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The phrase five-sigma was tossed about by scientists to describe the strength of the discovery. 5 Sigma What s That. So, what does five-sigma mean. In short, five-sigma corresponds to a p-value, or probability, of 3x10 -7or about 1 in 3. This is not the probability that the Higgs boson does or doesn t exist; rather, it is the probability that if the particle does not exist, the data that CERN scientists collected in Geneva, Switzerland, would be at least as extreme as what they observed.

The reason that it s so annoying is that people want to hear declarative statements, like The probability that there s a Higgs is 99. 9 percent, but the real statement has an if in there. There s a conditional. There s no way to remove the conditional, says Kyle Cranmer, a physicist at New York University and member of the ATLAS team, one of the two groups that announced the new particle results in Geneva on July 4. Scientists use p-values to test the likelihood of hypotheses.

In an experiment comparing some phenomenon A to phenomenon B, researchers construct two hypotheses that A and B are not correlated, which is known as the null hypothesis, and that A and B are correlated, which is known as the research hypothesis. The researchers then assume the null hypothesis because it s the most conservative supposition, intellectually and calculate the probability of obtaining data as extreme or more extreme than what they observed, given that there is no relationship between A and B.

If the p-value is low, for example 0. 01, this means that there is only a small chance one percent for p 0. This calculation, which yields the p-value, can be based on any of several different statistical tests. 01 that the data would have been observed by chance without the correlation. Usually there is a pre-established threshold in a field of study for rejecting the null hypothesis and claiming that A and B are correlated. Values of p 0.

01 are very common in many scientific disciplines. High-energy physics requires even lower p-values to announce evidence or discoveries. The threshold for evidence of a particle, corresponds to p 0. 003, and the standard for discovery is p 0. The reason for such stringent standards is that several three-sigma events have later turned out to be statistical anomalies, and physicists are loath to declare discovery and later find out that the result was just a blip.

One factor is the look elsewhere effect when analyzing very wide energy intervals, it is likely that you will see a statistically improbable event at some particular energy level. As a concrete example, there is just under a one percent chance of flipping an ordinary coin 100 times and getting at least 66 heads. So where do the sigmas come in. But if a thousand people flip identical coins 100 times each, it becomes likely that a few people will get at least 66 heads each; one of those events on its own should not be interpreted as evidence that the coins were somehow rigged.

The Greek letter sigma is used to represent standard deviation. Standard deviation measures the distribution of data points around a mean, or average, and can be thought of as how wide the distribution of points or values is. A sample with a high standard deviation is more spread out it has more variability, and a sample with a low standard deviation clusters more tightly around the mean.

For example, a plot of dogs heights would probably have a larger standard deviation than a plot of heights of dogs from a particular breed, even if that breed had the same average height as dogs in general. For particle physics, the sigma used is the standard deviation arising from a normal distribution of data, familiar to us as a bell curve. In a perfect bell curve, 68 of the data is within one standard deviation of the mean, 95 is within two, and so on.

In the case of the results announced last week, the process was more complicated than simply taking the results from one experiment and measuring the deviation of the data from the expected background levels; data came from many different channels, and each one had a different expected background signal. In addition, there were uncertainties about the measurements from the detectors that had to be taken into account.

Researchers used a complex formula to iqoption eu all of these variables and calculate a p-value. This value was then translated into a number of sigmas above the mean, because the number of collisions observed at the energy of the newly discovered particle was higher than the expected background. This final point led to some confusion in the media about the p-value associated with five-sigma. In a normal distribution, data is symmetrically distributed on both sides of the mean. It is twice as likely for data to be in either the high or low tail than just the high tail, so some outlets reported that five-sigma corresponded to a p-value of 0.

