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84 Although Sigourney Weaver favored Ripley s death at the end of Alien 3 in the hope that it would deter rumored Alien vs. However, the studio reconsidered abandoning the emphasis on heroine Ellen Ripley and told screenwriter Joss Whedon to make the story about a clone of Ripley instead. Predator films, she supported Whedon s concept of a human-Alien hybrid because of the character s uncertain loyalty to either half of her genealogy.

20th Century Fox initially conceived Alien Resurrection as centered around a teenage clone of Newt, inspired by Buffy Summers in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Annalee Call Edit. Annalee Call Winona Ryder is the newest crew member of the Bettyan undercover, second-generation synthetic an android manufactured by other androids to appear more human on a secret mission to kill Ripley 8 and her unborn Alien Queen.

After arriving on the AurigaCall infiltrates Number 8 s cell to kill her and discovers that the Queen has been extracted. Wren shoots Call, who falls to her apparent death, but she reappears and reveals her synthetic origin. She is apprehended by Wren, who rounds up the crew of the Betty for execution, but they overpower the USM soldiers and try to escape with Wren in custody. On the BettyCall is confronted by the Newborn; she is saved by Number 8, who ejects it into space. Annalee Call was originally written for Angelina Jolie; although Jolie auditioned, she turned down the role and Winona Ryder was cast in December 1996.

Call orders the Auriga to crash into Earth. 86 Call had a generally negative critical reception, largely due to a perceived lack of synergy with the film and the franchise. Roger Ebert praised Ryder s acting, but felt that she did not bring a strong presence or purpose to the film except as a familiar face to younger viewers.

87 Nordling agreed in a 2012 Ain t It Cool News analysis, saying that Call s synthetic origin is unnecessary and her only role is that of a surrogate audience. Dom Vriess Edit. Paraplegic Dom Vriess 89 Dominique Pinon is the Betty s chief engineer. He often whistles the Popeye theme. When the Aliens escape their confinement, Vriess holds his own with a collapsible shotgun while separated from the group.

After he rejoins the group, Christie carries him on his back and he helps defend the group from the Aliens until Christie sacrifices himself. The group escapes aboard the Bettyin which Vriess and Johner are co-pilots. Pinon and Ron Perlman were cast by Alien Resurrection director Jean-Pierre Jeunet largely due to the director s practice of casting recurring collaborators in unconventional, marginal roles.

90 In Deleuze and Film A Feminist IntroductionTeresa Rizzo explores Alien Resurrection s hybridization theme; the dynamic between Vriess and his wheelchair share a synergy of flesh and prosthetic with Number 8 and her Alien composition. Johner Ron Perlman is a crew member and mercenary on the Betty. After the crew boards the Auriga they encounter Number 8, whom Johner tries to seduce.

She overpowers him, attacking the rest of the crew as well. Johner Edit. The Aliens escape captivity, forcing Johner and the rest of the crew to collaborate with Number 8 to escape from the Auriga. When he asks Number 8 how Ellen Ripley defeated the Aliens, she replies that Ripley died. Aboard the BettyJohner and Vriess co-pilot their damaged ship to Earth. Perlman, a frequent collaborator with director Jean-Pierre Jeunet, said in a 2009 AMC Networks featurette that Alien Resurrection was his only film in which he feared for his life.

92 In a character-breaking occurrence, Perlman nearly compromised a shot of Sigourney Weaver making a basket from behind but editor Hervé Schneid was able to remove Perlman s reaction from the scene. 93 In From Alien to The Matrix Reading Science Fiction FilmRoz Kaveney interprets Johner and Number 8 as monogamous animals, with a weaker, aggressive male unsuccessfully attempting to seduce a stronger female.

Christie Edit. Christie Gary Dourdanan adept mercenary, is second-in-command of the Betty. When the crew goes underwater, Christie harnesses Vriess to his back and swims to the opening which puts them in the middle of a clutch of Alien eggs. Fleeing from the attacking Aliens, Christie is injured and his foot is snagged by an Alien.

