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90X Action Planner Notebook. This notebook uses a proven 90-day goal system to improve your life and help you achieve your 1 goal in 90 days. Utilizing a proven time-tested system, the 90X Action Planner combines psychology and science to help you take action, increase productivity and actually achieve more. This is one of the coolest 360-degree spherical digital cameras it enables you to take high-quality pictures by using a newly-developed f 2. Ricoh Theta S 360-Degree Spherical Digital Camera.

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The Polaroid OneStep comes with light painting and double exposure features. Light painting lets you use a light source as a paintbrush while double exposure captures two photos in one frame. This set of earbuds is connected by a single short cable which rests behind your neck. Fitbit Flyer Wireless Fitness Headphones.

Of course, in true Fitbit fashion, the Flyer Headphones are totally sweat-proof and water resistant. Stay connected no matter how intense your workout. No matter how hard you go, the six-hour battery life and rugged design will see you through. Which product from this list do you like the most. Share with us in the comments below. Our 150 analysts goal is to help your business gain clarity in a convoluted space, provide a clear picture of US government spending, and to give your team the background they need to win more state, local, and federal government contracts.

GovWin IQ not only offers the most comprehensive market intelligence that enables you to grow your public sector sales, but it also provides in-depth, publically-available quality resources including reports, blogs, and events. Quality Research. GovWin IQ s in-depth research reports are golden, providing key insights into the SLED world of government purchasing from the buyer s perspective and sales from the contractor perspective.

Akers, President and CEO of Sourcing Alliance. GovWin IQ has a variety of government contracting market research reports available to you at no cost or for a nominal fee that will guide you through public sector spending trends, upcoming opportunities, and industry news. These high-quality, detailed reports are written by tenured analysts who have been tracking the federal, state, local, and 2 min strategy iq option markets and have a breadth of experience in the public sector.

Review the entire library of reports currently available and check out the featured reports below. Featured Reports. COVID-19 Dedicated Response Center. Stay informed with GovWin s free Coronavirus Government Response Resource Center. SLED Professional Financial Services. Market data and insights to help you win more state and local professional services contracts. Market trends and drivers that will shape federal IT spending over the next three years.

B2G ADVISOR BLOG. Federal IT Market, 2020-2022. Top Federal Contracting Opportunities to End Fiscal Year 2020 Right and Start FY 2021 Strong. Engage and learn about government spending trends. Looking to grow your pipeline in FY 2020 and 2021. Start the new fiscal year right with data on top federal contracting opportunities relevant to your business. How COVID-19 Impacted State and Local Government Purchasing in H1 2020. State and local government contractors can use GovWin s SLED research to learn how COVID-19 impacted government purchasing in their industry in H1 2020.

The Top 4 Reasons for the GovWin Community to Attend Virtual Deltek Insight in 2020. Deltek Learning Zone The Next Generation of Product Training. VA Strategic Outlook for 2020-2021. HHS Strategic Outlook for 2020-2021. Q4 Deltek GovWin IQ Customer Town Hall. Register for Virtual Deltek Insight September 15 16 to see the latest research on government opportunities and GovWin s new business development solutions. vwap day trading strategy for beginners. VWAP Working day Investing Approach FOR Newcomers WSDT Techniques Element one.

com starter-investing starter-investing-intro Check out our other video clips on the VWAP Bounce working day investing strategies and patterns. gg SXfABAW In this online video, we speak. Forex Destructor Best Trading System Indicator Strategies MT4 No Repaint profit. Forex Alozard Strategy Trading System Indicator NO Repaint Strategy Software. Forex Destructor Best Trading System Indicator Strategies MT4 No Repaint profit Forex Alozard Strategy Trading System Indicator NO Repaint Strategy Software Forex Trend Focus No Repaint FX accurate buy sell signal indicator System Automatic Elliott Waves Elliott Waves On Steroids Forex MT4 indicator Forex Extremu Indicator Trading System MT4 No Repaint Signal Profitable Buy Sell.

