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Real-world PLC examples from a factory or a traffic light can be very useful, when you are searching for inspiration. These examples can rarely be copied to fit your own project, but you can use chunks and ideas from the real-world examples. Do you have your own PLC ladder logic examples, even better than these. I will gladly put your PLC ladder logic example on this site. In that way, we can all benefit from this list of the best examples of PLC ladder logic. Click on the type of PLC program example you want to see, or scroll down to see the all.

General ladder logic examples can almost always be copied into your own ladder diagrams. Simple Ladder Logic Program Examples. Ladder diagram examples and solutions to simple PLC logic functions. These are all basic PLC functions implemented in ladder logic. Simple Start Stop Ladder Logic Relay. This is how the ladder diagram looks for a simple start stop function. The function can be used to start and stop anything like a motor start stop. In this ladder logic example, there are two inputs.

Start button or PLC input I0. Stop button or PLC input I0. The start button will activate the relay, or ladder logic relay M10. When the start button is released, the relay will still be activated, because of the latch in ladder rung 2. This latching will be broken when the stop button is activated. You might wonder why the stop button in this example is normally open. And the reason for that, is that y ou should use normally closed as stop button, to avoid dangerous situations under failure.

Here is what the PLC program example looks like. Simple ladder logic examples of start stop of relay. Single Push Button On Off Ladder Logic. This function is also called push on push off logic sometimes even flip-flop or toggle function. Ladder Logic Examples and Example PLC Programs. It is the same function as the on off button on your computer or mobile phone. When you push the button the first time, the output will be activated. Now, when you push the button for the second time, the output will deactivate and turn off.

The single push button has two functions on and off. Push on push off logic can be done in several ways. It can be done by using ladder logic and boolean logic instructions or it can be done with a counter. It can even be done with PLC rising edge and falling edge triggers or with shift registers. Here is the example using boolean logic instructions only complicated version.

Single push button ON OFF ladder logic example. Also known as push to on, push to off logic function. This example is from the PLC, Scada, DCS blog. The blog has a lot of very useful information about PLC programming and especially ladder logic. Take a look at the blog and see the many ladder logic examples. But there is a faster way to make the same toggle function with a single push button. The example is from Mayur Haldankar s blog about PLC programming and DSP digital signal processing.

He even has examples of DSP programs written in C. In his example, he uses 3 4 rungs only to make the toggle function of a push button simple version. Ladder toggle or flip-flop function single push button on off. Ladder Logic Examples with Timers. PLC program examples with timers in ladder logic. PLC Program Example with On Delay Timer.

The first type of timer in ladder logic is the on delay timer. Its name comes from the fact, that the on delay timer delays its output from the on signal. If the input is turned off before the count down finish, the time will reset. As soon as the on delay timer gets a signal at the inputthe timer starts to count down. When the preset time is up, the output of the on delay timer will turn on.

On delay timers in ladder logic can look different depending on the PLC programming software. But common for all of them are the following. The enable output EN is the first output and it is on when the timer is energized. Input Enable Output EN Done Output DN Preset Time Value. So, as long as the input is true or on, the enable output will be true. Second output is the done output DN.

Look at this great video for more info about the on delay timer. This output in an on delay timer is only on, when the timer has counted down the preset time. The software used is the free RSLogic Micro Starter Lite from Allen Bradley. You can also check out my own video about the on delay timer. PLC Program Example with Off Delay Timer. The off delay timer works just like the on delay timer with one exception.

The example below is from Sakshat Virtual Labs. Instead of starting the count down from the signal at the input turns on, the off delay timer starts to count down from the signal turning off at the input signal. In the example, ladder logic is used to visualize the values of the three bits in an off delay timer. These three bits are from Allen Bradley PLCs, but other brands has similar bits.

Enable bit EN On when the timer is energized input is on Done bit DN On when the timer is done counting down Timer timing bit TT On when the timer is counting. Cooling Example With Off Delay Timer. Another example with the use of the off delay timer in ladder logic is in heating. When you are heating something, you often have some sort of cooling too. A good example of that is a heating oven. The oven is heated by an electrical heater, and in the side there are ventilation motors to cool the oven after use.