After Call is apprehended and the crew rounded up for execution, Christie uses his hidden pair of pistols to shoot them out of their situation. Christie s sacrifice in the film is a heavily criticized plot element, with critics from online publications such as Cracked. During the filming of the underwater scene, Perlman struggled with the aquatic set and nearly drowned because he could not reach its openings.

com and Bloody Disgusting calling it avoidable and unnecessary. 95 96 In Keyframes Popular Cinema and Cultural StudiesMatthew Tinkcom and Amy Villarejo write that Christie reinforces an Alien -franchise trope shared by Parker in Alien and Dillon in Alien 3 where black characters save and sacrifice themselves for Caucasian characters. 97 The theme of hybridization is exemplified by Christie and Vriess, according to Rizzo in Deleuze and Film A Feminist Introduction ; while the two characters are harnessed together, they alternate movement, support and combat.

Frank Elgyn Michael Wincottthe Betty s captain, is Sabra Hillard s lover. Elgyn has an illegal partnership with General Martin Perez in which he delivers materials off the books to expedite the Auriga s research and other activities. Elgyn delivers a shipment of humans in cryostasis, which are used as incubators for the Aliens. He saves Vriess by detaching himself, allowing Christie to fall into the water below, sacrificing himself. Frank Elgyn Edit. Elgyn and Perez maintain an understanding that there will be no disruptive activity aboard the station.

This agreement is later compromised by Call by her contact with Ripley 8. Shortly after the Aliens escape captivity, Elgyn is killed when one of them pulls him through floor grates and impales him. Although Roz Kaveney generally criticizes Alien Resurrection in From Alien to The Matrix Reading Science Fiction Filmshe praises the film for depicting Elgyn as a rough character who has tender moments with Hillard; his leadership causes his death early in the film. Sabra Hillard Kim Flowers is the Betty s assistant pilot and Elgyn s romantic partner.

Sabra Hillard Edit. After his death, the situation overwhelms her and she breaks down. Martin Perez Edit. General Martin Perez Dan Hedaya is the commanding officer of the USM Aurigaoverseeing the ship s legal and illicit activities. After Ripley 8 is cloned and her Queen embryo is extracted, Perez is uneasy with her enhanced physical and psychological abilities but allows her to live; Dr. 98 In his JoBlo. com Arrow in the Head review, John Fallon calls Wincott s charisma one of the film s few redeeming qualities despite the poorly written character.

When the survivors must swim, Hillard s hesitation inadvertently puts her within reach of the Aliens; they catch her, and swim off with her flailing body. Gediman continue their research on her. Perez hires Elgyn to abduct a number of humans in cryostasis as incubators for the cloned Aliens; he gives the Betty s crew food and lodging, emphasizing that they cannot interfere with the research on the Auriga. When the Aliens board an escape craft, he sabotages them with a grenade.

In the drafts of the Alien Resurrection screenplay, writer Joss Whedon included a death scene in which a lifeform was sucked through a gap in the hull of a ship. An Alien bites the back of Perez head, exposing his brain. In the second draft, Perez was sucked through a fist-sized breach in the hull of the Auriga ; this was changed in the final version to the Newborn being sucked through the window of the Betty.

84 20th Century Fox executives were skeptical about the final version, seeing it as a comedic scene contrasting with the overall tone of the Alien franchise, but director Jean-Pierre Jeunet persuaded them to leave the scene in. Mason Wren Edit. Freeman is one of five scientists employed by the USM to clone the Alien Queen. After the Queen is extracted from Ripley, Wren conducts social experiments on Number 8 whom he considers a predator.

They overpower the infantry and take Wren hostage, forcing him to lead them to the Betty. He discovers Call infiltrating Number 8 s cell, and orders the mercenaries rounded up for execution. During an Alien attack, Wren shoots Call and escapes from his captors. He confronts the crew of the Betty aboard the ship as Larry Purvis Alien begins to emerge from his chest. Wren shoots Purvis, who overpowers him and pulls Wren s head to Purvis chest.

The chestburster erupts through Purvis rib cage and Wren s skull, killing them both. According to Roz Kaveney in From Alien to The Matrix Reading Science Fiction FilmWren is the only character to dominate Number 8. Although Johner unsuccessfully attempts to dominate her sexually, Wren dominates her with physical force and a dehumanizing attitude. 94 In a 2013 Total Film interview, writer Joss Whedon expressed discontent with the casting of J. Jonathan Gediman Brad Dourif is one of five scientists who clone Ripley, extract the Queen embryo and manage the cloned Aliens.