BACK LAY at Betfair. Compared to other betting sites, Betfair offers you interesting alternatives on the common betting system. They are known as back - and lay -bets and we will explain to you how you can use this betting system for your own purposes. This article shows you, step by step, how to place sports bets at betting exchanges like Betfair. Now it s time to explain how betting exchanges generally work, in comparison to normal bookmakers here you can visit our bookie review section work in generally.

In figure 1 you can see a typical 3-way-bet market of the game Leicester City against Manchester United. figure 1 3 way bet market at betfair for Leicester vs Man United. First of all, at Betfair, back -bets and their odds are always marked in blue. What exactly is a back -bet. Secondly, a back -bet is practically a common sports bet where you put you stake on a certain outcome of a bet.

You are betting FOR something. If you bet 10 Euros on Manchester United you win the amount of your stake times the odds. The only difference to a regular sports bet is that your bet is not against the book-maker but against another betting exchange-user who has bet on a different outcome of the game in question. Additionally, as you see in Figure 1, the provider set a ceiling amount which you cannot over bet. Attention Bear in mind that Betfair charges a commission of up to 5 from the profit of your bet; that means your account will only be credited with 95 of the profit you generate.

If you lose your bet you do not have to pay any commission. figure 3 Betfair screen after placing a back bet on Manchester. What is lay -betting. This is a bet where you don t bet on a specific outcome of a game but you bet AGAINST it. To be exact, in this scenario you will hold the position of a book-maker. If you re not happy with the odds offered, you can propose a bet to other users, and you decide at what odds you want to do so.

2 min strategy iq option in Figure 3, you see how you set the odds you want to offer and also the maximum amount a so called Backer your counterpart who buys your bet can bet. By offering a lay -bet you get a double chance bet. As you bet AGAINST Manchester United in our sample, you win your bet if Leicester City wins and also if they draw.

Before you place a bet you can check the Premier League fixtures and results to see who is matching up. figure 4 see how it works placing a lay bet against ManU. So now you sell your bet for 10 Euros at odds of 1. This means your betting account looks like this see also in figure 5. If the Leicester City wins you win 10 Euro If they draw you win 10 Euro If Manchester United loses, you lose 16.

80 Euros stake 10 Euros 6. 80 Euros clear loss. figure 5 this is how your screen looks at Betfair after placing a lay bet. We hope that this brief introduction into back - and lay -bets at betting exchanges helped you to understand this complex topic. In this example figure 2 10 Euros x 1. As you can see, there are more betting strategies than just the common bet against the book-maker.

In the German Bundesliga or Premier League Market you will always find enough people who will back or lay your bets. To build a successful betting concept, it is essential to invest a little bit of time to fully understand the betting market. 70 Euros, minus the amount of your stake of 10 Euros would make a clear profit of 6.

Laying the Draw -Strategy. It takes a certain comprehension of the betting market and also the field e. To begin with, this strategy is not really for beginners. football you want to bet on. But this is how it works first you search for a game in which you expect a goal within the first half. So you compare earlier games of those teams and check if the teams are prone to scoring a goal in the first 45 minutes, or if one team is the favourite. In the next step, you place a lay -bet at Betfair on a Draw.

So you bet that either Team A or Team B wins. You offer odds of 4. 5 with a stake of 10 Euros. In this scenario you would. lose 35 Euro on a Draw 10 Euro stake x 4. To conclude, we want to show you another strategy which can prove very fruitful, if it is done right. 5 odd 10 Euro stake 35 Euro win 10 Euro on a Team A Win win 10 Euro on a Team B Win. The next step is to wait for the game to start and a goal to be scored.

8 and you place a back -bet on the Draw. If a team scores, the odds on a Draw increases to e. Now you place 6. 62 Euros on the Draw which would mean you get the profit of the back -bet of 38. 40 in case of a Draw. In case of a Win by either Team A or B you will get your 10 Euros from the lay -bet, less the amount of the back -bet 10 Euros lay -profit 6. 62 Euros back -loss 3. 38 Euros clear profit. In case of a Draw you will get your back -profit decreased by the lay -loss. 4 Euros back -profit 35 Euros lay -loss 3.

