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With AppLock, you can lock apps as well as various Android toggles like WiFi, Bluetooth, mobile data etc. You can even lock incoming calls or almost any Android element. You can also set up various lock profiles for work, home etc. There are also options to make sure that the app locking triggers at a certain time or location. AppLock also lets you add a cover like a warning message that says the app has stoppedwhich is one of the usual Android warnings.

Moreover, you can choose to hide the app, prevent uninstallation, and set up a delay for re-locking. It also includes a power saving modeso if you use AppLock, you don t need to worry about the app draining your device s battery. Along with app locking, the app also brings a photo and video vaultand support for plugins. AppLock is certainly a feature rich app and it works flawlessly. The app does include ads but they are rare and of the non-intrusive kind.

Install Free, with in-app purchases. Smart AppLock. Smart AppLock is my second pick in this list for the best app locker for Android and there are two primary reasons for that. Firstly, it s very lightweight and does not bring any kind of ads whatsoever. Not on the lock screen or inside the app. Secondly, the app is fully updated and compatible with on-screen fingerprint sensors. It basically means that the developer behind the app updates the app regularly to make it compliant with the newer Android APIs and devices.

If you are wondering if this app locker blurs the app preview in the recent menu then sadly, it doesn t do that due to system restrictions and that is acceptable. As for the app, it s fairly clean and does not bring any bloatware. You can set a screen lock pattern or simply use your native fingerprint sensor that is already stored on your smartphone. Having said that, I did notice a persistent notification on the top, but you can disable it in one tap so that s fine.

Simply put, if you want a simple and lightweight app locker for your Android smartphone, do take a look at Smart AppLock. Norton App Lock. Chances are, you have heard of Norton, the popular anti-virus maker. Well, the company offers a pretty good app locker for Android. The Norton App Lock is a very simple app locker which should be a good choice, if you are looking for a free ad-free app locker that just works.

With Norton App Lock, you can lock apps by fingerprint, PIN or pattern. There aren t a lot of options here but you can protect it from uninstallation by giving it admin privileges. There are also options to set a recovery email, along with a sneak peak feature that captures photos of intruders who enter the wrong PIN or pattern 3 times. App Lock by Smart Mobile.

App Lock by Smart Mobile is a fairly new app locker in the Play Store but it has gained a lot of traction due to its clean interface and straightforward approach. Similar to other app lockers in the list, it lets you lock apps through fingerprint, PIN or pattern as you prefer. There is a unique feature as well called profiles which categorize the apps in general, sensitive, social and payments labels.

You can, in fact, create your own profile and include apps of your choice. The benefit of profile is that you can enforce a set of rules in just one tap. For example, you can unlock all the social apps in one tap once you are at home no more fiddling with lock permissions of each and every app. Other than that, you can set the apps as an Administrator too so that no one can uninstall it.

However, I would not really recommend that as it s a system-level privilege. All in all, I can say that App Lock by Smart Mobile is a neat app locker and has good features to boot. You can certainly give it a try. Install Free, Offers in-app purchases. App Locker Fingerprint Pin. App Locker is one of the many app lockers for Android with the app locker moniker. The app isn t very popular and it s not hard to understand why.

It has a pretty outdated UI but if you look past that, it has some really unique features. Apart from the usual app locking features, App Locker lets you set custom lock settings on a per app basis. So, you can set the primary lock method for an app to fingerprint, while pattern as the primary method for another app. Other than that, the app lets you choose a crash cover, set app re-lock delay and more.

It includes ads but you can remove the ads by purchasing the full version of the app. Keepsafe App Lock. The Keepsafe App Lock app is the simplest app locker in this list. The app features a gorgeous Material Design UI and packs in support for PIN, pattern and fingerprints. There are options to set delay on when the apps are re-lockedprevent uninstall and hide PIN touches. If you d like to disable the app temporarily, the app lets you disable it for a few hours.

The app is available in a free version but it features ads, however, you can make an in-app purchase to remove ads in the app. That pretty much sums up the app, I have used the app for quite a while and it s as simple as it gets and works well. Install Free, with in-app purchase of 1. 99 to remove ads. FingerSecurity is one of the best app lockers for Android, thanks to its sheer number of features. The feature-rich app lets you lock apps via fingerprint and you can enable the improved protection features to make sure that parts of the app and the app s data isn t visible in the recents screen.

