in top shape and is still great after 15 years. The new version is far superior to the original PC port, and the remastered music is fabulous.

Lumines doesn t translate perfectly to PC it s one of those games that feels like it was meant for handheld devices but if you missed it the first time around, take any opportunity to play it. Baba is You Released 2019 Developer Hempuli Oy Steam, itch. io Our review. A wonderful puzzle game in which you rearrange words to create new rules for the world. It s part logic puzzle, part existential quandary, part love letter to how much potential is contained in the tiny building blocks of language, said Philippa in her Baba is You review.

Great stories. What Remains of Edith Finch Released 2017 Developer Giant Sparrow GOG, Steam Our review. Explore the curious home of a doomed family in this surprising and varied narrative game, which at first feels like a familiar walking simulator but then transforms into something else. Each member of the Finch family has a story to tell about what became of them, and each tale is presented in almost a minigame-like way some of these chapters are thrilling, most of them are quietly devastating, and you should play this game without having a single one spoiled.

You deserve to discover the secrets of this mysterious house for yourself if you haven t already. More than deserving of our GOTY award for Best Story in 2017. Life is Strange Released 2015 Developer Dontnod Humble Store, Steam Our review. You could argue most videogame stories are Young Adult fiction, but Life is Strange is actually like the kind of story in the YA section of your local bookstore.

It s about teenagers, small towns with secrets, and coming to terms with adult responsibilities through the metaphor of being able to rewind time. It s Twin Peaks for teens. Life is Strange benefited from being released episodically, able to adapt to what players enjoyed about the early chapters and then focus on those elements later.

That means you have to give it an episode and a half to get going, and the finale s divisive too, but in the middle it s as affecting an emotional rollercoaster as anything that s about to be turned into a movie and make someone very rich. Tacoma Released 2017 Developer Fullbright Humble Store, Steam Our review. Calling a game a walking simulator was probably meant to be pejorative, but I can t think of a better description of what games like Tacoma and Gone Home and developer Fullbright do better than any other game build a world I want to walk around in, explore, and learn to love.

In Tacoma, the player walks into an abandoned space station and a mystery. Exploring this detailed setting feels like spending time in a real place, and hours spent there make the departed crew intimately familiar. I saw dozens of tiny stories, comedies and dramas, unfold as I watched the crew through VR recordings and dug into their discarded belongings. If you want to see the future of storytelling, to experience characters and plot in a way that can t be duplicated in a book or a movie, go for walk in Tacoma.

Forza Horizon 4 Released 2018 Developer Playground Games Microsoft Store Our review. Unless you re looking for a hardcore sim, Forza Horizon is still the best racing series around. Euro Truck Simulator 2 Released 2013 Developer SCS Software Humble Store, Steam Our review. A lot of players have the same story about Euro Truck Simulator 2.

Lured in by curiosity, we try this ridiculous-looking game about driving trucks back and forth across a low-budget Europe. Simulations, sports games, and city builders. Then, hours later, we re flicking headlights up and down while driving through the night. It starts to rain somewhere outside Berlin, the sound adding percussion to whatever s playing on the central European radio station. We re hooked and don t even know why.

Even on a different continent in American Truck Simulator it can have the same effect, proving that ordinary inspirations modeled well enough can make for iq option 3 saques gratis games. Elite Dangerous Released 2014 Developer Frontier Developments Humble Store, Steam Our review. Space, to borrow a phrase, is big. Really, really big. In Elite Dangerous, players can become deep-space explorers spanning the entire Milky Way galaxy, or they can be asteroid miners whose entire world consists of two space rocks and the vacuum between them.

Both are equally worthy ways to use your flight time in Elite, an open-world open-galaxy. space flight sim that masterfully gives players total freedom. At the high end, you can spend your time being everything from a space trucker to a bounty hunter, but newbies shouldn t overlook the simple joy of being a pilot, of the tactile way that flight skills grow and deepen over time. Anyone into sci-fi or flight sims owes it to themselves to spend time in an Elite cockpit especially if they can do it in VR.

Football Manager 2019 Released 2018 Developer Sports Interactive Steam Our review. The best game yet in the best football management series. Frostpunk Released 2018 Developer 11 Bit Studios GOG, Humble Store, Steam Our review. Part city-builder, part survival game, Frostpunk is about making difficult choices and dealing with the consequences.

Trying to keep a handful of citizens alive in a perpetually frozen world isn t just about managing resources but managing hope, and to keep people working toward their future means convincing them there is one, often through brutal means. Unlike most city-building games, Frostpunk isn t an open-ended experience it takes place over a 45 day period, with narrative events occurring periodically that can throw a wrench in the gears of your city and society.