4 Euros clean profit. Team A wins 10 6. 38 Team B wins 10 6. 38 Draw -35 38. As you can see you will not make a substantial amount with every bet, but if you use this strategy more often, you can of course yield some good profits. The only case in which you would lose your stake of 35 Euros, is if the game ends with a 0-0 draw.

But firstly, we minimise that risk by doing a profound research before the game s and secondly, statistically speaking, only 6 out of 100 football games draw 0-0. Hint Place your back -bet on the Draw quickly after the first goal as the odds are at their highest immediately after the goal. You can also keep your stake for the lay -bet small, so in case of a 0-0 Draw, your losses will be minimal. If we caught your attention with this topic, we recommend you read our article about hedging in sportsbetting.

figure 2 see how it works placing a back bet on Man United. Thank you for purchasing Winning Eleven 8 INTERNATIONAL for PC. Readme Version 1. This file contains additional information not found in the game manual. 1 System Requirements. 4 Starting Winning Eleven 8 INTERNATIONAL. 5 Uninstalling Winning Eleven 8 INTERNATIONAL.

7 Memory and Performance. 10 Technical Support. Intel Pentium III 800MGHz or equivalent processor Athlon Duron Celeron. 4X DVD-ROM Drive. NVIDIA GeForce 3 or ATI Radeon 8500 video card. 1 compatible sound card. 1 or higher included on Disc 1. Network TCP IP 128kbps or higher. 800MB free hard disk space. Intel Pentium IV 1. 4GHz processor.

8X DVD-ROM Drive. NVIDIA GeForce 4 Ti, ATI Radeon 9600, or higher. Network TCP IP 1. 5Mbps or higher. 3GB free hard disk space. NVIDIA - GeForce 6800, GeForce FX 5950, 5900, 5800, 5600, 5200GeForce4 Ti, GeForce3. ATI - Radeon x800, 9800, 9700, 9600, 9500, 9200, 9000, 8500. It may be necessary to update 2 min strategy iq option hardware drivers before playing.

Only needed for Network play. In order to play Winning Eleven 8 INTERNATIONAL, you must first install the program on your computer s hard drive. The Winning Eleven 8 INTERNATIONAL DVD contains an Autorun Menu that automatically guides you through the installation process. To initiate the installation process. Insert DVD into your computer s DVD-ROM drive.

Once the Autorun Menu appears, click INSTALL. Follow the on-screen installation instructions. If your computer does not have DirectX 8. 1, make sure to install it from the Autorun Menu before starting the game. If the Autorun screen does not appear. Double-click on the MY COMPUTER icon on your computer s desktop. Double-click on the DVD-ROM drive showing the Winning Eleven 8 INTERNATIONAL icon. Double-click Autorun.

Once you have successfully installed the game, you re ready to play. The Autorun Menu will appear any time the Winning Eleven 8 INTERNATIONAL DVD is inserted into the DVD-ROM drive. The menu has several options. Play - Only available after you have installed the game. Click to start playing Winning Eleven 8 INTERNATIONAL. Click to install the game. Uninstall - Only available after you have installed the game. Click to remove the game from your hard drive.

Install - Only available if you don t have Winning Eleven 8 INTERNATIONAL installed on your system. DirectX Setup - Install Microsoft DirectX 8. 1 to your system. Settings - Click to change the display and button settings. Please Read - Click to open the readme file. Exit - Close the Autorun Menu. To begin playing Winning Eleven 8 INTERNATIONAL, insert the game DVD into the DVD-ROM drive and select Play. Alternatively, click on the Winning Eleven 8 INTERNATIONAL icon found within the Konami Winning Eleven 8 INTERNATIONAL program folder.

