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A DBCO entry must be created for the connection to IQ. The general format of the connection info is key_1 key_2. Connection info SYBASE_CONTYPE IQ SYBASE_SERVER SYBASE_PORT SYBASE_IQ_ENGINE SYBASE_DBNAME SYBASE_IQ_LOCKWAIT 600. The key value pairs are separated by a space character. SYBASE_SERVER, SYBASE_PORT, SYBASE_IQ_ENGINE, SYBASE_DBNAME, SYBASE_CONTYPE are mandatory keys. IQ SYBASE_IQ_LOAD, SYBASE_IQ_LOCKWAIT, SYBASE_IQ_BUFFER_SIZE are optional.

SYBASE_CONTYPE must be set to IQ. SYBASE_IQ_CESU-8 must be set to 1. SYBASE_IQ_LOAD can be set to 0 or 1; 1 is default. If set to 1, the IQ load command will be used to insert mass data. INSERT iq_table_name CONNECTION iq_db_connection FROM TABLE. will use the IQ load statement. The ABAP statement. This results in a performance gain of approximately factor 6 to 8 compared to the array insert for mass data. If ACCEPTING DUPLICATE KEYS is specified that is.

INSERT iv_table_name CONNECTION iv_db_connection FROM TABLE ACCEPTING DUPLICATE KEYS. the insert will be executed using array insert. Also, if the table definition in the SAP ABAP Dictionary and in the IQ database do not match completely, the insert will be executed using array insert. SYBASE_IQ_LOAD set to 1 requires READCLIENTFILE authorization in the IQ server. set option allow_read_client_file on. Before execution of the load command the table will be locked for write access.

With SYBASE_IQ_LOCKWAIT it is possible to overwrite the lock wait time. Default is 300 seconds. Example SYBASE_IQ_LOCKWAIT 600 will set a lock wait time of 600 seconds. The buffer size for array operation to IQ can be modified using SYBASE_IQ_BUFFER_SIZE to be set in bytes. Default is 40k. Example SYBASE_IQ_BUFFER_SIZE 500000 will set a buffer size of 500k. Note that the ODBC driver has a fixed limit of 32 kB rows per buffer. RSS Feed RSS Feed free software only 145 applications total Last updated Sep 14th 2020, 09 01 GMT.

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The 64 bit inode problem. Modern filesystems are starting to use 64 bit inodes, rather than 32 bit ones. Recent versions of XFS do so for filesystems of more than 1TB, and other large filesystems such as Lustre use them too. NFS fully supports them too, so one can find them when mounting remote filesystems. Linux supports 64 bit inodes when applications are compiled 64 bit. For older 32 bit applications, they are supported, along with file sizes of more than 2GB, by non-standard calls such as stat64or by applications compiled with options enabling large file support.

As ten years have passed since the introduction of Intel-compatible 64 bit processors AMD s Opteron in 2003and the addition of large file support for 32 bit Linux, this should no longer be an issue. However, there are still applications in use which are 32 bit and have no large file support. Old acroread binaries from Adobe were the example which inspired this page, and I understand that Valve s Steam client may suffer from the same issue. Two very common system calls, stat and readdir return an inode number.

If the 32 bit version of these calls is used on a filesystem with 64 bit inodes, then the call may fail with EOVERFLOW. However, most programs calling stat do not care about inode numbers, they are calling stat for the other information it returns, such as file type, length, ownership and permissions. Similarly most programs calling readdir simply wish to enumerate filenames in a directory, and do not care about the directory s inode number.

I write may fail rather than will fail as the failure will happen only if the particular inode number cannot be expressed in 32 bits. For example, on a 4TB XFS volume, if 64 bit inodes have been enabled, approximately one quarter of the inode numbers will be expressible in 32 bits. So one can be lucky. Manifestations of Trouble. Various cryptic error messages result when programs encounter 64 bit inodes. Of course, many of those errors can be caused by problems other than 64 bit inodes.

To see if 64 bit inodes are a likely cause one can check iqoption gale one has them. The initial number is the inode number. If it is bigger than 4294967295 then it is a 64 bit number rather than a 32 bit one. Ideally one also checks whether the executable which is failing is indeed 32 bit. The check needs to be done on the executable, not any shell script which launches it. Recompiling 32 bit with _FILE_OFFSET_BITS 64 is slightly less safe, as the rest of the code needs to respond correctly to the 64 bit values that it will now receive.

For instance, off_t becomes a long longand should not be truncated into a long or an int. Recompiling 64 bit should be safe. Of course, if you don t have the source, this method won t work. Boot with the option nfs. enable_ino64 0 assuming the 64 bit inodes are coming from an NFS mounted filesystem. This causes the kernel to return non-unique 32 bit inode numbers to all applications, 32 bit or 64 bit, for all NFS mounted filesystems.