0000006, or 1 in 1. 7 million, rather than the correct value of 0. 0000003, or 1 in 3. For further discussion of this subtlety, see this Understanding Uncertainty blog post. The excitement about the Higgs discovery led the two teams to announce their results before all the data had been analyzed. Going forward, after both teams analyses are complete, the groups will combine their observations. If your wallet were filled with both U. Although the two experiments are based on similar physical principles, it is not trivial to combine their data in a meaningful way.

dollars and Euros or Swiss Francs if you were visiting CERNyou couldn t simply add the numbers on the bills to find out how much money you had; you would have to perform some conversions first. The groups will use what Cranmer calls collaborative statistical modeling to combine the results of the two experiments ATLAS and CMS. This approach has already been used to perform conversions on data sets within each team s experiment.

When complete, these analyses will convey a more accurate sense of the strength of the new evidence and determine whether the observed data is consistent with the Higgs boson physicists seek. Evelyn Lamb. Evelyn Lamb is a freelance math and science writer based in Salt Lake City, Utah. One Weird Trick to Make Calculus More Beautiful Proving a Legendary Mathematician Wrong When Rational Points Are Few and Far Between.

12 hours ago Glenn Branch and Ann Reid Opinion. 15 hours ago Scott Hershberger. By Michael Moyer on July 17, 2012 1. Mosquito Guts Implanted with GMO Malaria Assassins. Moss Sperm Smells Sweet Enough for Sex. By Katherine Harmon on July 18, 2012 2. Chances are, you heard this month about the discovery of a tiny fundamental physics particle that may be the long-sought Higgs boson. 11 hours ago Glenn Branch and Ann Reid Opinion. 14 hours ago Scott Hershberger.

Emotionen Warum handeln Sie mit dem Demokonto anders als mit dem echten. 6 investment options for the retired. For retirees, making the best use of their retirement corpus that would help keep tax liability at bay and provide a regular stream of income is of prime importance. Retirement means the end of earning period for many, unless one chooses to work as a consultant. Building a retirement portfolio with a mix of fixed income and market-linked investments remains a big challenge for many retirees.

The challenge is not to outlive the retirement funds - one retires at 58 or 60, while the life expectancy could be 80. The idea is to build a retirement portfolio with a mix of these products. Here are few investment options for the retired to provide for their monthly household expenses. Probably the first choice of most retirees, the Senior Citizens Saving Scheme SCSS is a must-have in their investment portfolios. As the name suggests, the scheme is available only to senior citizens or early retirees.

Early retirees can invest in SCSS, provided they do so within one month of receiving their retirement funds. Currently, the interest rate in SCSS is 8. 6 per cent per annum, payable quarterly and fully taxable. The rates are set each quarter and linked to the G-sec rates with a spread of 100 basis points. Once invested, the rates remain fixed for the entire tenure. Currently, SCSS offers the highest post-tax returns among all comparable fixed income taxable products.

The upper investment limit is Rs 15 lakh and one may open more than one account. The capital invested and the interest payout, which is assured, has sovereign guarantee. What s more, investment in SCSS is eligible for tax benefits under Section 80C and the scheme also allows premature withdrawals. Post Office Monthly Income Scheme POMIS Account POMIS is a five-year investment with a maximum cap of Rs 9 lakh under joint ownership and Rs 4.

5 lakh under single ownership. The interest rate is set each quarter and is currently at 7. 8 per cent per annum, payable monthly. The investment in POMIS doesn t qualify for any tax benefit and the interest is fully taxable. Instead of going to the post office each month, the interest can be directly credited to the savings account of the same post office. Also, one may provide the mandate to automatically transfer the interest from the savings account into a recurring deposit in the same post office.

Bank fixed deposits FDs A bank fixed deposits FD is another popular choice with the retirees. The safety and fixed returns go well with the retirees, and the ease of operation makes it a reliable avenue. However, interest rate over the last few years has been falling. Currently, it stands at around 7. 25 per cent per annum for tenures ranging from 1-10 years. Senior citizens get an extra 0. 5 per cent per annum, depending on the bank.