Start bar - Programs - KONAMI - Winning Eleven 8 INTERNATIONAL. If you need to uninstall Winning Eleven 8 INTERNATIONAL, you may do any of the following. Click on the START button, choose Programs, KONAMI, Winning Eleven 8 INTERNATIONAL, and click on Uninstall. Insert the Winning Eleven 8 INTERNATIONAL DVD and select Uninstall from the Autorun Menu. Click on the START button, choose Settings, Control Panel, Add Remove Programs, and click on Winning Eleven 8 INTERNATIONAL to uninstall the game.

Default Keyboard Controls. DOWN down arrow. LEFT left arrow. RIGHT right arrow. CURSOR CHANGE Q. SPECIAL CONTROLS C. PAUSE space bar. Default Game Pad Controls. LONG PASS Button 1. SHORT PASS Button 2. THROUGH PASS Button 0. CURSOR CHANGE Button 5. STRATEGY ATT DEF Button 7. SPECIAL CONTROLS Button 8. The HELP option only appears on some menus. Winning Eleven 8 INTERNATIONAL requires at least 128 MB of RAM and a Pentium III 800MHz processor; the performance of the game will improve if you have more RAM, a faster processor, and a faster graphics card.

Regardless of your machine specs, you can increase the overall performance of the game by doing the 2 min strategy iq option. Shut down all non-essential Windows programs, especially online chat programs and screen layout utilities. Regularly defragment your hard drive. Increase your amount of free hard drive space. Reduce the hardware sound acceleration level Click on the Windows Start button, select Run, type dxdiag, press Enter, click on the Sound Tab, and slide the Hardware Sound Acceleration bar to Basic or None.

Reduce the resolution size and quality from the WE8 Settings Menu. My game runs too quickly. Try increasing the resolution size and quality. To do this, click on the Windows Start button, select Programs, select KONAMI, select Winning Eleven 8 INTERNATIONAL, and then select Setting. This will open the WE8 Setting Menu. You will be able to increase the resolution size and resolution quality from this menu. Alternatively, you may also change the resolution size and quality from the Screen Settings Menu, which can be accessed from the Game Options Menu in the game.

My game runs too slowly. Try reducing the resolution size and quality. You will be able to decrease the resolution size and resolution quality from this menu. I am unable to connect over my network for online play. Winning Eleven 8 requires port 5739 to be open. If you are not able to connect, changing your router settings to open this port may allow you to connect. Please see your router manual or check the manufacturer s website for instructions to open ports. Also, it may be necessary to configure your software firewall to open port 5739.

Konami Global Web Site. Konami Marketing Asia Ltd. Winning Eleven 8 INTERNATIONAL. If you are having problems running the game, you may want to try updating your hardware drivers before contacting technical support. Xerox Helps Rocky Mountain Public Media Stay on the Air During the Pandemic. The Ideal Digital Workplace Assistant for Demanding Teams Xerox В AltaLink В.

Redefine the way you interact with content with Xerox В Capture Content Services. Add gold, silver, white, clear and three fluorescent colors to your Versant В 180 with the Adaptive CMKY kit. Printer, service and supplies for one low monthly rate with the Xerox В All In Plan. Find the perfect home office printer. How Xerox is Responding to COVID-19. A message to our customers impacted by Hurricane Laura. All Insights and Case Studies.

COVID-19 Resources Corporate Information Innovation Environment and Sustainability Corporate Social Responsibility Newsroom Insights Events. Shop Xerox Online Store Supplies Online Store App Gallery Enterprise Store Print Inquiries Service Inquiries Find a Sales Location See All Purchase Options. Elevate Your Device Uptime Account Management MySupport Recycling Security information Supplies Support and Drivers Support Forum At Your Service blog.