Freeman; the character was intended to have a mysterious element in his unscrupulous activities, which was overshadowed by typecasting. Jonathan Gediman Edit. After the embryo is extracted, Gediman begs Wren and Perez to allow Number 8 to live. When the Aliens escape, they abduct him while he investigates their disappearance.

Gediman, seen cocooned in the lair when Number 8 is brought to the Queen, is overjoyed to see the Queen give birth to a hybrid Newborn through a human reproductive system. After killing its mother, the Newborn bites into Gediman s skull and kills him. Joss Whedon wrote Gediman as a corrupt, twisted character whose amoral activities would become clear later in the film.

With the casting of Brad Dourif, however, Whedon felt that the mystery element was compromised because Dourif is commonly cast in unsettling roles. 101 In Alien Woman The Making of Lt. describe Gediman s dominance of Number 8 as similar to Wren s, Gediman sees her as a female predator, and Wren views her as a beastly object. Vincent DiStephano Edit. Vincent DiStephano Raymond Cruza United Systems Military soldier sent to capture the crew of the Bettyis captured by the mercenaries when the rest of the soldiers are killed by the Aliens.

He agrees to cooperate with the survivors to escape from the Auriga. When Call s identity as an Auton is revealed, DiStephano summarizes their history as second-generation synthetics created by other synthetics as sleeper agents. After DiStephano and the group board the Bettythe ship s cargo hatch is stuck open; when Call tries to fix it, she is confronted by the stowaway Newborn. DiStephano checks on her and is caught by the Newborn, which crushes his skull.

Vincent DiStephano was not included in the original screenplay for Alien Resurrectionbut director Jean-Pierre Jeunet admired Cruz previous work and had casting director Rick Pagano arrange a meeting. DiStephano was added to the cast as the remaining soldier and guide for the band of survivors. 103 In Alien Zone II The Spaces of Science-fiction CinemaAnnette Kuhn calls DiStephano s death at the hands of the Newborn a perverse joke because of its juxtaposition of infantile features and curiosity with gruesome killing.

Larry Purvis Edit. Larry Purvis Leland Orser is a test subject who is kidnapped as an incubator for the facehuggers. After he is impregnated and rescued, Call offers to bring him along so he can be frozen and the Alien embryo surgically extracted later. On the Bettythe survivors are ambushed and held at gunpoint by Dr. Wren when Purvis goes into convulsions. He staggers over to Wren, who shoots him. Purvis stays on his feet and overpowers Wren, pulling the scientist s head to his chest.

The Alien erupts through Purvis rib cage and Wren s head, killing them both. Larry Purvis character arc, overcoming victimization and heroically sacrificing himself to defeat his captor, was well received by critics. In From Alien to the Matrix Reading Science Fiction FilmRoz Kaveney calls the arc one of the most satisfying elements of Alien Resurrection ; an otherwise-unremarkable, universally disrespected character ensures the survival of the protagonists and gives Wren poetic justice.

105 Randy Laist interprets Pervis action as turning the givens of his techno-scientific reinvention into a source of resistance against the techno-scientific apparatus in Cinema of Simulation Hyperreal Hollywood in the Long 1990s. Elizabeth Shaw Edit. Elizabeth Shaw Noomi Rapace is an archaeologist and the central protagonist of Prometheus. After discovering a series of identical cave paintings depicting a star chart with her lover, Charlie Holloway, they convince Weyland Corporation founder Peter Weyland to finance an expedition to a probable origin candidate the moon LV-223.

After arriving at the moon and awakening in 2093 on the ship, the USCSS PrometheusShaw and Holloway introduce their theory that the star charts were created by Engineers a hypothetical, technologically advanced species which created humanity. Entering the structure covering the Engineer ship, the Juggernaut near where the Prometheus settledShaw discovers many Engineer corpses and a preserved head proving her and Holloway s theory. After having sex with an infected Holloway, Shaw is impregnated with an extraterrestrial organism which she has surgically removed.

She meets Peter Weyland, who had faked his death to remain alive long enough to meet an Engineer in cryosleep so his youth could be restored. After talking to Janek about the Engineers, Shaw concludes that they intended to destroy humanity and joins Weyland s expedition. She is subdued after she demands that an Engineer tell her why they intended to destroy humanity. After seeing the Engineer decapitate David and kill the expedition s crew, Shaw convinces Janek to sacrifice the Prometheus by flying the ship into the Juggernaut.