Few banks offer around 7. 75 per cent to seniors on deposits with longer tenure. Unlike SCSS and POMIS, bank deposits provide flexibility in terms of tenure. Therefore, instead of locking funds for a particular duration, an investor may spread the amount across different maturities through laddering. It not only provides liquidity to funds, but also manages the re-investment risk. When the shortest-term FD matures, renew it for the longest duration and continue the process as and when various FDs get matured.

While doing so, ensure that your regular income need is met, and deposits are spread across various maturities and institutions. For those looking to save tax, the five-year tax saving bank FD could be a better option. The investment made here qualifies for Section 80C tax benefit. However, such a deposit will have a lock-in of five years and early withdrawal is not possible. Even though the interest income is taxable, there is a set-off by the amount of tax saved at least in the year of investment.

Most banks offer a rate which is slightly lower than the non-tax saver deposit rates. So choose carefully, if you want to go for them. Mutual funds MFs When one retires and there is a likelihood of the non-earning period extending for another two decades or more, then investing a portion of the retirement funds in equity-backed products assumes importance. Remember, retirement income through interest, dividends, etc.

will be subject to inflation even during the retired years. Studies have shown that equities deliver higher inflation-adjusted returns than other assets. Depending on the risk profile, one may allocate a certain percentage into equity mutual funds MFs with further diversification across large-cap and balanced funds with some exposure even in monthly income plans MIPs. Retirees would be advised to stay away from thematic and sectoral funds, including mid- and small-caps.

The idea is to generate stable returns rather than focus on high but volatile returns. Debt MFs can also be a part of a retiree s portfolio. Taxation of debt funds makes it a better choice over bank deposits, especially for those in the highest tax bracket. While interest on bank deposits is fully taxable as per the tax bracket 30. 9 per cent for highest slabincome from debt funds gets taxed at 20 per cent after indexation, if held for three years or more irrespective of the tax bracket.

A retiree can consider keeping a significant portion in debt funds also because of its easy liquidity. Tax-free bonds Tax-free bonds, although not currently available in the primary market, can also feature in a retiree s portfolio. They are issued primarily by government-backed institutions such as Indian Railway Finance Corporation Ltd IRFCPower Finance Corporation Ltd PFCNational Highways Authority of India NHAIHousing and Urban Development Corporation Ltd HUDCORural Electrification Corporation Ltd RECNTPC Ltd and Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency, and most carry the highest safety ratings.

One may, however, buy and sell them on stock exchanges as they are listed securities. Retirees should keep a note of a few things before investing in tax-free bonds. One, they are long-term investments and mature after 10, 15, 20 years. Invest in them only if you are sure that you will not require the funds for such a long period. Second, the interest is tax-free therefore there is no Tax Deducted at Source TDS too. In the last two tax-free bond issues the effective yield, especially for high tax-bracket investors, compared favourably with taxable investment alternatives available at the same time.

Third, liquidity is low in tax-free bonds. Usually, they are listed on stock exchanges to provide an exit route to investors but price and volume quoted at exchanges may play a spoilsport while off-loading them. Last, they usually offer annual and not monthly interest payouts hence may not meet a retiree s regular income requirement.

For example, in a declining interest rate scenario, a tax-free bond face value Rs 1,000 with a coupon rate of 8. 3 per cent tax free return may be available in a stock exchange at a price of Rs 1,217, with a yield of about 6. 4 per cent, maturing in 2027 if the investor holds it till maturity. Remember, the interest payouts are at the coupon rate of the bond, investor gets 8. 3 per cent tax free income on his investment and the actual return will be 6.

4 per cent if the bonds are held till maturity. Immediate annuities Retirees could also consider the immediate annuity schemes of life insurance companies. The pension or the annuity is currently around 5-6 per cent per annum and is entirely taxable. There is, however, no provision of return of capital to the investor, i. There are about 7-10 different pension options, including pension for lifetime for self, after death to spouse and post that the return of corpus to heirs.