It s a tense and grim experience where you can wind up regretting your finest moments or defending the harshest choices you made. What are you prepared to do to save lives, and what will the ultimate cost be. Super Mega Baseball 2 Released 2018 Developer Metalhead Software Steam Our review. With so few great sports games on PC, Super Mega Baseball 2 gets squished into our sims category for now though with Madden finally coming back to PC this year, we may need to add a proper sports category.

Super Mega Baseball 2 may look cartooney, but look beyond that, because as we said in our review, it s the best on-field baseball sim on PC. MMOs and online RPGs. On the next page MMOs, local multiplayer games, and platformers. World of Warcraft Released 2004 Developer Blizzard Entertainment Official site Our review. World of Warcraft might have a few grey hairs here and there, but it s still the undisputed king of MMOs. Set in the high-fantasy setting of the famous Warcraft real-time strategy games, World of Warcraft is the story of you, a hero who rises from lowly pawn to god-slaying badass as you strive to save your world from all manner of fiendish enemies.

With 12 classes and 13 races to play as and an ever-growing list of subraceswho and what your character will become is entirely up to you. And whether you want to play for two hours a month or two hours a night, there are a nearly unlimited number of places to explore, quests to complete, raids and dungeons to conquer, and items to craft. World of Warcraft s latest expansion, Battle for Azeroth, is a bit of a low-point for the series according to its most hardcore fans.

It s less of a videogame and more of a part-time hobby. That doesn t mean it s bad the austere mountains of Kul Tiras and lush jungles of Zandalar are evocative and fun to explore but it is disappointing because World of Warcraft s usually stellar endgame of dungeons and raids are hamstrung somewhat by its wonky gear system. There s exciting news on that front, though the next update is going to be huge.

World of Warcraft is the jack-of-all-trades MMO that can satisfy nearly any kind of player. Whether you want competitive PvP battles, white-knuckle raids, or just a fun, colorful story to follow along with while you collect mounts, World of Warcraft delivers. Set in a bizarre science-fiction universe full of esoteric secrets, Warframe sells itself on one amazing concept You are a space ninja.

Warframe Released 2013 Developer Digital Extremes Steam Our review. And yes, it s as fun as it sounds. This free-to-play third-person shooter gleefully taps into the fantasy of being a gun-toting, sword-wielding killing machine through its versatile movement system. You ll air dash, wall run, and slide through levels with up to three teammates as you eviscerate hordes of android enemies in exchange for oodles of crafting resources.

But Warframe s true strength is just how complex it is. Each Warframe a kind of suit of armor that you wear plays like its own character class, complete with unique abilities that define its combat style. You might charge into packs headfirst as Rhino or silently assassinate your targets as Ivara. Hell, there s even a Warframe that lets you compose your own music using an in-game sequencer to inflict debuffs on enemies.

Learning how to craft and equip these Warframes is a daunting task for new players, but those who endure will find a rich action RPG that can easily devour thousands of hours. What s more, Digital Extremes is constantly taking Warframe in bold new directions, like adding open world zones to explore with friends. It might not be an MMO in the traditional sense, but Warframe is every bit as massive.

Path of Exile Released 2013 Developer Grinding Gear Games Steam Our review. A free-to-play spiritual successor to the beloved Diablo 2, Path of Exile is a dauntingly complex action RPG that will make even the most zealous theorycrafter weep tears of joy. Behind that familiar loop of dungeon diving and looting are several dozen features that each feel like the Marianas trench of progression systems they re that deep. Skill gems can be chained together to create practically limitless spell combos, while the passive skill tree has hundreds of nodes to choose from that each shape your character in their own small way.

And then, of course, comes the gear, which is a whole separate school of learning that can take months to fully understand. Path of Exile is certainly daunting and it won t appeal to everyone. It s good news then that it s also fun as hell. There s 10 acts to explore, each one touring you through desecrated temples or corrupted jungles full of the walking dead. It s a grim place to be, but the kinetic combat and enticing rewards make the journey worth it. Every few months, Grinding Gear Games rolls out a new temporary challenge league that introduces entirely new progression systems, cosmetics, and enemies but requires starting a new character.

Normally that d sound like a chore, but Path of Exile is so robust that starting fresh is just a chance to learn something new. EVE Online Released 2003 Developer CCP Games Official site Our review. Brutal, uncompromising, and intimidating there s a good chance that EVE Online s reputation precedes it. While its players will say that it s mostly hyperbole, there s no denying that EVE Online isn t an MMO for the faint of heart. But in return for a considerable investment of your time and energy, EVE Online achieves something remarkable It feels alive.

It s a thriving ecosystem grounded by a player-driven economy where players are encouraged to group together to achieve long term objectives like conquering territory or just becoming filthy, stinking rich. The galaxy of New Eden is an ever-evolving virtual world full of merchants and pirates, mercenaries and warlords, and, yeah, the occasional spy. To participate, you ll need to contend with a hopelessly unintuitive user interface and familiarize yourself with a daunting number of systems.