Here is a simplification of how the cooling PLC program should work. HEATING OFF Heating element off and off delay timer starts counting down. HEATING ON Heating element and cooling fans turn on. TIMER DONE Cooling fans turn off. The electrical heater and the cooling fans should turn on simultaneously. Why the cooling fans has to turn on too, is to circulate the hot air and spread the heat.

But keep in mind, that the cooling fans has to run for some time, after the heater is turned off. Since both the fans and the heater has to start at the same time, the two outputs should work simultaneously. This is the exact function of an off delay timer, and the ladder logic example looks like this. Example of motors with cooling in ladder logic. Off delay timer for extra delay. At last, don t forget to check out my own video about the off delay timer.

PLC Program Example with Retentive Timer. Retentive timers are just like on delay and off delay timers, but with one crucial exception. The time only pauses if the input is turned off before the count down is finished. The word retentive even means to retain, and that is what retentive timers do. They retain the time they have counted when the input is off. If you re still not sure, check out this video of a functioning retentive timer in ladder logic.

KronoTech has published a very informative PLC program example. With the use of a retentive timer to control a motor with an automatic lubrication system, they have made a great practical example. More About Timers In PLC Programming Examples. Feel free to watch this video for more information about PLC timers in ladder logic. The video illustrates some great examples and the basics of PLC timers. The PLC programming software used is RSLogix 500.

Finally I will encourage you to take a look at my video about the pulse timer. When the input is turned on again, the timer continues counting down from where the time was paused. The pulse timer is used for generating pulses of a specific length and is very useful in ladder logic. Ladder Diagram for Motor Control. Here are some examples of ladder diagrams for motor control.

Motor control can be done with a PLC program. In fact, the PLC is a common choice for controlling AC motors. Star Delta PLC Ladder Diagram. One of the most common ways to start an AC motor is by first starting the motor in star connection. When the motor speed is sufficient, the connection is switched to delta. This is due to the high current AC motors use when starting.

To switch between the star and the delta relay, a timer is used. Star delta motor control can be done in several ways. The ladder logic for a star delta motor control is quite simple, and that is one of the advantages baixar metatrader 4 iq option using a PLC for motor control. Another great example of how to use a PLC for star delta start of an AC motor is example 5 in the PDF file below.

It includes a lot explination and a lot of great power and control circuit diagrams. Example 5 is on page 30. Ladder Diagram for DOL Direct On Line Motor Starter. Still commonly baixar metatrader 4 iq option in many factories the DOL or direct on line motor starter is another way of starting AC motors. Controlling the DOL motor starter with a PLC program is simple. This video below shows an example of how to control a DOL with a PLC program.

In the example the PLC Zelio from Schneider Electric is used. But any PLC with digital inputs and outputs can be used, even the mini PLC Siemens S7-200 or the later Siemens S7-1200. Sometimes you might have to use a smaller relay between the PLC output and the coil of the contactor. Make sure you always check the ratings of the PLC outputs you are using. PLC Program Examples From The Real World. These next PLC programs are examples of real-world PLC applications. All examples of how to use PLC programming and ladder logic to solve real problems.

Traffic Light Ladder Logic Diagram. One of the most used applications for a PLC is the traffic lights. At many schools, universities and even companies you will get the challenge to make a traffic light ladder logic diagram. The traffic light PLC program is a combination of timers to control which lights are turned on and for how long time.

But some sort of interlock must be there to prevent the green light to be on in multiple directions. A PLC program like the traffic light is a little more complicated and therefore are a lot more solutions to. For inspiration you can look at these good examples of traffic light ladder diagrams. The first ladder logic example is from Engineer On A Disk, which is a marvelous site full of great articles. In the example you will get all the ladder diagrams and step-by-step instructions and explanation.

If you are using LogixPro Simulator, then you should absolutely take a look at this great example video. Ladder Diagram for Bottle Filling Plant. Detailed example from Electrical Engineering Portal. This is a great example because of all the explanation it gives. You will be introduced to the actuators motorssensors and switches and a step-by-step guide to how to make the PLC program.

Before you check out this application, be sure to include counters in your program. At last you will see the example ladder logic for the bottle filling application. For a bottle filling plant, it is very important to keep track of how many bottles that went through the system. For this you can use the PLC counter instructions. Here s a video about how they work. If you are using LogixPro Simulator from Allen Bradley, then you can learn a lot from this example video.