The corpus is not returned to the investor under any pension option. The immediate annuity may not suit an investor who is capable of selecting and building his own portfolio. This is also advisable as the returns offered on these immediate annuities are currently on the low side. Post Office Monthly Income Scheme Senior Citizens Saving Scheme bank fixed deposits Immediate annuities tax-free bonds investment news mutual funds investment Tax.the corpus or the amount used to purchase annuity is non-returnable.

So it is better to diversify across different investments rather than invest in this scheme if you have the wherewithal to manage your own portfolio. When it comes to HDTV, more is better. Many people have moved away from standard-definition analog TVs in favor of high-definition HDwhich refers to resolutions of 720p, 1080i, and 1080p. HDTVs offer a 16 9 aspect ratio, which is similar to a movie theater screen, and available with higher-resolution screens, which impress with their clarity, color, and detail.

Resolution is HDTV s biggest selling point. We compared 720p, 1080i, and 1080p to help you make the best choice for your TV viewing pleasure. The 1080p has all but replaced 1080i. You can still find TVs with 1080i screens, but they re less common. Overall Findings. 720p 1080i 1080p 1280 pixels x 720 pixels. 1920 pixels x 1080 lines. 1920 x 1080 pixels. Progressive scan Draws all pixels at once. Interlaced Split into two groups of 540 lines each. The three HDTV resolutions are 720p, 1080i, and 1080p.

The number stands for the number of horizontal lines that create the image, and the letter describes the type of scan used by the TV to display the picture progressive or interlaced. Resolution matters because more lines mean a better picture. This is a similar concept to digital photos and how dots-per-inch determines print quality. 1080i and 1080p are higher resolutions than 720, but they aren t the same. You should go for 1080p because of the more efficient way it projects images onto the screen.

Screen Resolution Bigger Is Better. 720p 1080i 1080p 720 horizontal lines. 1080 horizontal lines. Progressive scan. Interlaced scan. In general, the higher the resolution of a TV, the sharper the picture, and the higher the price tag. 720p has an image resolution of 1280 pixels by 720 lines. It was the first available HDTV resolution but is no longer as common since prices have come down on 1080 models. By comparison, a 720p TV has twice the resolution of an analog TV picture. 1080i has a resolution of 1920 pixels by 1080 horizontal lines.

However, it is interlaced, so the lines are painted on the screen in two passes of 540 lines each. The picture quality is fine for slow-moving content but not as desirable for fast-moving objects. 1080i was once the standard in HDTVs, but no more. Its quality is not much better than 720p TVs. 1080p has a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels, and it is a progressive scan display rather than interlaced.

That means each row is scanned in sequential rather than an alternate order, providing a picture with a full 2. 07 million pixels. This is currently the best-selling TV format, and it provides the best picture of the three models mentioned here. Price You Get What You Pay For. 720p 1080i 1080p More affordable. More expensive. The price of a high-definition TV varies widely. It depends on many factors, including brand, features, and display technology.

The type of display is one part of the hardware. Other factors that contribute to the price include display size, availability of smart features, and screen type LCD or LED. In general, 720 screens are cheaper than 1080 screens. Within the 1080 tier, progressive-scan displays are more expensive than interlaced. But, depending on the other factors, these comparisons may not always be the case.

Assuming all three of these TV formats are in your price range, 1080p TV is the best choice. The 720p and 1080i models rely on old technology that is gradually giving way to higher-resolution options. A 1080p device iqoption eu the best resolution and viewing experience. However, for TVs that are 32 inches or smaller, you won t see much difference between pictures on 1080p and 720p displays.

A-Series Gliding Patio Door. Made of wood protected by fiberglass, it s our best-performing gliding patio door. With their wider panel style, Andersen A-Series gliding patio doors give your home the old-world character of traditional French doors along with the convenience and space savings no hinged door can provide. Our best-performing gliding patio door Wood protected by fiberglass Designed for architectural authenticity Available in standard sizes as single panel, 2-panel, 3-panel and 4-panel configurations.