Ask the kernel to lie. It can be a useful test that a problem is caused by 64 bit inode numbers, but is hard to recommend as some 64 bit applications might be confused by the lie which is to xor the top 32 bits of the inode number with the bottom 32 bits. Use LD_PRELOAD to lie. One can use LD_PRELOAD to produce a wrapper which targets the three stat functions and readdir that are the main cause of trouble, and returns a mangled inode number as above.

It will also work with local filesystems, unlike the above kernel parameter. However, using LD_PRELOAD to intercept common system calls, and to lie, must always come with a large health warning. Not doing this would be better. However, for the brave who wish to experiment, there is some example code. It contains instuctions for compiling either on a 32 bit platform, or on a 64 bit platform which supports 32 bit compilations. Then one simply needs to put the resulting shared library somewhere, and then create an script called something like fix32 containing.

This has the advantage that it only impacts certain 32 bit applications, and saner applications continue to get correct 64 bit inode numbers. This can then be used in a form such as. I repeat that this is given as an example for the brave, not with any recommendation or guarantee that it will not eat your data. Note also that some versions of SuSE have an acroread script containing the line.

This needs changing to. in order for this to work. Does the world need 32 bit inodes. XFS and inode size Adobe Reader and 64 bit inodes Valve s Steam and 64 bit inode issues. Copyright MJ Rutter, mjr19 University domain. It†s been incredible to see how the much community has embraced testing for the new client so far, and we†d like to give a huge thank you to everyone who†s assisted with live testing on Singularity as well as bug reporting and discussion of the new client and its performance.

How Do I Get Involved. If you†d like to take part in the 64-bit open beta, it†s pretty simple. You†ll just need to switch over your launcher to download the 64-bit version of the EVE Online client. To do this, please follow these instructions. The transition to a 64-bit client is a huge technical milestone in the sixteen-year development history of EVE Online, and we†re super excited to be able to offer this open beta as we finalize testing and development of the new client. First, click the E icon in the top right of you launcher, as shown below.

Next, select “settings” from the dropdown menu, as highlighted in the following image. You†ll then see a popup window with a series of checkboxes. Simply check the option to run clients with 64-bitas indicated below, and click okay. Congratulations, the launcher will now download the 64-bit client for you to take part in the open beta. Please be aware that if you do experience any issues, you can always switch back to the 32-bit client.

How Do I Provide Feedback. Part of the reason that we†ve been able to deliver a 64-bit open beta ahead of schedule is due to the incredible support we†ve received from the community during testing on Singularity. Here†s a couple of resources that†ll assist you with the EVE Online 64-bit open beta. All the bug reporting, discussion and flagging of issues has paid off, so be sure to provide bug reports and information on any issues you encounter. As part of the celebrations around the launch of EVE Online Invasion, we†re delighted to announce that the opt-in open beta for the 64-bit EVE Online client is now live.

Although I already owned a computer at the time a ZX Spectrum I remember my excitement about possibly getting my little hyperactive hands on the newly released Commodore. The New Commodore 64, Updated With Its Old Exterior. At the time, the Commodore computer cost 595 and came with a whopping 64 kilobytes of memory. It also contained a graphics and sound card that stood apart from other computers of the day.

Now, nearly 30 years later, the Commodore brand has taken on new management and is re-releasing its flagship computer, this time with all the amenities of a modern-day computer packed inside. In its heyday, the Commodore 64 was one of the most successful home computers made, shipping more than two million units a year for almost a decade after its release. Although exact numbers don t exist, experts estimate that the company sold between 15 and 30 million Commodore 64 computers.

But the Commodore 64 s success was short-lived. Commodore International, the maker of the computer, declared bankruptcy in 1994 after several bad business decisions and aggressive competition from I. Barry Altman, president and chief executive of Commodore USA, said he purchased the Commodore trademark in September of last year with the goal of reviving the company and offering a product that no longer exists.

Thirty years ago computers were an all-in-one product, with the keyboard, memory and components built inside, Mr. Altman explained. Over the years that has changed, and we believe there is a huge potential to revive the early format. The new Commodore 64, which will begin shipping at the end of the month, has been souped up for the modern age. 8 gigahertz dual-core processor, an optional Blu-ray player and built-in ethernet and HDMI ports.

It comes with a 1. It runs the Linux operating system but the company says you can install Windows if you like. The new Commodore is priced between 250 to 900. The company s Web site says that the new Commodore 64 is a modern functional PC, and that although the guts of the device have greatly improved, the exterior is as close to the original in design as humanly possible.

Most people would not be able to visibly tell the old or new versions apart, it says. The response has been completely dramatic, Mr. Altman said. We ve been averaging about five registrations per second on our Web site. This is from people giving us their name and e-mail address to be kept abreast of updates on the new Commodore. Some may wonder why someone would want to purchase this type of computer when a world of iPads and laptops exists. Altman says he sees two types of customers for the new computer.