There s also the advanced security option to prevent uninstalls. The app also lets you set a time out, which is the delay in re-locking apps, along with options to theme the fingerprint indicator, and more. The app is available in a free version but it s fairly limited. However, you can get the Premium version, which brings more theming options, like the ability to change background of the lock page.

It also brings options to set safe locations, detect intruders, set up a fake crashand more. Overall, the app definitely packs in a ton of features but in my usage, I did face a few hiccups in performance, so that s something you should keep in mind. 99 for Premium. AppLock Fingerprint. AppLock Fingerprint yes, that s the app s name on the Play Store is another very popular app locker on Android and deservedly so, because it packs in a ton of great features.

There s support for fingerprint scanner, PIN, and you can set different passwords for different apps. You can also set up profiles and make sure that the app locks activate at a certain time or based on the WiFi and Bluetooth connection. Along with apps, the app locker also lets you lock system settings, the home screen, rotation, and more.

Moreover, there are cool features like the ability to hide the app, remotely unlock a phone via SMS, Observer which as the name suggests captures photos on failed unlock attempts. AppLock Fingerprint includes ads but you can remove them through an in-app purchase. Overall, it is the app to get if you love playing with a ton of options. MaxLock is an awesome app locker for rooted Android devices only.

That s sad but if you have a rooted Android device, you get some great features with MaxLock. The app is based on Xposed Framework, so you obviously need to have Xposed installed on your device. MaxLock is a totally free and ad-free app that unlike many app lockers out there, gives performance and battery the priority. The locking methods include fingerprint, PIN, pattern and knock code. The open-source app includes ton of customization options, fake crash feature, a MasterSwitch to disable it easily, ability to remove thumbnail of apps in the recents windowand more.

There s a Premium version of the app as well, which you can get via a donation. It brings features like I. Mod grace period for delay in re-lockinglogs of failed unlock attempts, and ability to backup restore locked apps list. Install Free, with donation for Premium features. AppLock Fingerprint Password. App Lock by SailingLab is one of those app lockers that has a multitude of features apart from protecting apps from unauthorized users. While you have all the standard app locker features like PIN, Fingerprint and Pattern protection, it also brings photo vault, intruder selfie to catch people who are trying to break in and message security for hiding chat notifications from sensitive apps.

And that is not all, it also has a privacy browser but I would not really recommend using it. From the face of it, AppLock is a feature-packed app locker and does a good job of protecting your chats and sensitive apps from prying eyes. Not to mention, there are themes as well for lock screen so there is that. However, you would encounter some ads on the lock screen and that gets annoying sometimes.

Simply put, if you are looking for a complete solution that can lock your apps and also hide photos and videos on your Android device then App Lock by Sailing Lab can be a decent pick. 10 Best App Lockers for Android You Can Use. Lock Your Personal Apps with the Best App Lockers for Android. There are a ton of app locker apps on the Play Store but the aforementioned 10 are most certainly the best app lockers you can use on Android.

Then there are banking apps, where a lot of our sensitive data is stored. So, try out these app lockers on your Android smartphone and do let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. All of them support the fingerprint scanner and all of them bring some unique features, so you can choose the app that suits you best. android apps App Locker featured Lock Apps. But now many apps are banned. Which app lock should I use right now. Suggest few free app locks which are very good.

App Lock is banned and many more. Especially for the AppLock. I used it once and have been looking for it but I couldn t remember the name. It is one of the most secure locker I have used so far. Thanks for reminding the name. Pls suggest me, which indain app is best for lock app. 6 keep safe AppLock When I download the app from Google Play Store and creating account then account is not created and the verification code access code is not confirming.

Im looking for app lock but theres too many and thers no link or picture of what it looks like, so how to tell real from fake app lock. Wat company is it by. The only app locker that really helps users to secure their phone is lockIO it ask for a password to iqoption pc off your phone. I only use Huawei phones tablets and only some of the app lock apps work with Huawei s phone manager, especially its block apps from running in the background feature.