PLC Ladder Diagram for Elevator Control. Elevators are often controlled by a PLC or a similar controller sometimes even relay controllers. In fact a PLC program is a great way to make an elevator control. But before you start looking at ladder diagrams and PLC program examples for elevator control, some safety issues are important to know about.

You might want to incorporate a safety relay in the system. Here are the things you need to know before you start to build a PLC elevator control. Mechanical safety No elevator control without mechanical parts. All these parts has to be tested and verified to make sure that they will last. Electrical safety Be sure to follow the rules and regulations for electrical safety.

They differ a bit depending on whether you are in the US, Europe, Asia or anywhere in the World. This includes proper grounding, using the right circuit breakers, wire gauges and so on. PLC elevator program safety The last but not least part is the PLC elevator program. In the elevator examples you will be looking at, there will be a lot of interlocks, to prevent some functions to run at the same time. This is a highly critical point.

For example, you don t want to elevator to run before the doors are closed. This is a great introduction to how the elevator control system works. And here is an example of a ladder diagram for elevator control from circuit4hobby. Did these example PLC programs help you. Rate this article below or write a comment if you found this article helpful or you have any questions.

If you would like to share your ladder logic examples, please write a comment below or send me a message. You can also find us on Facebook. Pls send more stuff on PLC project examples. how to write a overlap programme. The DOL is made of a contactor usually 3-phase contactoran overload relay like the thermal relay, and some connections in between. USE SELECTOR SWITCH IN OFF CONDITION PROGRAM 1 WORKING AND IN ON CONDITION PROGRAM 2 WORKING.

i mean ,there are two programmes in plc,but its run separately. you can use subroutine. how to make ladder logic from flow chart. hello everyone,i am a first year student at CPUT doing electrical engineering,we have been given a project about on off controller using PLC,my problem i never used PLC before and i don t even know how they work. can someone plz explain to me how does it work. I been using Plcs for over 20 yrs. Once you know it its very easy. I still watch all videos on youtube.

Type in ladiesandtech. com good place to start. what is best way to learn the plc ladder logic and how can i train my self to advance level. I have been looking for example and videos or notes for using all those symbol in ladder logic and how can i use the in future for my programming. can you help me out in this please. i have created one way traffic signal with pedestrian crossing wait so far by using TOn.

i want to learn about delta plc. hi guys whr can I get a plc software for a laptop without necessarily buying online. you have one choice download delta plc software its free. and then practice on it. this the only softwtwar eits free on web site. and it easy to learn. if u have want any plc program. mail i can make program.

mail me your details. i will teach you how to learn. hi, can you please help me to learn how analog outputs are used in delta. my mail id- email protected. Got a simmilar problem Chavan. please assist email protected. awsm single push button controls output on off. Hi Tushar Do you have a program, for a conveyor system in a distribution warehouse setting, moving boxes totes etc.

i need digital watch ladder diagram. Would like to attatend lessons on ladder logics and plcs. How i m build water level indication logic. give me idea for ladder program. ladder diagram for 3motors 3timers. How to make a ladder diagram for oil and gas tank level. Using P ID controller, AUTOMATICALLY. I want to need more examples of omron plc Twido Delta. what types of sensor you used in lighting system. principle aperation of lighting of using plc. Hey guys I have to program the Batching Process on ITS PLC,using Automgen, but i find it to be very complicated Can anyone help me,please.

is there a software to draw plc ladder diagrams. when I run S7 pro I need to test my program ,PLC simulation on off button is disabled. Design PLC program of One coil on off by one push button. How to enable this button in manager. Pls use toggle switch. Thanks for these examples and we hope more specially for automation in industrial process. thank you for giving example of plc programming. i need more example plz send my e-mail id. i want ladder ladder prgm to count 0-100 100-0 up-down counter using single push button.

its continuous operation. Thank you so much for this. You should start a paypal. me yourname account and let people buy you a cup of coffee or donate to the cause. it is a good site abuot plc training. i need more example please send my e-mail id. I m looking for anything dealing with studio 5000 and servo motor drive interface. We use Parker drives. I have to coordinate a sequence of motors to flow at one speed with the ability to draft.

hi i need a V F open loop control on plc ladder logic program please send a model of plc on my mail id. write a program to find frequency of given signal analog this question was given by my teacher and Im curious to know about ladder program It would be very helpful if you can guide me in this. There is a huge programming error. Single Push Button On Off Ladder Logic Here is the example using boolean logic instructions only complicated version.