Custom sizes also available. Architectural Style Made Easy. Our best-performing gliding patio door. Designed for architectural authenticity. It s built into every door. Learn More About A-Series. Frame constructed with a wood core and a fiberglass exterior. This construction produces a rigid frame and a low-maintenance, durable exterior. Wood frame is treated with a water-repellent preservative for long-lasting protection and performance.

One-piece non-conductive fiberglass sill enhances energy performance, and its superior strength eliminates the need for a sill support. Innovative sill design provides superior water management. Smooth Operation. Enhanced Security. Interior Wood Available Unfinished or Finished. Interior Wood Available Unfinished Only. Interior Stain Options. Painted Interiors. Exterior Colors. Hardware Finishes.

Hardware Styles. BlackGold Dust, Stone, White. Stone, White. Bright Brass, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Satin Nickel. Antique Brass, Bright Brass, Brushed Chrome, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Polished ChromeSatin Nickel. Antique Brass, Bright BrassOil Rubbed Bronze. Antique BrassBright Brass, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Satin Nickel. Distressed BronzeDistressed Nickel. Distressed Bronze, Distressed Nickel. Exterior Keyed Lock.

Auxiliary Foot Lock. The Energy Spacer option is available to help A-Series products with full divided lights and SmartSun glass be ENERGY STAR certified in the Northern climate zone. Spacer Option for Greater Energy Efficiency. Its narrow design creates a 3mm gap around the spacer, helping to lower U-Factor values.

Modified Colonial - Simulated Check Rail. Short Fractional - Simulated Check Rail. Tall Fractional - Simulated Check Rail. Glass Performance Options. Custom Patterns. Low-E4 with HeatLock Coating. Triple-Pane with Low-E coatings on two surfaces. Classic Series. Artisan Series. Historic Series. Decorative and Specialty Glass.

Safety Glass Tempered safety glass is available on all products, and comes standard on all patio doors. Laminated Glass Laminated glass is also available, for added strength, enhanced security and sound control. Sound-Reducing Glass This glass helps reduce the volume of outside noise. Available with Low-E, SmartSun and HeatLock coatings. Patterned Glass Let in light while obscuring vision and adding a unique decorative touch to your home. Three Panel. Gliding Insect Screen. Retractable Insect Screen.

The Smartest Technology for the Smartest Homes. Single Panel stationary. VeriLock Security Sensors. Exterior Trim. Trim Colors. Trim Styles. 2 Brick Mould. Head Trim Profiles. Decorative Drip Cap. 3 5 8 Cornice. Remodeler Sill Clip. Sidelights Transoms. Use our easy step-by-step design tool to create your own A-Series gliding patio door. A-Series Product Guide For Professionals. Find This Product. 89601B7NC 89601B-B7W 1xEV-DO adds 1xEV-DO 1x-Evolution Data Only demodulation capability to your 89600-Series application software.

About 1xEV-DO Demodulation. This option lets you measure and analyze 1xEV-DO modulated signals that are defined in these Telecommunications Industry Association TIA Telecommunications Industry Association U. One of the Telecommunications standards setting bodies in the United States. and Electronics Industry Alliance EIA Electronic Industry Association A trade association and standards setting organization in the USA.

standard specifications. 1xEV-DO High Rate Packet Data Air Interface Specification. A receiver, knowing the code, can use it to decode the received signal in the presence of other signals in the channel. 1xEV-DO Inter-Operability Specification IOS for CDMA Code Division Multiple Access One of several digital wireless transmission methods in which signals are encoded using a specific pseudo-random sequence, or code, to define a communication channel.

This is one of several spread spectrum techniques, which allows multiple users to share the same radio frequency spectrum by assigning each active user an unique code. CDMA offers improved spectral efficiency over analog transmission in that it allows for greater frequency reuse. Other characteristics of CDMA systems reduce dropped calls, increase battery life and offer more secure transmission. See also IS-95. 2000 Access Network. 1xEV-DO Inter-Operability Specification IOS for CDMA 2000 Access Network.