Here s my experiences especially with using Huawei s App Lock alongside with an extra App Lock app. Only works fine on Huawei G8, Android 6. 0 3 as long as you do not. install the Helper app that s supposed to prevent it from being force stopped and you allow it to run in the background with Huawei s phone manager. If the helper app is installed you can force stop Smart App Lock and it wont restart after a reboot or through its internal restart schedule. But Without the helper app you can even use it alongside Huawei s own phone manager app lock for locking critical apps with two different PINs or with fingerprint plus PIN.

If you don t allow the app to run in the background Huawei G8, Android 6. 3it sometimes works and sometimes it just starts up locked apps without asking for the code Behaviour like that is dangerous for a security app. But at least it works fine once you allow it to run in the background just lock Huawei s phone manager that controls permissions to run in the background and you re fine. Unfortunately you cannot use the Huawei phone manager s app lock alongside Privacy Knight since they both battle for being on top for entering the PIN or using the fingerprint.

So An extra App Lock app alongside with Huawei s app lock only works with Smart App Lock from SpSoft for me and so far. Using a second App Lock app you can enable basic security with quick fingerprint unlock via Huawei s phone manager and add extra security to critical apps with a longer PIN via Smart App Lock. Snart App lock will always cover the use fingerprint screen but apps you only fingerprint locked with Huawei s app lock, can still be unlocked just with a fingerprint.

On the other hand even if you enter Smart App Lock s PIN when requested, the Huawei app lock fingerprint will still be required by those apps. This is like an undocumented stealth feature. Are these apps safe enough to protect data such as photosvideos. I found some reviews that says applock misuses our data. I want my child to have talk text only. I can turn off mobile data through the provider TMobile and turn off wifi in settings, so I just need something to block settings so she can t turn on wifi.

Is there any way she could work around that to get online. Also, I think sending pix and group texts would be ok, but are either of those even possible if data and wifi are disabled. The only App Lock apps working on Huawei I found so far are Smart App Lock by SpSoft and Privacy Knight by Taobao. TAGS android apps App Locker featured Lock Apps. How to get the most out of Android 4. Google s latest version of its Android software takes it up to version 4.

By Gary Cutlack 11 May 2012. 0 and higher, which is commonly known as the Ice Cream Sandwich update of the mobile OS. The big selling point is that it unifies the experience across all hardware, so users of phones running ICS see largely the same interface, albeit with some layout changes for the bigger screened devices. Of course, there s still the issue of manufacturer skins to take into account.

While Android 4. 0 offers a basic and seriously updated feature set, some tools and features may be missing or accessed through different means when using the same OS on phones made by different companies. So Samsung s Android 4. 0 update, which we re seeing arrive on its Galaxy S II right now, looks and works differently to the Android 4. 0 you ll shortly see arriving on HTC s exciting new One Series of phones. 20 Android Ice Cream Sandwich tips and tricks.

But enough of our moaning. Here are a few useful shortcuts to getting the most out of your Ice Cream Sandwich serving, whenever the metaphorical waitress decides to bring it to your metaphorical table. Add quick controls to the browser. One of the options buried beneath the Labs section of Android 4. 0 s web browser is the Quick Controls option. This adds a pop-out menu to the browser, which pulls in a little semi-circular collection of shortcuts to the main browser features, removing the URL bar and giving you more screen to play with.

Also, holding down the Back button is the Android standard way of bringing up the bookmarks and history tool, too. But that s been around for years. Long-press to uninstall. App Info gives you the boring technical stuff about how much memory it s taking up, or you can fling it off the other way to uninstall it. Long-pressing on an app within the app drawer lets you drag it iqoption pc a Home screen, but it also pops up a couple of menus along the top of the screen.

Flying Android screensaver. Iqoption pc odd undocumented little secret within Android 4. 0 is this strange little collection of flying Androids, which you can. Look at for as long as you like. To activate it, head into the phone s About screen and hammer away at the Android Version tab and it ll all happen. Save your eyes with inverted rendering. Which makes compiling a list of tips that work on all versions of the OS out there rather hard.

It also supposedly saves battery, plus is easier on the eyes if you re reading in the dark. It s under the browser s settings tab, within the accessibility area - and there s a contrast slider, too. When your Twitter action is rudely interrupted by someone actually telephoning you, there s a polite way to give the caller the boot. Inverted rendering is a posh way of saying it makes the pages black and turns the text white, so it looks like you re reading the internet from 1997. Set a custom rejection text message.