But it s worth it. The focus on player-driven experiences creates stories that just don t happen in any other kind of game, and being apart of those narratives is thrilling. Final Fantasy 14 A Realm Reborn Released 2014 Developer Square Enix Steam Our review. It s an experience that is so absorbing, there s a good reason why EVE players joke that quitting for good is winning at EVE Online.

Final Fantasy 14 is a dream come true for Final Fantasy fans who don t mind the rigamarole that comes standard with MMOs. Set in the high fantasy world of Eorzea, you play as one of the series iconic classes, like a black mage, and set out to help the locals defend themselves from constant invasions by the evil Garlean Empire. It s as generic a Final Fantasy story as they come, but FF14 lives up to the series legacy by populating the world with an endearing ensemble of characters that grow significantly over the course of its two expansions.

If you like story-driven MMOs, Final Fantasy 14 s sweeping epic is undoubtedly the best. Square Enix doesn t try to reinvent the wheel when it comes to being an MMO, though. Final Fantasy 14 is formulaic in its progression and the equipment system is pretty bland. It is by no means boring, however. The story reaches some surprising highs and Final Fantasy fans will be pleased to hear that FF14 has a nearly endless supply of memorable boss fights to work through.

It might not be as expansive as other MMOs, but Final Fantasy 14 is beautiful and charming. Local multiplayer games. Nidhogg 2 Released 2017 Developer Messhof Humble Store, Steam Our review. Some say Nidhogg 2 s clay-monstrosity art style and added weapons marred the elegance of the first game, but they re both great in their own ways. Whichever one you choose, the basic format is the same two players duel across a single screen, attempting to push their opponent left or right into the next screen, all the way to the end of the map.

That s a big part of the brilliance of the series get pushed all the way to your corner, and it s still possible to make a comeback and finesse your opponent all the way back across the map for a clutch win. Pure thrill. The fighting itself is great, too, like an ultra-lo-fi Bushido Blade. Kills come in one hit as you thrust and parry and throw your swords with simple controls that result in complex dances of stance and aggression. It s exciting, hilarious, and tests the hell out of your reaction time and ability to predict your opponent s moves.

There s nothing quite like either Nidhogg. TowerFall Ascension Released 2014 Developer Matt Thorson GOG, Humble Store, Steam Our review. As cool as bows and arrows are in games like Tomb Raider, TowerFall does them best. Whether played by four people against each other, or two in co-op against waves of monsters, TowerFall makes leaping from a ledge and skewering somebody with a perfect shot easy to do. It also makes shooting at someone above you, missing, and then impaling yourself as the arrow falls back down easy to do.

It s as chaotic as it sounds, but the clean pixel art and expressive animation makes it simple to follow, and every triumph and screw-up is visible to all. Overcooked 1 and Overcooked 2 Released 2018 Developer Ghost Town Games Steam Our review. We hate Overcooked. Wait, no We hate anyone who gets in the way in Overcooked, or doesn t bring us our damn tomatoes when we need them, pre-chopped.

This four-player kitchen catastrophe simulator sets up some brilliantly simple basics working together to prepare ingredients, cook basic dishes, and turn them in on a tight timetable and then mercilessly complicates them with devious kitchen hazards. In one level, on the deck of a pirate ship, some of your counters slide back and forth, forcing you to switch up tasks on the fly. In another cramped kitchen, there isn t enough space for two characters to squeeze past one another, forcing you to coordinate all your movements or get into shouting matches about which direction to go.

There s a lot of shouting in Overcooked, but barking orders, properly divvying up jobs, and setting a new high score feels so good. The controls are intuitive enough that infrequent gamers can get onboard. Just beware of playing with anyone with a truly explosive temper. While both are great, if you haven t played either we d recommend Overcooked 2, which adds online play. 2D platformers. Spelunky Released 2013 Developer Mossmouth GOG, Steam Our review.

Spelunky deserves much of the credit or blame for the boom of roguelikes in the 2010s, but none have bettered the rich interactions of this game, which sees you adventuring through mines, the jungle, caverns, and even Hell in search of riches and escape. But that arms you with knowledge of what not to do and how to exploit the game. Can you trick two NPCs into fighting each other. You ll die many, many times along the way sometimes suddenly, sometimes hilariously, and often because of your own stupidity.

Can you use a damsel you should be rescuing to instead safely set off a trap for you. What s the deal with the Ankh, anyway. These are all things you ll discover as you play more Spelunky. Half the game is 2D platformer; the other half is a rich simulation packed with secrets and interlocking pieces that make the entire game feel like a living organism designed with the express purpose of killing you. That s what makes pulling those pieces apart and using them to your advantage so endlessly satisfying.