Recommended Minimum Performance Standards for 1xEV-DO High Rate Packet Data Access Terminal. 89601B7NC 89601B-B7W 1xEV-DO you can descramble, despread, and demodulate signals modulated by the standards listed above also known as 1xEV-DO Revision 0. This option supports configurations in the reverse link Mobile Station or Access Terminal and forward link Base Station or Access Network channels. The VSA will automatically identify all active channels regardless of the Symbol Rate or Walsh Code Length.

1xEV-DO Demodulation does not include support for 1xEV-DO Revision A or Revision B modulated signals. Signal analysis capabilities including composite code domain power, composite time, and channel specific analysis. Flexible display scaling and marker functionality enhance these measurement capabilities. The demodulator used in this VSA incorporates advanced technology that does not require coherent carrier signals, or symbol-clock timing signals. Measurement results may be shown in several trace display formats as well as numeric error data formats.

The VSA has a built-in IS-2000 EIA Interim Standard 2000 see cdma2000 A standard for current CDMA systems providing a migration path to 3G services. Signal locking requires the carrier frequency, chip rate, reverse forward link direction, and Long Code Mask to be set. The demodulator uses the measured signal called I Q Meas Time to generate an ideal signal called IQ Ref Time. The VSA uses these signals to provide signal comparison trace data, modulation quality data results and error summary data see About Trace Data.

Measurement result data include Time and Frequency domain trace data, Code Domain Power composite or layer specific trace data, Channel trace data results and Overall Error Summary data results. Copyright В 2000-2020 Keysight Technologies, Inc. Wireless AC High-speed AC2600 wireless connectivity to devices Dual Band Connectivity Greater flexibility and reduced interference MU-MIMO Technology Handles high-bandwidth network traffic on multiple devices at the same time PowerZone Ready PowerZone coverage throughout the house When paired with a PowerZone Ready Modem Router or Router External Antennas Adjustable external antennas for maximum range Signal Strength LEDs Guide you to the optimum position the house Secure Wireless Encryption Offers WPA or WPA2 security.

AC2600 MU-MIMO Wi-Fi Range Extender. Availability Out Of Stock. FEATURES SPECIFICATIONS DOWNLOADS REVIEWS VIDEOS. Why you want it. AC2600 speeds of up to 1733Mbps 5GHz 800Mbps 2. 4GHz are perfect for extreme applications like 4K streaming and online gaming. Ultra Coverage. 4 powerful antennas and AC SmartBeam technology combine to extend the range of your network in even the largest of homes.

Efficient Wi-Fi. MU-MIMO Technology greatly improves wireless performance by transmitting to multiple devices simultaneously. Sets up with the touch of a button. Plus, the Smart Signal Indicator helps you locate the best place to put your Wi-Fi extender to get the best coverage in your home. Gigabit Connection. Includes an ultra-fast 10 100 1000 Gigabit port so you can connect wired devices to your wireless network.

Works with all Wi-Fi devices. Eliminate dead zones throughout your home. Plug the DAP-1860 Dual Band Wi-Fi Range Extender into any outlet between your wireless router and the dead zone to boost your Wi-Fi Range to that hard-to-reach spot. Wireless AC High-speed AC2600 wireless connectivity to devices Dual Band Connectivity Greater flexibility and reduced interference MU-MIMO Technology Handles high-bandwidth network traffic on multiple devices at the same time External Antennas Adjustable external antennas for maximum range Signal Strength LEDs Guide you to the optimum position the house Gigabit Ethernet Port Connect a wired device to the network Wi-Fi Protected Setup Push button for easy connection to a wireless network Flexibility Compatible with any wireless router brand Backward Compatible Wireless 802.