She returns to the Prometheus life-support unit, where the Engineer attacks her; he is subdued and impregnated by Shaw s extraterrestrial offspring. David convinces Shaw to return for his head and body so he can pilot another Engineer ship, and she asks him to take them to the Engineer s home world. With a final report to Earth detailing the events, Shaw and David leave the moon.

32 After David, whom Shaw has repaired, unleashes the mutagen against the Engineers and their ship crashes, Shaw sends a transmission of her singing Take Me Home, Country Roads by John Denver. David later confesses iqoption ubuntu Walter that she did not die in the crashas he initially claimed to the team from the colony ship Covenantten years after her disappearance. Walter later finds her dissected corpse, which David had used for his experiments to create a perfect version of the Alien, whilst Daniels finds sketches of what David had done to her.

107 During the development of PrometheusCharlize Theron, Anne Hathaway, Natalie Portman, Gemma Arterton, Carey Mulligan and Abbie Cornish were considered for the role of Elizabeth Shaw. 108 109 110 111 Noomi Rapace first came to director Ridley Scott s attention in 2009, when he watched the film adaptation of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo in which Rapace played Lisbeth Salander. Scott and Rapace met in 2010 and by January 2011, she was signed to play Shaw.

Shaw s religious passion is the central theme and driving force behind the events of Prometheuswith her search for God triggering the expedition s disastrous outcome. 112 The Swedish Rapace trained with a dialect coach to develop a British accent fitting the character s backstory. 113 Shaw was generally well received by critics, with many drawing parallels to Ellen Ripley to which Rapace was apathetic. 114 In a four-star review of PrometheusRoger Ebert praised Rapace s performance as in the same strong-female-lead vein as Weaver s in Alien.

115 Rapace was nominated for the Choice Movie Breakout Award at the 2012 Teen Choice Awards. 116 Her return in Alien Covenant was uncertain during the film s development, with Rapace and the filmmakers making contradictory statements about her involvement. She was confirmed as returning in a smaller capacity in June 2016, with the filming of her scenes lasting iqoption ubuntu week. David 8 Edit. David 8 Michael Fassbender is Peter Weyland s synthetic assistant and the creator of the Aliens.

The eighth in a line of David models representing Weyland s unfulfilled wish for a son, David was created by a middle-age Weyland, named after the eponymous Michelangelo statue. 27 While the Prometheus is en route to LV-223, David studies the Engineers presumed dialects, human culture and the dreams of the crew. After their arrival, David accompanies the expedition to the Juggernautwhere he acquires a vial of a black, extraterrestrial liquid.

David contaminates a drink he gives Holloway to impregnate Shaw with an extraterrestrial life form. He explores the Juggernaut and cuts his feed to Vickers, giving Weyland private-screening access as he learns about a last-surviving Engineer in cryosleep. David prepares Weyland for the expedition to awaken the Engineer. He translates Weyland s request for immortality, and the Engineer decapitates him and kills the rest of the expedition except for Shaw.

After Janek crashes the Prometheus into the JuggernautDavid s severed head warns Shaw that the Engineer is coming to kill her. After Shaw recovers his head and body, he promises to take her to the Engineers home world and they leave LV-223. He contacts her after she escapes from the life-support unit, telling her that he would like to help her escape LV-223 by piloting another Engineer ship.

32 David, whom Shaw has repaired, unleashes the mutagen on the Engineers home world, wiping them out along with all other non-floral life. David conducts experiments with the mutagen to create the perfect organism, and using Shaw s body for the experiments. When an expedition from the colony ship Covenant arrives ten years later, David saves them from Neomorphs. David is confronted by Walter about Shaw s fate, prompting David to disable him.

David attacks Daniels, but is interrupted by the recuperated Walter. He leads them to his base situated at the Engineer temple, where he becomes acquainted with his successor android, Walter, and lures Oram to get impregnated by a Facehugger, giving birth to the first Xenomorph. The two androids fight, with David emerging the victor and discretely assuming Walter s identity.