Celeste Released 2018 Developer Matt Makes Games Steam Our review. In this age of quick saves and infinite lives, action-oriented platformers need to be difficult. And this difficulty almost always becomes the talking point, even for games that seem to hide something more profound beneath their mounds of countless dead see The End is Nigh. But no one talks about how hard Celeste is or at least, that s not why we talk about it.

Even if you roll your eyes at the masochistic appeal of Super Meat Boy or Nyou might find yourself seeing Celeste through to the end. Sharing the vibrant, chunky pixel-art of Matt Makes Games Inc s TowerFall, Celeste charts its protagonist Madeline s efforts to scale a gigantic mountain. She s not going up there to save the world, she s going up there to save herself. It s hardly a visual novel, but the light narrative dabs make progress more meaningful than simply wanting to do itand its set-piece moments are really spectacular.

It feels great too Madeline can grab onto walls and quick-dash through the air, and there s never a lack of new environmental challenges to ward off monotony. Hollow Knight Released 2017 Developer Team Cherry Humble Store, Steam Our review. Hollow Knight is still slightly too new to be regarded as highly as Nintendo s genre-defining Super Metroid, but it might actually be the better game gasp. It s at least the best game to follow in Metroid s footsteps in a decade if you want more games in this vein, make sure to play Cave Story.

You play as a small explorer venturing through the remnants of Hallownest, an underground bug civilization, with remarkably little hand-holding showing you where to go. Subtle environmental clues and smartly doled-out powerups will help you find your path through the world, and from the first moments the 2D essentials of jumping and attacking have a perfectly tuned weight and snappiness to them. That s what will keep you playing Hollow Knight long enough to be pulled into its world, and then there s no turning back.

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The internet of things extends to all manner of home devices now smart fridges whose contents you can check on your way home, iKettles that function via voice recognition, locks that can be activated with a swipe of your phone. Thanks to huge improvements in home WiFi and the almost universal adoption of smartphones, you can now install a high quality, app controlled, noise and motion sensitive wireless security camera at home in just a few clicks. Get your home kitted out with the very best read our buying guide reviews.

Once up and running, the latest WiFi security cameras from Nest, Hive and Netgear Arlo can remotely alert you to unusual activity at home via smartphone alert, SMS or even email. Best wireless security cameras the top wifi cameras for keeping your home safe. They can be linked with other smart home products if motion is detected outside you can turn lights on inside, for instance. But there s so much more to the latest cameras than just hi-tech CCTV.

Combined with a smartphone app, you can set up alerts, view multiple cameras, record clips, make sure the cleaner actually moved the rug before mopping, check your teenager met curfew or keep an eye and ear on your baby s room. How we test our wireless security cameras. Chris Haslam is one of the leading technology journalists in the UK, with two decades of experience. He has installed all of the leading wireless security cameras in his own home, and tested them out over weeks and months, getting the whole family involved including the dog.

And as a former Ideal Home staff member, he knows which cameras will truly work for you, day to day. What is the best wireless security camera in 2019. This is key, as many cameras have pet modes, so he s been able to give them a truly thorough reviews. Chris has set up hundreds of smart home products over the years, so he is an excellent judge of how easy or tricky these products are to install.

Chris rates the Ring Video Doorbell as the best wireless security camera in 2019. The Logitech Circle 2 is our top budget wireless security camera. Best wireless security cameras. Ring Video Doorbell best for never missing your post. Small, stylish and clever, the Ring Cam door bell has A 720p wide-angle, motion sensing camera with night vision that connects to your home Wi-Fi and alerts you via smartphone app if someone presses the bell or walks up to the house.

While weird at first, being able to chat to the person at the door using two-way microphones is brilliantly useful if you re not at home no more missed parcels, as you can just ask the postman to deliver to next door. Image can be grainy, especially in the evening the Ring Doorbell 2, 179, has sharper 1080p but it s more than good enough for everyday use. Our only gripe if you want a record of who comes to the door rather than just being alerted when they press the button you will need the basic 2.

50 per month 24 per year subscription up to 8 per month 80 per year for multiple camera managementand you will need a wireless plug-in Chime 29 each if you want to hear the doorbell inside without your phone. Ideal Home s rating 5 out of 5 stars. Logitech Circle 2 wireless best budget wireless security camera. More known for computer accessories, Logitech have designed a brilliant little WiFi security camera stuffed with clever features.

Installation is a joy, with screwdriver, drill bit, wall plugs and screws included, plus simple instructions whether you re wiring to the mains or using the built-in battery. Available as wired 129. It s also quick to set up, has a really well-designed app and two really smart mounts both 34. 99 or wireless it can be used indoor and out, has super quality 1080p HD resolution, night vision, sweeping 180 field-of-view and rechargeable six month battery life. One lets you plug the camera direct into a plug socket, and the other is a window mount that secures your camera on a pane of glass, so it can look out from inside your home.