11n g b a backward compatibility Secure Wireless Encryption Offers WPA or WPA2 security LAN Interface Ethernet Wi-Fi Operating Mode Range Extender Access Point Wireless Bands Dual Band Range Extender Housing Wall Plug CD-less Install Yes Guest Network No LAN Port s 1 Mesh PowerZone Series Ethernet Speed Gigabit Ethernet Warranty 3-Year Limited Warranty Signal Strength LEDs Yes Wireless Technology AC2600 800 1753 Mbps.

Is ideal for houses with a lot of dead zones since it can extend the reach of signals that other routers cannot. At last we have an extender that is genuinely worth buying. It hit max signal strength and her once wonky Internet connection is now reliable and quick too. It does its job, providing fast, wireless network internet to the wireless blackspots in your house without having to drill holes and route network cable around your house.

After trying to solve the problem of access in my lounge with a Netgear device and failing, I obtained this D-Link device for testing and found. Providing fast, wireless network internet to the wireless blackspots in your house without having to drill holes and route network cable. Have an area at home with a weak wireless signal. Plug this nearby and see your problem goes away.

It can deliver MU-MIMO and dual-band Wi-Fi to areas in the home that can t be reached by ordinary routers. Be the first to know about new products, promotions and all things D-Link. Contact Us Privacy Policy Terms Of Use. Copyright 2020 D-Link Australia. Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice. Activity Sleep Watch. Unsurpassed battery life. Track in style.

Withings Move is an advanced activity tracker housed in a classic watch designed for simplicity it has no screen but shows your activity directly on the dial with its third hand. Withings Move seamlessly tracks walking, running, sleeping, swimming and much more, plus features connected GPS to map your path. It syncs with the free Health Mate app so you can view your trends and improve over time.

Record battery life. With up to 18 months of use with no charging, Withings Move has the longest battery life in the market so you can enjoy hassle-free activity and sleep tracking and go the extra mile for your health. All battery claims depend on the cellular network, location, signal strength, feature configuration, usage, and many other factors; actual results will vary. Multisport tracking Connected GPS. When you walk, run, swim or bike, Move will automatically record your activity.

And by long-pressing the side button, you can launch a workout session this will activate a chronograph and connected GPS so you get duration, distance, elevation, and your path mapped in the Health Mate app. All you need to do is sleep. If you wear your watch to bed, Withings Move will automatically track light and deep sleep cycles, duration and sleep quality via the Sleep Score. Sleep Score. Every day, find out how restorative the night was with a score based on duration, depth, regularity interruptions.

Sleep Cycles. Withings Move automatically detects when you re asleep and delivers a complete picture of your nights and naps. Smart Wake-Up. The silent alarm feature is ready to wake you with gentle vibration at the optimal point in your sleep cycle. A watch as unique as you are. Endless possibilities await Withings Move will be highly customizable and perfect for anyone looking to jump into activity tracking.

Be sure to know when sales open. Note models available to order may differ from those shown. Withings Move customization. Be the first to know when Withings Iqoption eu can be made to order with a fully customized watch face. We ll let you know as soon as it s available. Compatible with iOS Android. Automatically tracks walk, run, swim easily detects 30 activities, plus workout mode connected GPS.

Up to 18 months battery life. Water resistant to 50m. Swim, shower and snorkel without worry. Delivers a Sleep Score, light deep sleep stages, plus silent alarm Smart Wake-Up. Visualize trends and data on your smartphone with the free Health Mate app. Browse the latest user testimonials about Withings Move. Withings Health Mate is the best way to keep track of activity, sleep, weight, and more. You ll see trends, progress, and get coaching to help you improve over time.

Whatever your health goal, you ll find support for it in the Health Mate app. Bluetooth Low Energy - to sync with Health Mate. Bluetooth connection with location settings permission must be enabled to use the Connected GPS feature. Withings Move can be installed on a smartphone or a tablet, via the Health Mate app available on iOS iOS 10 and higher and Android 6. Cannot be set up from a computer. Withings Move comes with a plastic case and a stainless steel bottom case with a silicone wristband.

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