0 lets users ping a rejection text message to callers - and you re able to customise this too. Stop app icons automatically appearing. One of the many new ICS features is the way Google lets apps automatically add shortcuts to themselves on your Home screen when they ve finished installing. It s useful, but if you re a control freak and wish to remain 100 in charge of your Home layout, head to the Google Play app s settings tab and untick the Auto-add Shortcuts toggle.

There s a Settings shortcut in the Notifications pane. Just answer a call and ping the lock screen notification up to access to custom rejection messaging area. It s a shortcut to your phone or tablet s settings area. So use that instead of giving it a Home screen icon slot all to itself. Manually close apps. Google s lovely new recent apps multitasking menu also lets you close apps quickly, should you suspect one s gone rogue. That little settings icon in the ICS notifications area isn t just art to fill the space.

A Long-press within the Recent Apps listing lets you visit the app s info page, from where you can easily force close it. Remove the lock screen. It s possible to entirely bin your Android 4. 0 lock screen, making the phone instantly turn itself on when you press the power button. It s a security nightmare, but if your phone lives entirely on your desk and you demand instant access without any unlocking, head to Security Screen lock and select none.

Then be very careful. Folders in the dock. Android s new official love of folder formation makes it dead easy to combine app shortcuts and make folders, simply by dragging one icon on top of another. You can make these groups of apps even easier to access by dragging a folder onto the ICS floating dock, meaning you can squeeze stacks more content on to each creaking Home screen. Take photos while recording video.

The Android 4. 0 camera app that arrived with the Galaxy Nexus has one cool little extra feature - the ability to fire off still photos while recording video clips. Simply tapping the screen takes a shot at full resolution, which is saved to the phone s gallery while the video s still happily recording away. Bin animations and transitions. Hidden within the Developer Options section of the Ice Cream Sandwich software are quite a few nerdy ways to adapt your phone.

Most won t be of any use to those who are just using their phone as a phone, but if you want it to feel faster, or at least look a little different, the scrolling, zooming effects on windows and menus can be edited in many ways. Screen grabbing of your phone s display is finally in Android. On the Galaxy Nexus, it s activated through holding the power button and volume down switch.

On HTC s new models it s done by holding the power button and pressing Home. Other phones had different techniques for doing this before Ice Cream Sandwich, but it s good to see this now becoming part of the standard Android feature set in Android 4. Long-press dotted words. When typing on the Android 4. Take a grab of your phone. 0 keyboard, you may see some suggested words appear with the. icon beneath. Add additional faces. Doing a long-press on this one will pop up a much bigger window of suggested words, letting you bail out on some of that tedious typing a little quicker.

The ICS face unlock feature, as found in the Galaxy Nexus, lets you unlock it by scanning your face with the front camera. Which is great, but what if you haven t shaved for a month. The software can actually store multiple images of your face, so you can do left parting, right parting, shaved, unshaved - or even add a trusted a friend to the visually verified user list. This makes ICS attempt to boost the performance of any apps that don t already use the feature.

It may also break them in the process, though, so it s something of a trial and error fiddling exercise to do on a very rainy day. Type like an adult. Make a stand for grammatical standards in this day and age by long-pressing on the stock Android 4. 0 keyboard s full stop button. This brings up such doomed punctuation as commas and speech marks, plus even a semicolon for the extra brave mobile typist. Nick wallpapers off the internet. Found a lovely photograph of some stars, a pretty computer generated planet or even the mighty Professor Brian Cox himself.

Long-pressing on any image in the web browsers lets you instantly set it as your wallpaper, without the hassle of saving it, finding it, and setting it the long way. Limit background process. If you fancy an even more serious bit of fiddling, the same ICS developer area contains the option to limit background process demands by the OS. You can use this to stop your phone or tablet storing so many apps in memory.

Whether this has any effect of the actual battery life of us users is up for debate, but again, it s something to play with and see if it suits your phone use patterns. Another hidden little gem found within the Development options tab is the hardware acceleration Force On toggle. Quickly access Notifications. Here s a simple yet huge change Google s made in Android 4. Experiment with GPU settings.