2 on rungs 4,7 past the Push Button. under this complicated version, Extend M0. Then do the same for rung 7. -The keyboard cowboy. It will not latch right and the second Press will never activate. Well the post removed my spaces, in the last post. UGH Copy and paste this into notepad, Then Replace with a single space for the edit. I want to know about rise fall edge trigger switch working.

Hi, My name is Mr. Claudiu Adascalitei, and i m a student of University from Sibiu city, Romania. So, I want to help me with a project for school. It s about a ladder diagram programming. Can you help me, please. I send my adress e-mail to contact email protected. Thank you, Claudiu. it is rely good for bigginer. Hi I am new for PLC,I start learning from today of PLC ladder programming. I hope it will help me like a near teacher. It s so simple and easily to understand the stuff,but need some more diagram to practice in order to master the process.

I am having a hard time trying to figure out a simple logic issue. SW2 turns on a red pilot light. When both SW1 and SW2 are pushed, a white pilot light only comes on. S1 AND NOT S2 GREEN LIGHT S2 AND NOT S1 RED LIGHT S1 AND S2 WHITE LIGHT. Can you please draw me or explain the logic for SW1 turns on a green pilot light. I want a plc program for magnet cranes. guys does anybody know about textile industry ladder logic and how they work.

i need to write code for in ladder for a task with a conveyor with three color sencor and tree bin so when a bin is full the conveyor is stop the first color sensor is alone and it is at begin the second two is next to it and below them are the bin in the end of the conveyor are the red bin. we put object on the conveyor one each time.

is anyone can help in ladder brandley. i dont now how to draw a ladder logic diagram for diffrent instructions please help me. I am going to make a traffic light control using ladder logic. I don t know from where should I start. Can u plz help me. And the reason for that is that you should use normally closed as a stop button, to avoid dangerous situations under failure. Your first example shows the stop button as NO, and you recommend using NC as a stop button.

The sentence above contradicts itself. Starting with ladder logic is the foundation of understanding any kind of PLC program. Here s another great resource for four steps to writing a PLC program. I have an issue here. I have this power station, that runs 4 generators synchronised together. One serves as an emergency genset. Now, when powered, it comes up, but when you now on the breaker to supply the load on the ladder logic, it shows that it s on, but the load won t really come on, until I go to the genset and manually turn on the breaker that s only when the load will receive power.

Can someone help me in troubleshooting this scenario. It s a Siemens S7-213 PLC. I m glad you liked it. Nice article for newbie. Hi, Thanks for the brief information about plc. Really good article. Baixar metatrader 4 iq option structured and well explained. Can you please help me for doing Ladder logic of weighing scale. Kindly share details. Most valuable information regarding Ladder logic examples.

Thank-you so much. There is a much simpler solution to the ON OFF single button problem Q Button AND NOT State OR NOT Button OR Q State NOT Button AND Q OR Button AND State. AB Micro820 Starter Kit AB Micro1100 Starter Kit Siemens S7 1200 Starter Kit The links above are affiliate links. If you buy something through one of these links, you won t pay a penny more, but I ll earn a small commission. This comes at no additional cost to you, and helps me keep the lights on.

Laser welding is well established in the industry as a high-quality, efficient, and economic process for joining of plates, plastic components, jewelry, or even construction parts. LASER SYSTEMS OF Coherent OR Laser AT A GLANCE. Laser welding. The essential processes are laser deep welding, heat conduction welding, and penetration welding for plastics. Laser welding is used preferably for the joining of components with little allowable thermal load. The high welding speed with this welding process creates a very slender seam geometry with a large depth-width ratio.

When the components to be joined are positioned with a minimum joint gap, the use of filler materials like wire can be waived for the welding process. Practical experience has shown that a joint gap of max. 20 of the laser spot diameter can be welded without problems. If the components can initially be tacked by spot-welding and then are welded tight with a laser weld, elaborate devices are often not required for laser welding. This ensures that even small batch sizes can be processed cost-effectively by laser welding.