Global Partner Program Exclusive Agent Premier Partners Global Network Developers Program Business Innovation Partner Program Partner Portal. Contact Us Careers About Xerox Investors Privacy Legal Privacy Choices Site Map. В 2020 Xerox Corporation. XeroxВ and PrimeLinkВ are trademarks of Xerox Corporation in the United States and or other countries. Learn more about our healthcare solutions including patient wristbands, specimen collection and lab management technology.

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Drive shelf visibility and increase staff productivity, fueled by data-driven intelligence with SmartSight. Start your virtual assessment today with SmartSight CARE TM. Warehouse leaders are investing in modern technology to optimize fulfillment and remain competitive. Voluntary Recall Notice Regarding Power Supplies for Certain Zebra Printers.

Reflexis is now part of Zebra Technologies. Software solutions to empower your front line associates. Perfect for Seniors Who Want to Maintain Their Independence at Home. Ideal System for In and Around Your Home. At Home Medical Alert System. Our Fall Detection sensor notifies us when it determines that a fall occurred and we call you right away. With a waterproof seal built to last, you can comfortably go in the shower and still be protected at all times. At less than a 1 2 ounce, our lightweight button allows you to walk around your house without feeling weighed down.

The in-home medical alert pendant works up to 500 ft away. Almost two football fields. Perfect for in and around your home. For the most affordable protection in and around your home, LifeStation s In Home Medical Alert gives you the independence and peace of mind that comes with the leading senior alert device in America. Powerful speaker allows for clear communication with our monitoring center even for seniors who are hard of hearing.

Here s How Our In Home Landline Fits Into Your Lifestyle. Our in-home medical alert system has a range of 500 ft. That s bigger than two football fields. With an extra loud speaker and sensitive microphone, seniors can easily communicate with our monitoring center specialists. From the kitchen, to the bathroom, to the garden outside, our system has your covered so your loved one can live confidently, and independently.

LifeStation s in-home medical alert button was designed with this in mind. When it comes to medical alert systems, seniors are much more likely to use it regularly when the device is small and lightweight. Weighing in at less than an ounce, you ll hardly notice the pendant, except when you need it. The small button can be comfortably worn as either a necklace or on the wrist. No Landline, No Problem. In addition to our landline and mobile solutions, we offer a system that wirelessly connects you to our emergency response operators.

LifeStation s no landline device uses AT T s 4G LTE cellular network to communicate with our monitoring center, providing access to the nation s fastest, most reliable network. With LifeStation, we go a step further. If desired, our operators will stay on the line and provide comfort and reassurance from the second the help button is pressed, until assistance arrives. For seniors, falling and trying to get help is a terrifying ordeal. With LifeStation s medical alert monitoring service, we stay in constant communication with your loved one so they know someone is there with them.

Talk to a Senior Care Expert and Order Your Home Medical Alert Today. Fast, Reliable Help In Any Emergency. Peace of Mind With LifeStation s Best In Class Service and Experience. 24 7 US-Based Monitoring. With monitoring centers in New Jersey and Texas, our certified care specialists are always on call for any medical alert emergency.

30 Day Money back guarantee. Try our medical alert system for 30 days. Fastest Response Time. If you re not satisfied, send back your system and we ll issue a full refund. You get one of the fastest response times in the medical alert industry 24 7 from our TMA award-winning, UL-listed, CSAA Five Diamond senior alert monitoring center. With LifeStation s low-cost at home medical alert system, you ll get 24 7 emergency protection from our highly trained, award-wining monitoring center professionals.

This lightweight senior fall alert button is perfect for elderly individuals wanting to maintain their independence while feeling safe that if they fall and need assistance, will be on the way. Thanks to the 500ft range, your entire house or apartment is covered. Because it is waterproof, it works in the bathroom and the shower. You can even garden outside with confidence. And with LifeStation, you get a 30-day money back guarantee with no hidden fees or extra charges. The LifeStation at home senior alert system gives you with the following innovative features.