There s also a smart location feature that stops recording when it knows you ve arrived home using your phone s GPS. Subscription is reasonable, with 14-day s video recording for 2. 99 or the top-tier, 7. 99 for 31-days that includes the ability to create motion zones and set up specific alerts. And if you still want more, it is Apple Siri, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa enabled so you can control it, and other smart devices around the home, just by talking.

It s a breeze to install, the app takes only minutes to master and you get 24hrs of cloud recording for free, as well as the ability to watch back an entire day s activity in a 30-second time-lapse video trust me, it s great fun. Nest Cam IQ best for smart homes. The most technologically advanced wifi camera I ve played with, IQ boasts exceptional 1080p Full HD image quality and the ability to zoom in without pixelating images.

You can watch brilliant time-lapse videos of your day, set it to record specific parts of a room such as just the door and enjoy the added security of face recognition. Most of these features are only accessible if you subscribe to Nest Aware from 8 per month 80 per year and, ironically, if you don t pay the extra the IQ is overpriced. But this is a very impressive camera, and thanks to the 4K sensor it can zoom in beautifully; using Supersight it can zoom in on any face when you re out and send you an alert.

Fast moving faces can be blurred, but thankfully the recording continues in the background, so you can go back and identify the person. If you subscribe to Nest Aware, face recognition is almost flawless and more reliable than the Netatmo. You can also customise alerts, and only record specific zones. If you ve had Nest products before you ll appreciate how easy they are to install, use and work together, and if money is no object you ll want to upgrade to the IQ.

It s clearly the future, but iq option 3 saques gratis now, that costs extra. Ideal Home s rating 4. The standout feature on this cute cylindrical design is the ability to identify faces, not just react to noise and motion. Netatmo Welcome best for parents with teenagers. As a result, you can be told precisely when the kids get in from school, whether they ve come back with new friends and even text you when the cleaner shows up. And unlike Nest, face recognition comes as standard.

The face detection technology isn t flawless but it is reliable once it sees a face a few times; for instance, you would need to identify yourself with and without glasses via the app. You can set the camera to only record strange faces, so you don t feel spied upon once you re all home. Full HD 1080p video quality is great even in low light and thanks to the 8GB MicroSD card included you can store a week s worth of content without the need for cloud subscription. It s a reliable system with features unavailable elsewhere, and the design is stylish, but unless you have a shelf or sideboard in a very prominent position in the hallway or living room, finding the perfect location for it to track faces accurately is tricky.

A wall mount would earn this camera a test-winning five stars. Nest Hello doorbell best for discrete security. Like the excellent Ring Video Doorbell, Google s new Nest Hello will help you avoid missed deliveries, deter unwanted visitors and give yourself a grace period if the doorbell goes while you re otherwise engaged. But unlike Ring, the Hello has constant 24-7 recording as well as face and object recognition, so it works as a full-on security camera, not just a doorbell.

It s a beautifully designed product as you approach the door the a light ring pulses willing you to press it, but installation requires wiring through an existing doorbell chime. It can be as simple as swapping a couple of cables and screwing in a backplate, but if you don t have an existing wired doorbell you ll need a chime and transformer installing that will need an electrician.

Nest offers installation for 100 extrabut this doesn t cover all eventualities, so check before you buy. When the doorbell does get pressed you can get an alert on your phone, via the chime or on a Google Home smart speaker. I experienced some delays of up to 30-seconds between button press and phone alert, which is enough to put off a busy courier, but on the whole the experience was smooth, and I appreciated the ability to send a notification if was out or couldn t answer, such as We ll be right there or No one can come to the door or just talk through the built-in microphone.

Without the monthly subscription you can get a snapshot image from the camera when it is triggered, but upgrade to Nest Aware 4 per month and the camera streams continually to the Cloud so you can watch the whole day back in glorious HD. I warn you, it s weirdly addictive watching your street s daily activity in fast forward. It s a slick product that will only continue to get better, but the faff of installation, and added cost means many people will opt for the Ring Video Doorbell, just for the convenience.

Ideal Home s rating 4 out of 5 stars. Hive View Outdoor best for gardens. The Hive View is the best-looking indoor camera available see aboveso it s no surprise that the outdoor version is also suitably attractive. It sports the same cube design 66 x 66 x 66mm and looks stylish and unobtrusive. It lacks the designer stand and colour options however, and is only available in white.

Installation requires a mains connection and is a simple enough job if you have a long enough drill-bit and are confident at DIY, but annoyingly you can t use an existing mains cable from an old security light for instance as the camera uses a specific Micro USB cable. 4m mains cable and all fittings to help get the job done though. Once installed the camera has a reliably high quality image I expect nothing less these days and the app has been significantly upgraded since the last time I tested, with push alerts, easy notifications and sound detection, which will alert you when the View Outdoor hears loud sounds, such as breaking glass or noisy burglars.