Depending on the intensity of the laser radiation, laser welding is essentially divided into the following processes. Heat conduction welding. The welding process is done via thermal conduction. Used for joining thin-walled components. The seam depth is only a few tenths of a millimeter to 1 mm. No rework of the weld required. Deep welding. A high power density of approx. 1 MW per square centimeter is required.

This is used for large welding depths or if several layers of materials baixar metatrader 4 iq option to be welded in a single step. The seam depth can be up to 25 mm. Depending on the application, laser welding can be divided into. Hybrid welding Plastic welding Spot and seam welding Pipe welding Scanner welding. BENEFITS OF LASER WELDING COMPARED TO CONVENTIONAL LASER PROCESSES.

Different material types and thicknesses can be welded. Results with high quality High automation and welding speed Min. thermal material impact, little or no load Very slender seam geometry with large depth-width ratio Point-accurate, precise energy input Contact-free, force-free processing Welding of complicated weld geometries Min.

spatter Shorter time required for rework. LASER SYSTEMS RECOMMENDED FOR THESE APPLICATIONS. ECO LASER HTS MOBILE EVO MOBILE LRS EVO LASER CAB ROBOLASER PICCO LASER IQ LASER. Laser deposition welding. Additive laser processing, wear protection, and repair processes are nowadays essential and are used mostly when expensive, large components cannot be replacer cost-efficiently, for example.

Plastic injection molds Aluminum die casting Punching and cutting tools Drop forging Engine parts Turbine parts. Laser deposition welding or laser coating uses a laser to deposit material on a base material, where the hardness and the properties of the deposited material correspond exactly to the original state of the component. Here, use of a laser allows very precise work in comparison to conventional deposition welding with minimal heat input and maximal absence of load.

Laser deposition welding with wire. Depending on the material to be deposited, the welding processes are categorised as follows. Laser deposition welding with filler wire is used widely in the industry and can be done manually or automatically. Whether it is correction of production faults, design changes, or repair of defects The laser beam welds the filler wire with point accuracy to the workpiece and permits area deposition. With a wire diameter of 0. 8 mm as a rule, deposition can be performed manually or automatically by CNC and wire feeder.

In special cases, filler wire with a thickness of 1. However, this is rather an exception. 2 mm can also be used. The filler wire is melted completely, while the base material is melted for 0. 5 mm and combines solidly with the added material. The small dilution results in a very small heat-affected zone of a few tenths of a millimeter. Deposition welding with powder. In the case of laser deposition welding with powder, the powder is fed automatically to the processing point, it is applied in layers, and it is melted to the base material without any cracks.

The new material layer created in this way can be processed further after cooling. The traces here are applied with CNC control, allowing high reproducibility and making it possible to deposit even larger quantities quickly. A multitude of powder types is available for powder deposition welding. Material combinations or alloys serve for building-up or repair, creation of plating, wear protection layers, or corrosion protection, and they can be adapted to the mechanical and tribological requirements.

In the case of powder deposition welding, the coating strategy plays a special role, so that the systems are generally programmed offline and are then transferred to the CNC control. Powder application is performed by a co-axial or off-axis powder nozzle that is combined with the laser optics in a laser processing head. Laser deposition welding with powder is used especially in sectors like toolmaking and mold building, in aviation and astronautics, or automobile manufacture, and it is used for.

Lasers with a few hundred Watt up to several kW are used, allowing deposition rated up to 10000 mm3 h. Changing of surface geometries Creation of new surface properties Wear protection Production of functional layers. LASER SYSTEMS RECOMMENDED FOR LASER DEPOSITION WELDING. This Lasersystem is highly suitable for Laser welding Laser deposition welding. The ECO LASER system is the answer to the search for a cost-effective laser welding solution for mini-series or individual parts.

The ECO LASER is thus the first choice of small and start-up enterprises for laser welding and laser deposition welding. The ECO LASER represents a suitable solution for experts or larger companies that want to expand their welding capacities. BENEFITS AT A GLANCE. Open laser welding system for individual requirements Small, compact, precise, and quickly ready Intuitive 5 touchscreen display Joystick serves as central operating unit Practical-based operation Motorized travel in X Y Z and R axis Teach-in function Autofocus system optional.