After escaping to the CovenantDavid coordinates the defense against the Alien that infiltrated the ship. After Daniels defeats the creature, David helps her and Tennessee into the sleeping pods. With Daniels in the pod, David reveals his true identity and puts her to sleep. David regurgitates two Facehugger embryos that he refrigerates with the human embryos and, impersonating Walter, sends out a transmission proclaiming that Daniels and Tennessee are the only survivors of the expedition.

After the synopsis of Prometheus was revealed in 2011, writer Damon Lindelof had an MTV interview in which he described David s primary function as the robotic, non-human observer. 118 When Prometheus was released, Lindelof said that David s apathy as a synthetic is a central theme of the film; while his human architects search for their creators, he is disillusioned at being confined by them since he considers himself superior.

119 Michael Fassbender, director Ridley Scott s first choice for the role, was cast as David in January 2011. 120 Instead of borrowing elements of the synthetic characters in the previously released Alien films, Fassbender studied the replicant character Rachel in Scott s 1982 science-fiction film Blade Runner and based his voice on the HAL 9000 computer in 2001 A Space Odyssey 121 and his movement on Olympic diver Greg Louganis, 122 David Bowie in The Man Who Fell to EarthDirk Bogarde in The Servant and Peter O Toole in Lawrence of Arabia.

123 Fassbender, receiving unanimous critical acclaim for his portrayal of David, 124 was nominated for Best Supporting Actor by the London Film Critics Circle and the Saturn Awards. Meredith Vickers Edit. After the ship settles down in 2093, she explains her lack of faith in the mission to Shaw and Holloway.

Meredith Vickers Charlize Theronan upper-level employee of the Weyland Corporation, is Peter Weyland s estranged daughter and joins the Prometheus expedition as a corporate overseer. While monitoring spectagraphs sensors deployed by Sean FifieldVickers is seduced by Janek in her quarters. She collaborates with David, who gives her a feed of his mission to explore the secrets of the Juggernautbut is denied access since he is directed by Peter Weyland.

When Holloway becomes infected Vickers bars him from the ship and, at his insistence, incinerates him with a flamethrower. As Weyland prepares to meet the Engineer, she warns him that a king has his reign, and then he dies. After seeing her father s death on a live feed, Vickers orders the Prometheus to return to Earth but Shaw convinces Janek to ram the Prometheus into the embarking Engineer ship.

Michelle Yeoh and Angelina Jolie were two early casting choices for Meredith Vickers. Realizing that she cannot escape, Vickers and her life-support unit are jettisoned to LV-223 s surface. Shortly after landing she is caught in the path of the rolling Engineer ship, which crushes her. 112 Although Charlize Theron was initially approached to play Elizabeth Shaw, she declined due to scheduling conflicts with Mad Max Fury Road. When Fury Road was delayed, Theron was cast as Vickers opposite Rapace.

108 After she was cast, Theron collaborated with director Ridley Scott and writer Damon Lindelof to create scenes developing the character s backstory and persona. 126 She interpreted the character as a villain who maintains a secret agenda undermining that of the mission. 127 Vickers was written, costumed and performed as dissociated from humanity. Her physical similarity to David suggests that his design mimicked Weyland s biological child and raises the possibility that she may be an android herself.

128 However, when asked if Vickers is an android, Lindelof clarified that she is indeed human. 129 Theron s performance was well-received, and she was nominated for a Choice Summer Movie Star Female award by the Teen Choice Awards. 116 Vickers failing to remove herself from the path of the rolling Juggernaut was an unpopular narrative decision, with film pundits like Robert Fure of Film School Rejects criticizing it for going against the judgment of an otherwise intelligent character.

Janek Idris Elba is captain of the Prometheus. Following Holloway s suggestion, he lands the ship near the structure containing the Juggernaut. During the expedition Janek remains on the Prometheusobserving the schematics which Fifield s spectagraphs develop. He seduces Meredith Vickers while Sean Fifield and Rafe Milburn radio for direction. Vickers and Janek recognize the Juggernaut as an Engineer ship. When Vickers orders Janek to bring the Prometheus home, Shaw tells him that the Engineer ship is headed to Earth to release the black liquid and annihilate the human race.