You do get screwdriver, 7. As with all Nest products the app is beautifully designed and easy to configure, so you ll have no issues once the Hello is installed. You can adjust the sensitivity so you re not troubled unnecessarily, but this is the most trigger happy camera on test, so make sure you adjust the camera s sensitivity and ask it to only track people to reduce the false alarms.

All the Hive smart home kit from thermostats to lighting and security sensors can now all be controlled form the same app, so you can improve home security by turning lights on in the house if the outdoor sensor trips. 99 a month, which gives you the chance to download and view images for 30-days. Subscription is also more affordable than many, costing 3. And it s worth remembering, you can view back 24-hrs of footage as standard.

Ideal Home s rating 3. Canary Flex HD best for indoor and out. While the Hive View tends to get all the designer plaudits, I actually think the Canary Flex is one of the best looking, and certainly the most versatile camera available. The dinky pill-shaped camera is understated but stylish and good looking enough and built tough enough for use inside and out. It s completely weatherproof can survive rain, snow and temperatures anywhere between -20 to 45 C, but doesn t have the rugged look of most outdoor designs.

It can also be used wired and wireless, so if you wish, you can move it from its permanent mains location to cover a different area of the house or garden. I m not totally sure when this would be useful maybe if you need a baby monitor for guests. But it s good to know the video camera can work for up to two months without the need for charging. If it s a busy area the camera battery my only last a week though. Naturally you don t have to plug it into the mains great if cables haven t been run to the garden for instance meaning you can cover more of your property, just remember to recharge when the app prompts you.

With a 116 wide-angle lens recording in Full HD, video image quality is excellent, and with automatic night vision even if you re covering a pitch black garden it ll keep a close eye on proceedings. I enjoyed watch the foxes in my garden, until they started to leave unwanted parcels on the doormat. Mounting the camera is extremely easy thanks to the magnetic bracket that can adjust viewing angle through 360-degrees.

The box even come with screw and rawl-plug for mounting the bracket. If you re worried about someone simply stealing the camera, firstly mount it out of reach obviously. but you can also buy a fixed mount for extra security, or even a stake mount for hiding it in a plant pot or shrubbery. The app makes setup and managing alerts very easy you can adjust the sensitivity and range of the camera, but as so often some key features aren t available unless you sign up for a subscription.

99 per month 79 per year and you can watch your videos for up to 30 days free service is 24-hours and you can also streaming from your computer s desktop and use two-way talk. I think two-way talk should be standard however. Netgear Arlo best for completely wireless coverage. Arlo is rare in being a completely wireless, battery powered system that can be used inside and outdoors, down to temperatures of -10 C.

Each camera comes with a superb battery life of up to six months, but after that you will need to replace the batteries 4x Lithium CR12, around 8 each. We reviewed the two-camera bundle, which comes with a hub that connects to you Wi-Fi and can manage up to five Arlo cameras 15 if you use cloud services and you get seven days of recordings for free. Set up using the companion app iOS, Android is painless, as is camera installation, thanks to the magnetic mounting brackets that make it easy to cover tight angles.

At 110 the field of view isn t vast, but you can pan and zoom via the app and, despite being only 720, image clarity was excellent. It also lacks the ability to choose recording zones so the camera s whole field of vision is used, but you can reduce the sensitivity to prevent alerts from pets. There s also no noise detection but, in our experience, this just reduces unnecessary alerts.

Easy to expand, Netgear also offers the Arlo Pro from 299which includes a 100dB alarm, Arlo Baby monitor 269 and iq option 3 saques gratis other smart cameras that can be linked to the same hub and iq option 3 saques gratis. Somfy Outdoor Camera best for all-in-one security. Another feature-packed security camera with built-in alarm, the Somfy s angular design is an acquired taste, and it s huge compared to the Canary Flex or Hive Outdoor.

It s not ugly, but it certainly won t blend into the background, which might actually be the idea. It s IP54 rated meaning you can leave it outside all year round even if temperatures get below -20 C or up to a scorching 50 C. The camera has great quality Full HD images with HDR high dynamic rangea 130-degree field of view, 8x zoom function and a night vision range of up to eight metres. It can also be set up to know when you or your family comes home and disarms the alarm, which is handy because at 110dB it is very, very loud.

It has a lot of the features of the indoor all-in-one system the Somfy One which it s also compatible with, for whole-house coverageincluding the ability to cover the lens to reassure your guests that you re not spying on them. You can also set the shutter to only be open when you re not home, or only when the alarm system is activated. The Outdoor Camera can work alongside other Somfy products.