Award-Winning Senior Monitoring Small and Lightweight Waterproof Powerful Speaker Sensitive Microphone Can Be Worn as a Medical Alert Bracelet or Necklace Free Shipping Fall Detection and Lockbox Optional Add-Ons. All medical alert services answer the call during an emergency. Radio Transmitter Capacity 16 DX or DXS Devices Operating Frequency 315 MHZ RF Format Linear DX, DXS Receiver Type Diversity, Dual Superheterodyne RF Programming Method Linear Quick Learn Communications Communicator Formats Contact ID and 4 x 2 Dialing Method Pulse or Tone Dialing Formats, Field Enabled Communicator Reports All Transmitter Alarms All Transmitter Trouble Supervisory Low Battery All Inactivity Alarm Reports AC Power Failure AC Power Restored Console Low Battery Console Emergency Alarm Console Controls EMERGENCY Large Round Button with Multiple Actuation Points, Braille Characters CLEAR Momentary for System Reset, Call Cancellation HOME Momentary to Reset Timer or Press and Hold for 3 Seconds to Disable the Function POWER SWITCH Controls 120 VAC Source, as well as the Backup Battery Indicators 2 min strategy iq option LEDs POWER ON, TROUBLE, SENDING, HOME Inputs In and Out Telephone Jacks Outputs One Form C Relay Output Activated Upon Initiation of any Alarm Condition Programming Method via RA-2400 Remote Access Software Inactivity Timer Software Programmable for 8, 12, or 24-Hour Cycles Silent Alarm Feature Software Programable per Channel Delayed Alarm Feature Software Programmable per Channel Delay Time 15 or 30 Minutes Note that an Alarm will not be Transmitted if Alarming Transmitter Sends a Restore Signal to the Console Prior to the Delay Timer Timeout Selectable Two-Way Voice Activation Software Programmable per Channel Speakerphone Option Software Programmable Call Duration Time Selectable for 15 or 30 Minutes Pulse Tone Dialing Software or Console Programmable Audible Output Integral Siren Output Tones Distinct Alarm Tones Provided for Emergency and Fire Alarm Conditions Provisions for Timer Rest Tone Also Incorporated into System Backup Battery Recommended Battery is 12v, 1.

In Home Medical Alert System Questions and Answers. Around 80 of falls happen on slippery surfaces like a bathroom, so it s crucial for your system to work there. If I slip and fall in the bathroom, can I still use my help button. Since our button is waterproof, you can wear it in the shower or tub. Additionally, your medical alert button will work anywhere in your house or apartment.

Equipped with an extra loud speaker, you ll be able to communicate with our monitoring center to summon help if you fall down and need help. The small, sleek help button can be worn as both a medical alert necklace or a bracelet. Can the alert button be worn both as a necklace and bracelet. It s very easy to switch it from your neck to your wrist and right back again. Will my medical alert system work if I m in the garden.

With a range of 500 ft, you re not stuck in your home. You ll be able to garden, sit on the porch, or get the mail with the peace of mind knowing if you take a tumble and can t get up, you can press the button and help will be sent right away. If I m not in the same room as the base console, will the operator be able hear me. Our system is designed to work in homes of up to 3,500 square feet. However, we still encourage our customers to do a vocal range test once the system is received.

How small is the medical alert button. The LifeStation in-home medical alert pendant weighs about half an ounce and is not much larger than the size of a quarter. Will the LifeStation in-home system still work during a power outage. It sure will. The LifeStation medical alert system is equipped with a backup battery that lasts up to 32 hours; this far exceeds the average amount of time for a blackout.

What does it take to have one of your systems installed in my mother s home. In order to setup our system, you plug it into the wall, call to test the device, and you re all set. Our in-home systems are designed to be plug and play without the need for a professional installer. Fall Detection does not detect 100 of falls.

If able, users should always push their button when they need help. Talk to a Senior Care Expert and Order Your In Home Medical Alert Today. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and to show you relevant advertising. By continuing to browse this website, you are accepting the use of cookies. To learn more, please read our privacy policy. 2 amp-hour Linear Part Number 100104 Backup Period 32 Hours Minimum with VB-4 Voice Board Installed in the Unit Listing UL per Standard 1637, Home Healthcare Signaling Equipment Dimensions 7.