Janek decides to steer the Prometheus into the Engineer ship, and orders everyone to leave. Assistant pilots Chance and Ravel refuse and help Janek run the Prometheus into the Engineer ship, crippling it, sacrificing themselves, and saving the human race. While Shaw prepares to join Weyland on the expedition to awaken the Engineer, Janek says that the Engineers had nefarious intentions with the biological weapons and he will do whatever is necessary to protect Earth s interests.

In February 2011 Elba, known at the time for playing Stringer Bell in The Wirereportedly joined the cast of Prometheus in an undisclosed role. 131 When the film was released he described Janek s background, and the character s career as a longshoreman and sailor motivate him to maintain the well-being of his crew. 132 Roger Ebert praised Elba s performance, calling Janek s evolution the most interesting in the film.

Peter Weyland Guy Pearce is the elderly founder and owner of Weyland Corporation. Meredith Vickers estranged father and the creator of David, Weyland wants to meet the Engineers so his youth can be restored. Convinced of the veracity of Shaw and Holloway iqoption ubuntu findings and hypothesis, Weyland finances the voyage of the Prometheus to LV-223. Peter Weyland Edit. Shaw enters Weyland s quarters, where he prepares to meet the last Engineer who is in cryosleep.

On the ship, he orders David to try harder to uncover the Engineers secrets. When the Engineer learns about Weyland s intentions, he decapitates David and uses his head to beat Weyland to death. Dying, Weyland tells David that the voyage was in vain. 32 A younger Weyland appears a flashback in Alien Covenantengaging in conversation with a newly activated David. Writer Damon Lindelof conceived Peter Weyland as a man with a massive ego and a god complex. On the Engineer ship, he has David talk to the Engineer; Shaw interferes, and Weyland orders her subdued and shot if necessary.

135 To depict Weyland s aging, Pearce wore heavy prosthetics requiring five hours to apply and one hour to remove. The actor worked to replicate the speech patterns and movements of an elderly man. 134 During the film s early development director Ridley Scott intended Max von Sydow to play Weyland, but he began to favor Guy Pearce when a scene was written with a younger version of the character.

136 Although Weyland s younger version was omitted from Prometheus final screenplay, the film marketed the character with a fictional, futuristic TED talk in which Pearce appears without prosthetics. 134 His performance was generally negatively received because of the unconvincing prosthetics and the casting of a 44-year-old actor as a 103-year-old man. 137 However, the Weyland Industries web campaign was recognized by the Key Art Awards.

138 In October 2016, it was reported that Pearce would be reprising his role as a younger version of Weyland in Alien Covenant. Charlie Holloway Edit. Charlie Holloway Logan Marshall-Green is an archaeologist who discovers star charts in caves around the world with his lover, Elizabeth Shaw. After awakening from cryosleep near LV-223, he introduces the purpose of the mission with Shaw. While the Prometheus flies over the moon, Holloway spots an artificial arrangement of structures and directs the ship to land near one.

He goes with the first expedition crew to the concealed Juggernautdiscovers that the air is clearer than anywhere on Earth and removes his helmet. After Shaw retrieves a preserved Engineer head, the expedition is informed of an incoming storm and Holloway and the rest of the crew return to the Prometheus. David brings Holloway a drink, and they discuss the merits of creating beings; he tainted the drink with a minute organism from a cylinder he brought from he structure, infecting Holloway.

Holloway has sex with Shaw shortly afterwards, impregnating her with an alien embryo. After seeing a small, extraterrestrial parasite in his eye, Holloway returns to the Engineer ship and becomes ill. Disappointed by the Engineers apparent extinction, he sulks and berates Shaw for still being a Christian. As the expedition returns, Holloway worsens; the infection becomes obvious, and Vickers obeys his request to kill him with a flamethrower outside the ship.

Logan Marshall-Green was first considered for Prometheus when casting director Avy Kaufman saw him in an Off-Off-Broadway play. Kaufman requested an audition tape for what she described as a science-fiction film directed by Ridley Scott. Scott viewed the tape and offered Marshall-Green the role. 140 In an Empire article, Marshall-Green described Holloway as a thrill-seeking scientist who looks before he leaps. 132 Unlike Shaw, his deeply religious lover, the actor described Holloway as a scientist, skeptic and atheist.

