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Frequency hopping. Software defined radios SDRs can in theory do almost anything you need a radio to do. You need to know how to write the software. LimeSDR is an open source SDR with a crowdfunding campaign. By itself, that s not anything special. There are plenty of SDR devices available. What makes LimeSDR interesting is that it is using Snappy Ubuntu Core as a sort of app store. Developers can make code available, and end-users can easily download and install that code.

Of course, the real value will be if people actually fill the store with meaningful applications. It certainly worked for smartphones. How many people would need a smartphone if they had to write their own code. Even finding software scattered around the Internet and installing it is beyond some users. On the other hand, we couldn t help but think that for radios, just apps only gets you so far. What you really need is components that you can easily integrate.

This is the idea behind GNU Radio we ve covered GNU Radio before. Granted, LimeSDR supports GNU Radio, too. However, an app store that can bundle GNU Radio applications and also allow installation of modules easily would be widely applicable and useful. On the other hand, maybe people who will use GNU Radio won t have a problem just downloading stuff themselves.

That begs the question of how many consumers need an SDR that allows them to download many applications. You can see a video about LimeSDR below. We have talked a lot about SDRs over the last few years, especially the RTL-SDR iq option binarias ou digital. LimeSDR is a big step up in price and performance from an RTL-SDR dongle, though. 87 thoughts on Software Defined Radio App Store. How is this different from GNURadio with HackRF bladeRF USRP.

GNURadio flows are also not appsGNURadio is used to interact with RF signals and does not provide a stack for anything even as simple as Bluetooth. Yet they claim you can just download full Zigbee, WiFi, and even LTE basestations. This reeks of poor marketing used to get rid of some excess inventory. people find GNU radio to be a pain i used to plus it s somthing thats quite hard to install on windows and a bit of a pain to script with i for one welcome a GNU Radio clone.

That s the problem, though. Reading between the lines of what is public information, the way I see it, they plan to in conjunction with Canonical using Snappy Ubuntu Core IoT Cloud rent sell SDR FPGA firmware to people. And they have some deal going in the background with EE British Telecom in the UK, and some other global telcos world wide to roll out 2G 3G 4G 5G nano micro basestations.

People will complain if a giant cell tower is constructed next door to their house, but micro nano cells are next to invisible. Lets say you install a Free basestation application for your approved Telco, and then get a nanopayment for every phone call processed. Your device either acts as a relay or perhaps routes data through the Internet. A suspect that the apps they are selling are mostly for the FPGA and not the host computer, at least not fully. Oh, also, since it is open hardware and software I can make my own firmware and just use their hardware for what I want and totally avoid their ecosystem if I choose.

Please play by the rules, looking at your aggressive comment history in this thread it seems you defend every point in the video and campaign, and very quickly discount every other device as inferior. Also, the performance afforded by the LMS7002M is still mostly inferior to AD9361 based devices. Frequency range, sampling rate, phase noise, and bandwidth of this device are all about half of the AD9361. I never called any other device inferior. A more expensive part has better, since when did that start happening.

wow, you responded to every post in this thread, do you work for this company. aren t there rules against not disclosing that. Search for my user name I ve been on Hackaday for 5 years and posted thousands of times generally only on topics that interest menever worked for lime microsystems or on the limesdr. Just to let you know, LimeSDR isn t just yet another SDR. I have backed the product after reading through their source code and reading their LMS6002 and LMS7002 datasheets.

12-bit dual transceiver 2 2 MIMO61. 44 MHz bandwidth, 100 kHz 3. Parameters of LimeSDR are absolutely unbeatable for this price 249 early bird 299 full price. Nuand bladeRF x40 has very similar hardware same 40 kLE Altera FPGA, same USB 3 chipbut uses older RF chip from Lime Micro and so has worse range starting at 300 MHzworse bandwidth 40 MHz and it is only single transceiver not dual 2 2 MIMO. And it costs 420. As far as SDR transceivers go, this couldn t get any better for this price.

HackRF can t be even compared with this only 8-bit and half-duplexbut costs 330. Here in Indonesia Vimeo is banned. The YouTube link wasn t in the OP, thanks. Only Ettus USRP B210 has similar parameters just different range and it costs 1199. YouTube isn t banned here yet. Youtube banned as well. probably intelligence banned. ghosty, I ll assumed you re not trying to be insulting. Here in Indonesia the Internet has become highly censored in the past couple of years. In that sense, I would certainly say that Intelligence is lacking at the government level.

The censorship is holding back a country that is trying to advance into the 21st century. you re iq option binarias ou digital missing much. the video is trying really hard to insinuate that GNURadio blocks are now apps. Most two way protocols you really do need almost everything to happen on the board inside the FPGA. BlasdeRF has one TX channel and on RX channel, LimeSDR has two of each. OK, this SDR platform caught my attention cheaper then a BladeRF, but pretty much the same capability, even better in some ways and cheaper at 200 it s in the justifiable price range must suppress.