Press power, touch the Notifications area, then scroll down to read your latest messages. 0 - the Notifications pane can be accessed from the lock screen. Obviously it s a bit of a security risk and lets anyone access your messages, so best be careful. New watch face added to device thru Connect. But on options to choose from watch it does not appear, only the IQ. Only shows up as IQ.

After watch face added thru Connect, it will not appear as option to choose on watch. icon that will not actually produce a watch face at all. I suggest contacting the author of the watchface. This probably means that the watch face crashes. I am having this same problem and it is with all the face apps I have tried not just one. I have the same problem but re starting the watch seems to help with my vivoactive 3.

all my watch faces are in that state since 2 days. nothing happens when I try to add a new one. I ll try to restart my Vivoactive 3 but it means set again everything. Up 1 Down Reply Verify Answer Reject Answer Cancel. I charged my watch and after the charge all my watch faces were gone. The connect app says it s down for maintenance, so will see if they come back after, if not I ll be returning.

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setMapType mapTypeId. 0 comments on commit 0440672. styles option for v1. Android was developed by the Open Handset Allianceled by Google, and other companies. What is Android. Android is an open source and Linux-based Operating System for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. Android offers a unified approach to application development for mobile devices which means developers need only develop for Android, and their applications should be able to run on different devices powered by Android.

0, was released in September 2008. The first beta version of the Android Software Development Kit SDK was released by Google in 2007 where as the first commercial version, Android 1. On June 27, 2012, at the Google I O conference, Google announced the next Android version, 4. Android - Overview. Jelly Bean is an incremental update, with the primary aim of improving the user interface, both in terms of functionality and performance.

Google publishes most of the code under the Apache License version 2. The source code for Android is available under free and open source software licenses. Features of Android. Why Android. Android is a powerful operating system competing with Apple 4GS and supports great features. Few of them are listed below. Feature Description 1. Beautiful UI. Android OS basic screen provides a beautiful and intuitive user interface.

SQLite, a lightweight relational database, is used for data storage purposes. Media support. 264, MPEG-4 SP, AMR, AMR-WB, AAC, HE-AAC, AAC 5. 1, MP3, MIDI, Ogg Vorbis, WAV, JPEG, PNG, GIF, and BMP. Web browser. Based on the open-source WebKit layout engine, coupled with Chrome s V8 JavaScript engine supporting HTML5 and CSS3. Android has native support for multi-touch which was initially made available in handsets such as the HTC Hero.

User can jump from one task to another and same time various application can run simultaneously. Resizable widgets. Widgets are resizable, so users can expand them to show more content or shrink them to save space. Supports single direction and bi-directional text. Google Cloud Messaging GCM is a service that lets developers send short message data to their users on Android devices, without needing a proprietary sync solution. Wi-Fi Direct. A technology that lets apps discover and pair directly, over a high-bandwidth peer-to-peer connection.

Android Beam. A popular NFC-based technology that lets users instantly share, just by touching two NFC-enabled phones together. Android Applications. Android applications are usually developed in the Java language using the Android Software Development Kit. Once developed, Android applications can be packaged easily and sold out either through a store such as Google PlaySlideMEOpera Mobile StoreMobangoF-droid and the Amazon Appstore. 0 and the rest, Linux kernel changes, under the GNU General Public License version 2.

It s the largest installed base of any mobile platform and growing fast. Android powers hundreds of millions of mobile devices in more than 190 countries around the world. GSM EDGE, IDEN, CDMA, EV-DO, UMTS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, LTE, NFC and WiMAX. Every day more than 1 million new Android devices are activated worldwide.

This tutorial has been written with an aim to teach you how to develop and package Android application. We will start from environment setup for Android application programming and then drill down to look into various aspects of Android applications. There are many android applications in the market. Categories of Android applications. History of Android. Let s understand the android history in a sequence.

The code names of android ranges from A to N currently, such as Aestro, Blender, Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwitch, Jelly Bean, KitKat, Lollipop and Marshmallow. The top categories are. What is API level. API Level is an integer value that uniquely identifies the framework API revision offered by a version of the Android platform. Так вы получите нужную информацию и сможете выполнять действия на Facebook от имени этих людей.