141 Although Marshall-Green s performance was generally considered competent by critics, the character was criticized. Oliver Lyttelton of IndieWire was disappointed that Holloway contributed to the plot apart from his mutation. 142 In a negative review of PrometheusNick Pinkerton of the Village Voice criticized a lack of chemistry between Shaw and Holloway. Fifield Edit. Fifield Sean Harris is a geologist on the Prometheus.

After waking up, he rejects friendly overtures from Millburn and casts doubt on Shaw and Holloway s mission hypothesis. Fifield accompanies the expedition to an artificial structure and deploys his spectagraphs, which begin to develop a layout for the Juggernaut. When the expedition encounters a decapitated Engineer, Fifield abandons his research and leaves the group with Millburn following. They become lost, failing to rendezvous with the rest of the expedition who has left because of the storm, and find a mound of Engineer corpses and a hidden room containing the thawed, mutating black liquid.

Fifield decapitates one, and its corrosive blood melts his helmet. Harris reportedly joined the cast of Prometheus in February 2011 with Idris Elba and Kate Dickie. They also encounter Hammerpedes extraterrestrial, eel-like creatures which attack them. The deformed and mutated Fifield returns to the Prometheuswhere he attacks the crew and murders several members before he is killed. 131 Harris described Fifield as an audience surrogate who is very cautious and questions dangerous situations.

132 Jon Spaihts, author of Alien Engineers the original prequelwrote Fifield as changing directly into an Alien from the black mutagen, tying the film into the Alien canon. During its evolution into PrometheusRidley Scott decided to diverge from the previous films and establish a separate canon. 144 In a deleted take of Fifield s mutated face he is more deformed and reminiscent of an Alien, with an elongated cranium under the melted, translucent helmet, long arms and sharp teeth.

The character s final depiction retained Fifield s human appearance. Millburn Rafe Spall is a biologist who is a part of the Prometheus expedition. Millburn Edit. After awakening, he tries to become friends with Fifield who rejects him. Millburn joins the initial expedition to the Engineers artificial structure concealing the Juggernauttagging along with Fifield after he is upset by the number of corpses.

Separated from the rest of the expedition, they are stranded in the ship. Millburn and Fifield enter the room containing the thawed black liquid and encounter the Hammerpedes. When Millburn tries to pet one it attacks him, breaking his arm and jumping down his throat. When the crew of the Prometheus returns the next day, they find Millburn s body with the Hammerpede still in his throat. Spall auditioned for another role, but Ridley Scott asked him to play Millburn.

132 Trying to duplicate the reaction of the Alien cast to the chestburster scene, the director did not tell the Prometheus cast that a Hammerpede puppet was in the silicon replica of Spall s body; Kate Dickie s scream is genuine. 146 The character of Milburn was criticized, since no biologist would touch an unidentified, extraterrestrial organism displaying hostility.

Spall defended his character, citing a deleted scene where Millburn holds a smaller, docile Hammerpede. Walter One Edit. Walter One Michael Fassbender is an android and first member of the Walter line made to replace the David line serving aboard the colony ship Covenant. Walter maintains the ship while the colonists are in cryosleep when there is an unexpected neutrino flare from a nearby star, which damages the ship, forcing him to awaken the crew.

After Christopher Oram orders the ship to divert from Origae-6 for the closer and more habitable Engineer home world, Walter joins the expedition force that lands on the planet. He joins the survivors in taking refuge at David s base, where he becomes acquainted with David and their differences in programming are revealed in one another.

Walter surmises that David killed Shaw and when he confronts him about this fact and refuses David s offer to join him, David impales him with a flute, seemingly destroying him. Walter temporarily recovers and engages David in a melee David emerges victorious and assumes Walter s identity. In the ensuing Alien outbreak, he is attacked by a Neomorph, which bites off his hand. Daniels Edit. She awakens from cryosleep when the ship is damaged by a neutrino burst from a nearby star, resulting in the death of her husband and the captain of CovenantJacob Branson.

Daniels Katherine Waterston is a terraforming expert serving aboard the colony ship Covenant. When Shaw s transmission is traced back to the habitable Engineer home world, Daniels repeatedly states her discontentment with veering off course with the new captain, Christopher Oram. Daniels joins the expedition down to the surface of the planet, where she discovers Shaw s identification card.