The earlybird 2nd flock price is 249 not 200, the original earlybird was 199 and that is all gone. But even at 299 for MIMO it is still interesting hardware even without the app store. This is not only better than BladeRF, but has similar params to Ettus USRP B210, which costs much much more 1119. To be fair the B210 has a very nice 100k LE FPGA in it, as opposed to the 40k LE FPGA in the LimeSDR, and it also it has a more expensive higher specification MIMO chip.

What is the box at the 1 min mark. Looks like some kind of computer to support the SDR, anyone know. Still less than some SDRs, but more than my just click it money. Looks like they got a Mini-ITX board and plugged a PCI card into it and drilled 4 holes in the side of it for the 4 MIMO antennas. AKA, the price is 250 85 for antennas. FL-SMA pigtails for under half that price. As for the antennas you can probably pick up 4 Chinese 2G to 4G antennas on the ebay ali with 4 u.

Well 5 pcs 10 pcs would have a decent jump down in price, than 4x 1 pcs. Pretty sure I can aquire an u-fl to rsma pigtail and antenna combo for a lot less then 20 a pop even the reasonably well made ones. An app store implies an ecosystem of continuously changing software while the radio concepts listed here haven t really changed since app stores have started to exist.

It s true that the sdr community could use better centralization and support, but the word consumer doesn t seem to fit. While sdr offers an unprecedented level of flexibility to radio, I don t see it as expanding the capabilities of the field as it is much more band limited than traditional radio hardware. I m eager to see a Swiss army knife of radio debugging tools reach a mature and supported state no less. What exactly do you mean by radio debugging tools. This is sooo much better than HackRF which is only 8bit and half duplex.

My suspicion is that they are not talking about Gnuradio at all, using USB would add far too far much latency. Unbelievable for this price. Hardware is as good as USRP B210 which costs 1,119 USD. It is also much better than BladeRF that is for 420 USD. Great, now I must have one _right now_. Any chance of a specialized product at a good price. As a ham, I d love to see a low-power 40 20 meter SDR transceiver with app that I could use with a smartphone doing the heavy processing.

And where would your Antenna for 20 40 meters be. Up in the tree, of course. I hate app stores, they are a scourge. I m curious as to your reasons why you dislike them. It d slip inside a shirt pocket and let me talk anywhere in the world. App stores are the AOL-ization of software, it locks it in one place and you are forced to use that place, then since it s managed they start with the rules as to what can be in said app store and of course the tracking, can t have people not be monitored pointlessly all the time can we.

All in all it s the kind of things a certain type of person really likes, and I am not that type of person. It is open source and hardware so anyone can install their own firmware on it to interact with any software they want. The whole app store from my perspective is a gimmick that they think will sell their product. In my world since it is opendump anything I do not want and code your own. It is not like you are jailed in like iSheep products.

App stores are pretty much a spinoff to the linux repositories and managers, and those are a very nice way of handling software. No, they are a very naive reimplementation of them that completely miss half the point by just ignoring the hard questions like dependency management. And I ll add that the major reason for their proliferation is not because they re good the vast majority of app stores created for products and devices have about 5 awful, entries on them which sit there and rot it s because the creators see how much power and wealth the app store has given Apple.

Organizations desperate for a usable business model and a way to stay relevant see this concept of an mandatory marketplace arbitrator as a holy grail. Cargo cult-ism on a massive scale. I wonder if any security-oriented software repos will come out for it. I m hoping for the metasploit of SDRs. Seems to me the major hurdle will be in FCC approval.

Uncle Charlie will likely want the final product to be hardware restricted to certain frequencies to prevent possible unlawful use and that will defeat the Limes true potential. Why FCC approval, if is an exempted device in section 15. 103 test equipment. The HackRF One is test equipment that is currently exempt from FCC equipment authorization. That means legality of use is entirely the responsibility of the user.

Also from the their crowd fund page Power Output CW up to 10 dBm which is 10 mW which is not atypical for test equipment. RP-SMA is only really used by Wifi antennas 2. 4GHz and 5GHzso probably a waste of money, unless you only want to use it for 2. Best to buy a U. FL IPX to SMA, and a decent RG316 or similarly shielded cable or else RF will end up leaking into the device and generating birdies.

But I am sure you can find even cheaper ones on AliExpress or eBay. Don t buy RP-SMA, you don t want it, only stupid wi-fi antennas use it. Buy normal female SMA. The LTE basstation app, I guess would be OpenBTS or YateBTS or Osmos or what it was called. Or it could be a closed app from a Telco. This is made by rf frontend company heavily subsidized price, expect 700 after the campaign rf frontend alone is listed at 110 on mouser fpga 70 usb bridge 20 clocl 10 4 layer board 20.