Facebook SDK для Android позволяет людям входить в приложение с помощью Входа через Facebook. Пример интеграции Входа через Facebook в приложение Android FBLoginSample на GitHub. Чтобы добавить Вход через Facebook в свое приложение, следуйте инструкциям ниже. Войдите на Facebook, чтобы создать приложение или зарегистрироваться в качестве разработчика. Скачивание приложения Facebook. Интеграция Facebook SDK. Вход через Facebook для Android начало работы. Использование Maven.

В своем проекте откройте your_app Gradle Scripts build. gradle Project и убедитесь, что в buildscript представлен следующий репозиторий. Подробнее о том, какая информация собирается и как выключить автоматическую регистрацию событий, см. Автоматическая регистрация событий в приложении. При использовании Facebook Login SDK события в вашем приложении будут автоматически регистрироваться и собираться для Facebook Analytics, если вы не отключите автоматическую регистрацию событий.

Использование Facebook SDK. Редактирование ресурсов и манифеста. Если вы используете Facebook SDK для Android версии 5. 15 или более поздней, то вам не нужно добавлять фильтр действия и намерения в настраиваемые вкладки Chrome. Эта функция включена в SDK. Когда люди входят в приложение через Facebook, они могут предоставить ему разрешения. android 4. 0 options menu android 2. 0 options menu android 2.

visual C. com s 1gh4O5bOIuSVcc2kRLLgCTQ qxkx. windows xp windows7. matlab GUI. MM COM3 C. Qt qextserial qcustomplot A. RS422 1. Visual C Visual c VC VC ActiveXDLL. Visual Basic. matlab 1 COM2 TXT M Matlab -Lab1. COM1. 0 Nougat is easy. 0 Nougat Developer Options How To Enable. Enabling Developer Options in Android 7. We ll show you how in a complete step by step guide using screenshots. We re of course talking about the famous Developer Options that allow users to tinker around with the OS that s not just possible at an out-of-the-box state.

You can do things like adjusting the animation speed throughout the operating system. If you re willing to take things up a notch and get all geeky with your smartphone, enabling USB debugging, set a longer buffer size etc. It s a haven for your geek side if you re asking us. Basically, there s a lot waiting to be discovered.

But enough of that, and let s get straight to the enabling Developer Options part itself in Android 7. The steps are basically the same as Marshmallow and any version of Android before it, but we ll lay them down from scratch still for your convenience. Launch the Settings app from the app drawer or the notifications shade. Swipe all the way down and tap on About phone. Scroll down in this menu as well and you should see an option called Build number.

Constantly tap on this option till you see a prompt on the display stating You are now a developer. Now go back to the main Settings page and scroll all the way down once more. Enable Developer Options In Android 7. You will see the new Developer Options entry right on top of About phone. Simply tap on it and start exploring what Google has packed in this time. Warning For Users. Drastically altering certain settings in Developer Options can affect the way your device functions.

Users should be well aware of what they re doing in the first place before proceeding. If you have no clue regarding certain options then we highly recommend you do not touch them at all. You do not want to end up in a state where you are forced to perform a factory reset to get things right again. Developer Options are a great way to enhance the functionality of your device. Turning off animations for instance, really gives an older smartphone a boost that it actually needs.

Whereas some options are perfect suited for the geek in us. Start iqoption pc, we re sure you will end up finding something that will tickle your fancy. Relevant Boot into Galaxy S9 Recovery And Download Modes. 6 from iOS 13. How to Downgrade to iOS 13. 1 on iPhone and iPad. How to Downgrade iOS 13. Download watchOS 7 Beta Without Developer Account How to. Download macOS Big Sur Beta on Your Mac How to.

Downgrade macOS Big Sur Beta to macOS Catalina How to. Enable Android Nougat Developer Options To Access Features Google Doesn t Want You To Use. NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Ti Specifications Leak Out, To Feature 4864 Cores Price and Release Date Likely to be Revealed. NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Flagship Is 68 Faster On Average Than RTX 2080 In OpenCL CUDA Benchmarks, Up To 2X Faster In Some Cases 6178 AMD Could Potentially Unveil Big Navi RDNA 2 GPU Powered Radeon RX 6000 Series Tomorrow 5963 NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Ti Specifications Leak Out, To Feature 4864 Cores 8 GB GDDR6 Memory 5726 AMD Radeon RX 6000 Big Navi Graphics Card Pictured, Early Test Board With Samsung s 16 GB GDDR6 Memory 256-bit Bus 4639 AMD Ryzen Continues To Decimate Intel Core CPUs In The DIY Segment High-End 300 US Ryzen CPU Sales Exceed Intel s Entire Line 4343.