There are a lot of really young computer users who want to own a retro-looking computer, he said. And of course there are those 30- to 40-year-olds who owned the original Commodore 64 and want the nostalgia of their first machine. I was just 6 years old when the Commodore 64 computer went on sale in the summer of 1982. 2 Author Falko Timme. This is a detailed description how to set up a CentOS 4. 3 based server that offers all services needed by ISPs and hosters web server SSL-capablemail server with SMTP-AUTH and TLS.DNS server, FTP server, MySQL server, POP3 IMAP, Quota, Firewall, etc.

This tutorial is written for the 64-bit version of CentOS 4. 3, but should apply to the 32-bit version with very little modifications as well. I will use the following software Web Server Apache 2. x Database Server MySQL 4. 1 Mail Server Postfix easier to configure than sendmail; has a shorter history of security holes than sendmail DNS Server BIND9 chrooted.

FTP Server proftpd POP3 IMAP server dovecot Webalizer for web site statistics.ISPConfig runs on it out of the box. I want to say first that this is not the only way of setting up such a system. There are many ways of achieving this goal but this is the way I take. In the end you should have a system that works reliably, and if you like you can install the free webhosting control panel ISPConfig i. To install such a system you will need the following Download the 4 CentOS 4.

I do not issue any guarantee that this will work for you. 1 Install The Base System. Boot from your CentOS 4. It can take a long time to test the installation media so we skip this test here. Choose your language next. Select your keyboard layout. The welcome screen of the CentOS installer appears. We want to install a server so we choose Server here.

Next we do the partitioning. Select Automatically partition. This will give you a smalll boot partition and a large partition which is fine for our purposes. I m installing CentOS 4. 3 on a fresh system, so I answer Yes to the question Would you like to initialize this drive, erasing ALL DATA. We want to remove all Linux partitions, so we answer Yes to the following question. The installer presents you an overview of our new partitions. Select Remove all partitions on this system.

Now the boot loader GRUB will be installed. You can leave the default settings unchanged and click on Next. Falko Timme is an experienced Linux administrator and founder of Timme Hosting, a leading nginx business hosting company in Germany. About Falko Timme. He is one of the most active authors on HowtoForge since 2005 and one of the core developers of ISPConfig since 2000. He has also contributed to the O Reilly book Linux System Administration.

not for commercial or corporate use. thanks, this is so Help for me. How to use grep to search for strings in files on the shell How to Install Sensu Monitoring on Ubuntu 20. 04 The Perfect Server - Ubuntu 18. Free SSH ssh sftp Client for windows users from ssh. 04 Bionic Beaver with Apache, PHP, MySQL, PureFTPD, BIND, Postfix, Dovecot and ISPConfig 3. 04 with Apache, PHP, MariaDB, PureFTPD, BIND, Postfix, Dovecot and ISPConfig 3.

1 The Perfect Server - Ubuntu 20. 2 Beta How to Setup LibreNMS Monitoring Tool with Nginx on Ubuntu 20. 04 How to use the Linux ftp command to up- and download files on the shell How do I edit files on the command line. How to search files from the Terminal on Linux How to Setup ZSH and Oh-my-zsh on Linux How to Install oVirt Open Virtualization Manager on CentOS 8.

Contribute Contact Help Imprint and Legal Notice Top RSS-Feed. This feature is only available to subscribers. Get your subscription here. How to use grep to search for strings in files on the shell How to Setup LibreNMS Monitoring Tool with Nginx on Ubuntu 20. 04 How to Install Sensu Monitoring on Ubuntu 20. 04 The Perfect Server - Ubuntu 20. 1 How to use the Linux ftp command to up- and download files on the shell How do I edit files on the command line.

2 Beta The Perfect Server - Ubuntu 18. If you already own The Sims 4 and can t upgrade your operating system to Apple s Metal or PC iqoption gale 64-bit, we granted you The Sims 4 Legacy Edition. As of November 2019, we no longer support The Sims 4 on Non-Metal OS for Mac or 32-bit for PC. New Sims 4 players won t be eligible for the Legacy Edition. If your Mac meets the other system requirements, you don t have to worry about this one.

What s the difference between 32-bit and 64-bit Windows. The Mac version of The Sims 4 has always been 64-bit. All modern versions of Windows are available in 32-bit or 64-bit flavors. 32-bit Windows can only run 32-bit applications. Here s a breakdown of the main differences between them. 64-bit Windows can run 32-bit and 64-bit applications. If you re using Windows 7, 8. 1, or 10, you re most likely already using the 64-bit version of Windows.

32-bit Windows only counts up to a maximum of 4GB of memory RAM.

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