300 with labour costs, real price will be starting around 600-700. No, you are simply wrong. If you count prices for buying in bulk, you can get to BOM of only 120 150 e. LMS7002M should cost only 63 in 5000 qty. LimeSDR for 299 should be final price, even after campaign ends. Also look at Nuand bladeRF x40 very similar hardware, only older LMS6002M chip but this chip had cost same 110 at that time, only now price has been dropped to 35 or 15 in 5000 qty.

And cost of Nuand bladeRF x40 is and always has been 420, not 600 700 like it should be according to your calculation. No you are wrong the LMS7002M from Lime Microsystems will not cost 63 in 5000 qty to Lime Microsystems for their LimeSDR. they would have to get 1mil in this campaign to produce 5K units. The marketing spin in the video really irks me. No, you cannot just download an LTE basestation app and run it next to a Bluetooth app. Generating the baseband signal and receiving decoding the RF are an incredibly small part of any radio system.

The RF front-end amplification, filtering, switching, etc. are really hard to get right in a standards-compluant way. In some cases, the specs for the various standards are fundamentally incompatible. You simply will not be able to implement those radios in the same system and use the same front-end. It s unadulterated marketing BS. They sell hardware to telcos, personally I see no BS in their claim, two TX antennas and two RX antennas, multiple clocks more than you can shake a stick at and a 40k Logical Element FPGA on paper it is not like it is impossible to run GSM and Bluetooth most mobile handsets can do it granted it is much easier for a dumb handset, all the heavy lifting is done in the Base station subsystem.

v -Mee444kdl0 hint Electric motors generate a lot of EMI when active. Except the chip only puts out 0 dBm. You ll need 20-40 dB of gain after that for a usable and in many cases standards-compliant radio. Incredibly broadband, linear gain, depending on what standards are of interest. If you look at the graph on page 35 it shows a maximum of 10dB and a minimum of about -17dB.

My guess is that the output power is in and around that level for FCC compliance, to qualify as test equipment and avoid having to be certified. LTE is very demanding front-end wise. If it can do that it can do most other older standards. Bluetooth should be easy. The central government oversees the process.

Probably the PLL cannot hop fast enough to do the frequency hopping, but it has an NCO that can be used to digitally hop the frequency which works instantly. But that s the thing it s not doing that. It s generating the modulated carrier, receiving and demodulating the signal. It s putting out 0 dBm 1mWwhich is a couple of orders of magnitude short of being a useful amount of power for actual communications.

Even that is with external narrow band. Note the triple-stub tuner in Figure 25. When set up in a broadband 50 ohm environment, expect the transmit power to be even lower. This thread seems to be full of shills, Truth and softradiolover. I backed the product, I have read a lot about their chips, dissected their source code.

I feel people should back the product if they want cheap hardware. But I have also pointed where to get cheaper antennas and pigtails. I ve been on this site for 5 years search for my username and you will see thousands of posts. oh grandpa, nowadays its all digital domain, as long as you can sample enough bandwidth you are fine. Okay, that made my day, thanks. Nope, still not feeling it. Well, first of all you d need a power amplifier with sufficient linearity to cover the peak-to-average power ratio PAPR of LTE while meeting its stringent spectral regrowth specs.

What, exactly, would a front-end architecture look like that would accommodate LTE, WLAN, BT, and any of a number of different other standards and proprietary schemes you d care to throw at it, and be future proof. 4 GHz ISM band. Now make that PA broad-band enough to cover the 2. Dicey, but maybe still doable. At what point do you throw up your hands.

Okay, so let s move to a bandswitched approach. You re simply not going to do 10W with fantastic linearity over 4 decades of frequency. How many bands do you need to cover to satisfy everyone. With what linearity. Harmonic performance. At what cost. Next receive. Okay, fine, the cellular base station guys do that all day long, though it s not particularly cheap, compact, or efficient.

What was the intermod performance. Bet you could hit those specs over a few tens of MHz, maybe even an octave if they re not terribly stringent. You ever try to build a low-noise receive frontend to cover one band. Four decades. Nope, not a chance. Again with the bandswitching. Oh hey, you ve got an in-band image issue. Bet you wish you could filter.

Haha, nope, not if you want a Swiss army knife. Let s talk concurrent operation. Smartphone designers spend a whole lot of time figuring out how to structure their radios to prevent the Wi-Fi and BT transmitters from desensing the LTE Band 1 receiver. Lots of filtering and shielding, and many times it still takes a few tries.

That s 2-3 known standards. Extend that to N standards where N is unknown, ever increasing, and already large. Remember above how we had to band-switch our transmit and receive chains. What happens when three different radios need to transmit and receive on three different bands. Who gets what when. It s a trainwreck. What s that transmit intermod look like.

Diferenças Básicas Entre Binário e Digital, time: 2:55