While mains powered, unlike most similar cameras you can either plug it into a mains socket, swap an old light and use the existing mains power, or ingeniously, it can piggyback on an existing security light and share power, and even turn the light into a motion controlled light and become part of the security system. One concern I have with smart alarm systems is the risk of waking me and the neighbours unnecessarily in the middle of the night.

You can then choose to ignore, speak to the intruder via the built-in mic, or set of the siren. Thankfully if the camera detects motion and you can choose what time of day it is activated you get an alert on your phone and the option to view the live feed. Video clips are 10-seconds long and you can watch these clips for 24-hours, but as I ve come to expect, if you want continuous recording and access for a week you ll need to subscribe for 3.

Ideal Home s rating 3 out of 5 stars. Blink XT best multiple camera system. A crowdfunding success story, Blink were recently bought by Amazon. The company offers super-value battery-powered security cameras and no subscription fees. XT is the second generation and despite the compact size can be used indoors and out and takes two AA batteries that will last up to two years; it comes with Amazon Alexa voice control and IFTTT If This Then That smart home compatibility.

Unlike the rest on test, Blink needs a separate hub to work this comes with the camera that connects wirelessly to your Wi-Fi and manages the camera s settings. 99 for enhanced security. It takes an extra plug socket up but can control 10 cameras and even add a siren module 49. While not as polished as the Nest or Hive ecosystems, the camera is discrete, well designed and the app has lots of settings to tinker with, including a practical weekly calendar that lets you set times for the camera to be on off.

Image quality is good enough, but not spectacular, especially with the live-view, but the fact that it records and saves video clips without the need for a monthly subscription is refreshing, plus you can easily share them on social media. With plans to expand the Blink product line to include devices like a camera doorbell, it is one of the most affordable, and potentially expandable, ways to boost your home s security. Hive View best for home security with style.

Designed by the hugely respected Yves Behar, Hive View is a stylish little camera. You can choose from black and brushed copper or white and champagne gold it doesn t exactly scream CCTV. It can be mounted just about anywhere and the dinky 56mm cube can even be removed and used remotely for up to an hour. I had no issues with set up and adjusting settings is straightforward.

It took a while to get the sensitivity levels on the alerts right, but it s worth persevering to avoid false alarms. You can choose to ignore pets and just focus on people, and you get 24 hours of cloud recording for free, so you can look back over the day s events without subscription. If however you have a particularly amusing pet you can upgrade for 3. 99 per month and download any hilarious clips. Likewise, you can also save clips of your house being burgled, or your partner stealing your chocolate, and they re stored on the cloud for 30-days.

Since we last reviewed the Hive the app has had a complete overhaul. The camera is now compatible with the other products in the Hive range you can improve home security by turning lights on in the house if the sensor is activated and the app now comes with all the usefulpush alerts, motion notifications and sound detection we would expect. Why do I need a wireless security camera. Image credit Logitech. From a security point of view, you can now catch an intruder and thanks to high definition cameras with night vision have evidence for the police, while also being able to call 999 instead of simply scaring the baddies off with an old-fashioned alarm.

Wireless security cameras are useful if you need to keep an eye on both the young or elderly. The smartest wifi cameras can now recognise faces and alert you when a specific person gets home from school, for instance. Just being able to log on and check that an elderly relative is home safe, or that their carer has been in, can offer genuine peace of mind. Doorbell cameras are also helping us to cope with our insatiable appetite for online shopping.

Receiving an instant message when someone comes to the front door and being able to talk to the courier through your smartphone will diminish the need to waste time collecting parcels in the post office. And then there s Fido to think of, stuck at home all day with only the sofa to chew on. With a new WiFi camera, you can watch your pets in action, and if you choose a model with a built-in microphone you can even yell at them to get off the sofa. How much should I spend on a wireless security camera.

At the cheapest end of the market you ll find plenty of WiFi cameras costing around 70-100, but the flagship brands such as Nest, Hive and Logitech can cost between 150-300 per camera. These generally have the best image quality and most useful features. Video Of The Week. Logitech, Netgear and Blink, to name just three, also sell multiple camera bundles which can help reduce costs, but if you want to cover your house front and back doors, in the living room, office and nursery, maybe the garage you will need to budget at least 600.

The great thing about smart home kits is that, unlike the old fashioned wired CCTV systems, being wireless means you can simply add on components as and when you like. 8 billion, Tom Siebel could ve retired to a private island years ago. Billionaire Tom Siebel Explains His Fascination With AI. Having sold his company for 5. Instead, he s pursuing the promise of AI.

Siebel sat down with PCMag to explain why. Tom Siebel has been riding the tech wave since getting his Masters in Computer Science in the mid-80s, during the mainframe era, and is still way out in front. He joined Oracle when it was a startup as employee No. 20, worked his way up to SVP, then left to start Siebel Systems, a CRM software enterprise venture, with co-founder Patricia House. In 2006, Siebel sold the company back to his former employer, Larry Ellison, for a cool 5.