NY Post may be compensated and or receive an affiliate commission if you buy through our links. 10 totally wireless earbud options that are perfect for sweaty workouts. Discover the highlights of our NY Post Storefrom our partner StackCommerce. Get leadership and business coaching training for just 40. 18 coffee makers, brewers and accessories that are on sale. Most Popular Today. Walmart takes 33 off Nintendo Mario games for flash sale. Coach offers up to 50 percent off best sellers for surprise sale.

Listening to music and working out go hand-in-hand, but, there s no reason for you to get tangled up in wires every time you are in a downward dog or are hustling through a set of burpees. Plus, with savings up to 70 off, you can focus more on getting your heart rate up, and less time worrying about breaking the bank. To help you find a pair of wireless earbuds that won t slip out when you break a sweat, we rounded up 10 awesome pairs we think you will love. These earbuds feature custom-built composite cellulose drivers in order to offer crystal clear 2 min strategy iq option, enhanced microphone call technology, and noise cancellation capabilities.

In 2020 alone, these buds have won the CES Innovation Award and iF Design Award. 3 5-stars on Amazon, these Bluetooth earphones offer immersive HD sound, voice assistance, and a soft, water-resistant design. Short on time. Load up on 3 hours of juice by charging these buds for only 15 minutes. These headphones are waterproof and ergonomic, keeping them in place during even the sweatiest, highest-intensity workouts.

Inspired by a military kit, these earbuds deliver up to 35-hours of playtime, voice command, auto-pairing, and an IPX4 waterproof rating. These sleek, compact earbuds offer up to 24 hours of battery life thanks to the included charging case. Successfully funded on Kickstarter at 203,728, these earpieces easily shape to the exact fit of your ears, so you will never have to worry about them falling out or becoming uncomfortable again. On a single charge, this wireless earbuds offer up to 3-hours of listening.

With the included charging case, however, you can enjoy up to 48-hours of playtime. Featuring CVC 6. 0 Noise Cancellation and Signal Enhance Technology, these earbuds offer superior listening for any time, anywhere. These sweat-proof, water-resistant earbuds offer a 6-hour battery life, touch control operation, and a crisp, well-balanced sound. what to shop now. Facebook Twitter Flipboard WhatsApp Email Copy.

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Enjoy up to 6-hours of wireless music and calls with these headphones that feature active noise cancellation. And while going digital through streaming platforms is convenient, sometimes that just isn t feasible. 15 of the best indoor antennas for cutting the cable cord forever. Digital services might not be in your budget, or you might live in an area that lacks the necessary internet infrastructure. Cutting cable is all the rage, but it s easy to end up paying just as much without it. That s where indoor antennas come in.

Now you might be asking, aren t antennas outdated tech. Yes, if you re talking about rabbit ears or wrapping tin foil around a hanger. While modern antennas still have to be hooked directly into your TV, that s where the similarities end. Fortunately, these aren t those kinds of antennas. You don t have to live within ten miles of a broadcast station, sit the rabbit ears on the TV, and fiddle with your setup for 20 minutes just to get a little less static.

And there s no lack of choice either. Find the best signal location, hook up the necessary cables, scan for channels and you re good to go. Whether you want to hook up multiple TVs or get the max possible range, there s an antenna that fits your needs. Here are some of the best antenna options available on Amazon right now. Best indoor antennas under 50. Best antenna for the basics.

VICTONY TV Antenna. This does exactly as it said. Used for spare TV and works really well.

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When -mpc32 is specified, the significands of results of floating-point operations are rounded to 24 bits single 2 min strategy iq option ; -mpc64 rounds the significands of results of floating-point operations to 53 bits double precision and -mpc80 rounds the significands of 2 min strategy iq option of floating-point operations to 64 bits extended double precisionwhich is the default.