You can find further information concerning the specifications, the application fields and the accessories of the ECO LASER on the detailed product page. This Lasersystem is highly suitable for Laser welding Laser deposition welding Laser cutting. Thus the system can be integrated with Diodeline and CW laser sources and various processing heads.

The EVO CUBE is a highly flexible workstation that combines state-of-the-art laser technology and multiple high-quality laser processes in a single laser class 1 system. The flexibility of the system offers a multitude of application possibilities, which comes from the ability to utilize it as a welding system or for automated Direct Metal Deposition tasks. This is where the innovation behind the CUBE reveals its full potential for applications of laser cladding that require cost-effective and high-quality laser processing of small to medium-sized components.

Range x y and z axes 10,2 touch display for parameter settings Load capacity of up to 1,000 kg Variable beam expansion Crane loading possible Compatible with CAD CAM software solution APP SUITE Compatible with the powder feeder and powder nozzle. LASER SOURCES. The EVO CUBE laser system can be equipped with the following laser sources. Lamp-pumped Nd YAG laser Diode-pumped laser. You can find further information concerning the specifications, the application fields, and the accessories of the EVO CUBE on the detailed product page.

The EVO MOBILE laser system is quickly ready for operation and extremely precise. In addition to high, practical-based operational comfort, it offers CNC processing functions for laser welding and laser deposition welding and thus meets the increasing demands of mobile service providers or in tool and mold building, but also other sectors like aeronautics, mechanical engineering, or sensor manufacture can profit from the outstanding properties of EVO MOBILE.

Open, compact, mobile, and flexible laser welding system No lamp change required Electromagnetically controlled swivel arm, revolving around its own axis Operation via touch screen One-hand operation of all functionalities via joystick Auto-weld function Internal video function Welding made easy thanks to coordinate transformation. The EVO MOBILE laser system can be equipped with the following laser sources. You can find further information concerning the specifications, the application fields, and the accessories of the EVO MOBILE on the detailed product page.

Constructive use for laser welding and laser deposition welding The HTS MOBILE laser system proves itself extremely strong, robust, and adaptable in practice, and it combines flexibility with stability in repair of small precision parts, for example for the aeronautical industry, as well as for large injection molds used for example in the manufacture of bumpers. Open, robust, adaptable laser welding system with swivel arm Laser power from 120 W to 300 W Motorized travel in X Y Z and R-axis Teach-in function Digital joystick Vibration arm by high-quality rail systems.

The laser autofocus system serves for fully automatic distance control and focusing of any welding surface and facilitates processing of 3D surfaces. Speedier and more precise work with a productivity increase of up to 50 Consistent laser parameters at the workpiece Automatic on-line focusing Measuring accuracy of 50 µm. You can find further information concerning the specifications, the application fields, and the accessories of the HTS MOBILE on the detailed product page.

The LRS EVO is a laser system satisfying the diverse requirements of tool and mold manufacturemachine buildingor other fields where weld joints of high strength, precision, and free of deformation are required. Intuitive in handling quick and efficient in implementation. This system meet any requirement for processing of small to medium-sized molds. An extensive range of accessories, for simple as well as for complex laser welding tasks, expand the possibilities for laser welding and laser deposition welding.

Intuitive and open laser system for small to medium-sized parts Automated processing by CNC processing Laser power from 120 W to 300 W Workpieces up to 350 kg are possible Large 10 touchscreen display Operation via touchscreen Two Z-axes Motorized travel in X Y and R-axis Ergonomic design. The LRS EVO operates in nearly every sector. Automotive Mold building Aeronautics Machine building Medical technology Toolmaking. The LRS EVO laser system can be equipped with the following laser sources. SPECIAL EQUIPMENT.

You can find further information concerning the specifications, the application fields, and the accessories of the LRS EVO on the detailed product page. This Lasersystem is highly suitable for Laser welding Laser cutting Laser marking. The PORTAL processing system combines precision with high processing speed and reliability. Letteringengravingmarkinglaser cuttingor welding The PORTAL offers a wide scope of functions while at the same time offering intuitive operation through the marking and engraving software APP SUITE developed especially for it.