8 billion, and in a rare move, Ellison kept the name. Alongside Pat House, Siebel launched C3 IoT, a software platform company that s disrupting a number of industries, from the military to energy. But in 2011, when his contemporaries were considering improving their golf game, Siebel stayed in the race, immersing himself in the worlds of natural language processing, deep learning, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things.

As an estimated 50 billion machine-addressable smart sensors get installed by 2023, everything will become a computing device, and Siebel is ready to analyze, improve, and predict efficiencies. PCMag sat down with him before his keynote at the invite-only Montgomery Summit in Santa Monica to find out more. Let s start with some historical perspective. You ve seen the tech industry go through massive changes, including those you initiated.

Then it was the era of mini computers, and I used PDP-8, where you programmed on paper tape. So I ve seen some changes. When I studied computer science I became very interested in developing expertise in relational databases. When I first started computing, it was on Control Data CDC Cyber machines, very large computers, and we programmed on punch cards.

That was my graduate work, and then I went to work for a startup called Oracle. Turned out to be a pretty good decision. Then, 10 years later, in the early 90s, the information technology business was growing rapidly and we d automated most aspects of businesses but the processes of customer service and sales were still untouched. In 1993, the state-of-the-art in sales was still a note on the back of a business card.

I thought that was highly unlikely to remain the case. Enter Siebel Systems, which effectively invented the customer relationship management system. That period was such a big step change for tech, in the form of small-factor computing, high-speed relational databases, broadband, and graphical user interfaces, which was huge. We pointed all these technologies at sales and marketing, inventing some things along the way, to create what you know now as the CRM market.

We got lucky. That s an understatement. But that s nothing compared to what s coming now. The next wave is going to be hugely impactful, taking the form of elastic cloud computing, IoT, AI, and big data. It changes everything. Was there a specific Eureka moment which led to the setting up of C3 IoT. When Oracle really was a startup, you were employee No. I have historical perspective. I know what s going on.

There was no epiphany. But I got together with a group of 50 smart people, and we brainstormed this for about a year. To the extent I ve been successful, it s because I surround myself with really smart people. And Pat House Executive Vice Chairman and co-founder of C3 IoT is one of them; she s a powerful human being. I m a strong believer in the power of collective IQ. So by 2008, we could see all this coming and decided to set up a company, and a platform, to allow people to deploy, create, and manage AI and IoT projects.

You have a full suite of AI-powered predictive analytic applications now. We began working on this in 2009 and, to date, we ve spent approximately 300 million building the platform; 19 billion sensors each of which is effectively a computer have been deployed in the last five years, and it ll be 50 billion soon. We develop applications for them focusing on predictive maintenance, inventory optimization, energy management, and sensor health; we provide a workbench for data scientists; and we utilize a massive enterprise data lake which enables our customers to store data of any size, shape, and speed, and we apply AI and machine learning to all the data ingested.

Let s get specific. The Pentagon s tech innovation hub, DIUx Defense Innovation Unit Experimental selected C3 IoT as a partner last November. Can you talk about what you re doing for the armed forces. We won a contract to provide predictive AI maintenance for the United States Air Force their aircraft assets consist of 5,500 aircraft and 3,900 platforms.

The first platform we re taking on is the E-3 AWACS Sentry Airborne Warning and Control System. It s all proving highly scalable and efficient for our customers. It s an interesting AI problem because there is no telemetry, recording output from instrumentson what is essentially a Boeing 707 airframe, so it s a natural language processing issue. What we have to work with there are text files. If there s no telemetry, what sort of input are you ingesting into the AI system.

We have maintenance logs, pilot logs, flight records, and so on as sources of data. So we use our systems to go through and look for word pairs, rules, and build out NLP classifiers for the purposes of predicting system failure, and sub-system failure before it happens. I m not going to share the numbers, although I have them, but a significant number of USAF assets on any given day will not deploy.

Understand that these assets are often in very hostile environments and don t have access to the usual backup maintenance facilities. So the idea, for us, is to monitor everything in real time so we know they can deploy. This isn t monitoring at the device level. It s much more comprehensive and intensive than that it s at system or subsystem level. Airframe, hydraulic, flight controls, avionics.

We ingest all this data at the rate they arrive and then run them through an NLP regimen, then an ML machine learning process, to identify system failure. In the case of the E-3 AWACS Sentry we can do that with about 80 percent precision. The Pentagon spends approximately 30 to 40 percent of its budget on operations and maintenance. Even a 1 percent gain in efficiency will save billions. What s the next USAF system you re bringing C3 IoT expertise to.

We can tell the USAF what s going to fail, when it s going to fail and, most importantly, why. Lockheed C-130 Hercules, the largest plane ever built. After that, we go to F-16 Fighting Falcon and F-15 Eagle.

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