At face value Android is packed with a bunch of cool features. But then there are some which are hidden away from view and Google doesn t want you to know about them. The Android system by default does not allow users to install applications from unknown sources. Last Updated on December 15, 2018. Android Allow Installation of Non-Market Apps. However, if you are sure that the application or game setup files are safe, you can enable this ability. December 2018 Update We are updating this article to show you how to allow installation of non-market apps for newer Android versions.

We will cover all Android versions after Android 4. The tutorial will be divided into 2 parts. The first part is for Android 2. The second part is for Android 4. This tutorial contains all the necessary steps to activate this feature for Android version 2. Method 1 Android 2. 2 or Android 2. Open the app drawer and go to Settings. In the Settings screen, go to Applications.

Check the Unknown sources option at the top of the screen. This option will let you install apk files from the device s storage or from the sd card. Method 2 Android ICS 4. The process of enabling installation from unknown sources on Android 4. 0 is different from the older versions. The option is moved to another location. Fortunately, finding and enabling are rather easy. When the warning window appears, just tap OK. Please note that I am using the Go launcher with the default Samsung touchwiz icons.

The Settings icon will be different on other phones. When you are in the Settings screen, scroll down to find the Security section and tap on it. Scroll down to the Device administration section and check the Unknown sources option. Tap OK when the warning window appears. Method 3 Android 4. 1 Jellybean. To allow installation of non-market apps on the Android Jellybean, do these.

Pull down your Android phone s Notification center by doing a swiping gesture from the top-most part of the screen to the lower part of it. With the Notification opened, tap on the Settings icon. From Settings, go to the Security Settings. From the Security Settings, tap on the tick box that says Unknown Sources. The option will allow installation of apps from sources other than the Play Store. You can go back to your phone s Home screen. You have just allowed installation of non-Market apps on your Android Jellybean device.

Method 4 Android 4. To allow installation of non-market apps on the Android Kitkat, do these. Open the notification panel by swiping down from the top most part of the Home scren to the lower part of it. On Android Kitkat s Settings menu, tap on the Security icon to get to the Security settings. From Kitkat s Security Settings, allow installation of apps from sources other than Play Store by tapping on the tick box for Unknown Sources.

You can now start installing non-Market apps on your Android Kitkat device. You can now exit Settings and go back to your Home screen. Method 5 Android 5. 0 Lollipop, Android 6. 0 Marshmallow, Android 7. Androids Lollipop, Marshmallow, and Nougat has exactly the same steps so we will just fuse them into one section. 0, and Android 7. From the Home screen, open your phone s Settings.

From Settings open the Security Settings. From the Security Settings, click on the Lock Screen and Security Settings. Then, turn on the switch for Unknown sources by tapping on it. Confirm the action by tapping on the OK button. You can now exit from Settings and go back to your phone s Home screen. Method 6 Android 8. Android Oreo removes the blanket approval to install non-market apps on a phone.

This means that you need to grant individual non-market apps permission to install. This is a good security to move to ensure that users always do an active choice in installing APK files from sources other than the Playstore. From Android Kitkat s Notification Panel, tap on the Settings icon. From your Home screen, locate the app that you want to install. Tap on the APK file that you want to install. A notification prompt will tell you that you are not allowed to install unknown apps from the selected source.

Tap on the Settings button to allow installation. Tap on the Switch that says Allow from this Source. Take note that you are exposing your phone and data from threats if you continue with the installation. You are taken back to the installation screen. Tap on the Install button to proceed with the installation. You just installed a non-market app on your Oreo device. You can now go back to the Home screen.

We just outlined the instructions on how to allow installation of non-market apps on all Android versions. If you have questions about any of the sections above, let us know in the comments. If you think this write-up is helpful, you may want to check on these related articles. Follow the steps to allow installation of non-market apps for Android 5. Posted March 24, 2012 by Lê Hoàng in Android.

Travel Expenses. Accueil TimeManager CamServer CamServer Free Travel Expenses Secure Camera. The Travel Expenses application is an easy to use app which helps you organize the expenses you have in relation to a business trip. Simply enter the amount of an expense, you may also take a picture of the receipt, and all the information is stored on the phone. The file can be transmitted over e-mail or retrieved from the phones sd-card or other internal storage.