Complete system as a portal construction with linear drives and scanner Laser power from 30 W to several kW Equipment for up 5 axles possible Max. precision by synchronized movement of all axes Minimizing of the setup efforts by a camera-supported adjustment function Suitable for workpieces up to 1,000 kg High processing speed. Metals plastics ceramics glass foils.

You can find further information concerning the specifications, the application fields, and the accessories of the PORTAL on the detailed product page. This Lasersystem is highly suitable for Laser welding Laser deposition welding Laser cutting Laser hardening Laser remelting Laser cleaning. Areas of application.

The robot-controlled laser system ROBOLASER offers a total of six different processing types with a single laser system. Whether it is laser weldinglaser deposition weldinglaser cuttinglaser hardeninglaser remeltingor laser cleaning Different processing heads that can be exchanged in a few minutes are available to the ROBOLASER for these applications, thus avoiding long retooling times. With a laser power of a few 100 W up to several kW, the ROBOLASER can be adapted individually to any application and any budget.

Here, the applications can be programmed easily offline on the computer. Various laser applications filed in the software are available as strategies that can be applied to the components and can be adapted when required. Required information like 2D or 3D data can be integrated into the system via interfaces. Versatile and flexible integration possibilities in the production process Laser strategies are on file in the software and are programmed offline Laser power from 300 W to 10 kW Precise and uniform parts quality Protection class IP67 for rough use conditions Large selection of filler materials Welding of similar materials is possible.

Toolmaking and mold building Punching dies Housing components Machine building Food processing. Laser robots 6 axes industrial robot and expansion axes, tilt rotation axis Special processing heads and optics Powder nozzles and inert gas nozzles for laser welding and laser deposition welding. You can find further information concerning the specifications, the application fields, and the accessories of the ROBOLASER on the detailed product page.

PROFESSIONAL LASER WELDING FOR INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS THE CUSOMIZED LASER SYSTEMS OF OR LASER. In recent years, hardly any other invention has set newer and better standards in industrial material processing than laser technology. By now, applications using laser technology have established themselves in nearly all industry branches as the standard for high-value, efficient, and economical processes, and they have become indispensable for professional manufacturing processes.

Industrial lasers have assumed their place as the professional tools of choice in many areas, and there is no sign that this will be coming to an end any time soon. When it comes to the automotive industry, jewelry creation, electrotechnology, the plastics industry, the aviation industry, mechanical engineering, medical technology, tool and mold making, or dentistry, all of these sectors, as well as others, have one thing in common They use the many advantages of laser welding and laser systems as a means of producing highly developed finishing techniques for precise work.

Advancing laser technologies mean that we will be dependent upon these lasers for the foreseeable future. Since 1997, OR Laser has acted determinedly to become one of the leading manufacturers of laser machines and professional laser equipment in Germany. Whether for regional enterprises or global players, manual or mobile lasers, marking lasers, or process-controlled CNC laser systems, OR Laser develops new laser technologies and laser systems perfectly tailored to the applications of industry.

No matter whether you need laser welding, laser cladding, laser engraving, laser cutting, or laser marking, OR Laser offers you a wide spectrum of industrial laser systems with functions best tailored to your individual requirements. Our tools use the latest laser technology so that you know that you are always getting the best results from our equipment.

Our catalog of laser machines for sale has been designed to help our customers find exactly what they are looking for. In addition, we have a customer service staff that is well-versed in laser technologies and these laser machines and systems, and we can answer your questions and help you pick the best equipment for your manufacturing and other custom needs. Contact us today to learn more. COMPANIES WE HAVE WORKED WITH. Natalie Benz Customer Care 49 6071 20989-440 n. benz or-laser. Lasertechnologie GmbH.

Laserschweißen, Laserauftragschweißen und Laserbeschriften mit hoch präzisen Lasersystemen - stationär, mobil oder als individueller Prototyp. Dieselstraße 15 64807 Dieburg. 49 0 6071 209 89 0 49 0 6071 209 89 99 info or-laser. We use cookies, with your consent, to personalize the Websites and to display customized advertisements here or on other sites. To learn more about cookies and consent revocation options, click here. Stock Trading Course. Learn the Skills to Trade the Financial Markets Today.

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01.05.2020 : 08:50 Akinosho:
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