If you would like to request a new feature to be added to the Travel Expenses app, please feel free to leave a comment on my blog. User requested features CJ posted a comment on November 6th 2011 Time fields for trip start end Fields for number of breakfasts, lunches or dinners to be subtracted for each travel. CJ posted a comment on November 23rd 2011 An option for a page break for each travel when exporting to open office. One page for each travel A possibility for marking specific travels for export.

I realize that status could be used to do this, but as I have found good use for the existing statuses, it would be nice to have a new status option to control the export ready for export. Alternatively there could be an option to export a specific travel from the Main Screen by long clicking on a travel. New features in version 1. 7 Export a single trip from the overview screen by long clicking it and selecting Export Added a new type of status for the trips Ready to export When exporting any number of trips from the export screen, the user will be able to add page breaks between each trip.

Backup all the data, including the images of receipts Restore all data from a backup file House keeping, to remove old entries from the database. When the time comes to file your expenses, the Travel Expenses application, will output all your expenses related to your trip or trips in a single CSV file which can be opened with most spreadsheet applications. In addition you ll be able to export to the OpenDocument Text format. The great thing about exporting to a text document is that you ll also get the image of all the receipts in the document.

Open Document text files can be opened with lots of applications. OpenOffice, LibreOffice and even the latest versions of Microsoft Office. The Main Screen. When you start up the Travel Expenses app, you ll be presented with The main screen the screen you see to the right of this text. On this screen, you can do the following. Select which business trips to view in the list Open business trips these are trips which are currently in progress, or that haven t been closed by the user Closed business trips these are trips which have been closed by the user Iqoption pc business trips these are trips which have been processed, and the user has marked them as processed All business trips the list will display all the registered business trips Create a new business trip by clicking the New button View a list of the business trips with the status selected in the topmost spinner control.

When the time comes to extract the data you ve entered, you can export to an Open Document file or a CSV file. By long clicking an item in the list leaving your finger pressed on an item for about two seconds you ll be able to modify, delete and export individual trips. Modify, delete and export. Trip Details The trip details screen allows you to add new expense items and Trip details screen modify and delete existing ones. Enter a description of the trip in the top most edit field Push the From date button and select a departure date Push the To date button and select a return date Click the New button to add a new expense item to this trip Click the Save button to save the trip and return to the main menu To return to the main menu without saving you can click the back button on your phone To modify or delete an expense item, long click on the item and you ll be shown a popup menu where you can select modify or delete.

Modify or delete an item. Expense item details. Select the type of expense in the Spinner control at the top Select the date by pushing the Date button Select the currency by pusing the currency drop down list Push the Amount button and enter an amount Select the tender type by pusing the Paid by drop down list Optionally enter a comment for the expense Push the Take receipt photo if you wish to take a picture of the receipt.

Push the Save button to save the details. The setup screen is where you ll configure where to send the backup directory located in the travelExpenses folder on the sd-card. The Restore button will restore a backup. The house keeping functionality will allow you to delete old entries. The setup screen exported files by mail. You may enter as many email addresses as you like.

A copy of the exported files will be sent to each of these addresses if you select to export the file over email. You may also do a complete backup of the data you have stored. By clicking the Backup button, the app will save all the data to a file in the. Enter one email address per line press the enter key to get to a new line Push the Save button to save the list of email addresses Click the Backup button to start a backup of your data The file created will contain the date of the backup The file contains all the data currently in the database as well as all pictures Click the Restore button to restore a backup You will be prompted to select the file to restore All data and images will be replaced Click the Clean up button to remove old entries You will be prompted to select the status of the entries you wish to delete.

You ll be able to export the details of any number of business trips to a single file. You do this by selecting which trip statuses you want to export. After you ve exported one or more trips, you ll be prompted to change the status of the trips. Export several trips. Select an export type from the Spinner control at the top of the screen Select which trip status should be exported Export all closed trips This will export all the trips with the status Closed Export all open trips This will export all the trips with the status Open Export all processed trips This will export all the trips with the status Processed Export all trips This will export all trips, regardless of their status Click the Export button to export the data.

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