When the lander explodes, Daniels prevents Christopher from getting himself killed and is subsequently attacked by a Neomorph. David intervenes, and Daniels joins him and the rest of the survivors back to his base. Daniels orders Tennessee to extract them immediately. She is assaulted by David, who forces himself on her, but Walter intervenes, allowing Daniels to reach the cargo lander. Aboard Covenantwhich Daniels is now in command of, another Alien is detected, forcing her, Tennessee and David, secretly disguised as Walterto work together to dispose of it.

Daniels and Tennessee lure the Alien to the terraforming bay, where they impale and eject it into space. The last human awake, Daniels is being returned to cryosleep by David, who inadvertently reveals his identity by not being able to recount Daniels fantasy about building a log cabin by a lake, which she had previously recounted to Walter. Horrified, but unable to escape, Daniels is returned to stasis. Christopher Oram Edit. The lander is boarded by an Alien, prompting Daniels to exit the vehicle and help kill it herself.

Christopher Oram Billy Crudup is the chief mate aboard the colony ship Covenant and the husband of Karine Oram. With Branson s death as a result of the neutrino flair from the nearby star, Christopher becomes the captain of Covenantthough he perceives his command as being questioned by Daniels and the other crew members due to his religious background. When Shaw s transmission is received from the habitable Engineer home world, Christopher orders Covenant to divert to the planet, though his judgment is met with protests from Daniels.

After leading a ground expedition to the crashed Engineer ship, Christopher returns to the lander to see it explode. Christopher accepts David s aid on behalf of the survivors and accompanies David back to his base. He iqoption ubuntu for Rosenthal, whom he finds decapitated, along with David communicating with the Neomorph that killed her. Christopher kills the Neomorph and holds David at gunpoint, demanding an explanation for his activities.

David goads Christopher into approaching an egg, which results in a Facehugger attacking and impregnating him. Christopher is awoken a short time later by David, only to have the first Alien chestburster erupt from his chest, killing him. Tennessee Edit. Tennessee Danny McBride is the pilot of the Covenant and Maggie Faris husband. During a space walk to repair the solar recharge sails of the CovenantTennessee inadvertently intercepts a signal from Shaw, which prompts the colonization mission to divert towards the signal s source.

While the brunt of the crew embarks on an excursion to the surface of the Engineer home world, Tennessee pilots Covenant in high orbit. Due to an ionic storm, he is unable to have adequate communication with the expedition. To regain communications, Tennessee brings Covenant dangerously close to the storm, which allows Daniels to privately reveal to him that Maggie is dead. Tennessee pilots a cargo lander down to the surface of the planet and extracts Daniels, Lope and David impersonating Walter, assisting with killing an Alien in the process.

Aboard Covenantthe crew is alerted to an Alien stowaway, prompting Tennessee to work with Daniels to dispose of it. They lure it to the terraforming bay, where it is ejected into space. Tennessee subsequently returns to cryosleep before Daniels does. Sergeant Lope Edit. Lope Demián Bichir is the ranking military officer aboard the Covenant who is married to Sergeant Hallett.

Lope leads the excursion on the planet s surface to the crashed Engineer ship. David leads him to his makeshift laboratory, as well as a hatchery, where he keeps a number of Alien eggs. On the journey back to the lander, Lope notices Hallett s condition deteriorating, which alarms him. Upon reaching the lander, the ship explodes and a Neomorph attacks while another bursts from his husband s throat.

A Neomorph attacks Lope when David intervenes and leads the survivors to his base, where Lope discovers Shaw s corpse. He is attacked by a Facehugger, but he is quickly and seemingly saved by Cole, who manages to cut it off him, though his face is severely burned by acid in the process. As Cole is killed by a now mature Alien, Lope escapes with the other survivors to the cargo lander. Aboard CovenantLope receives medical treatment, but dies when an Alien erupts from his chest, revealing that despite the short time that the Facehugger was on him, it succeeded in impregnating him.

Karine Oram Edit. Karine Oram Carmen Ejogo is a biologist aboard the Covenant who is married to Christopher Oram. After Branson dies and her husband becomes the new captain of the CovenantKarine reassures him when he questions whether the crew respects him as their new leader. During the ground expedition towards the crashed Engineer ship, Karine diverts off the path to collect samples for research. Her escort, Ledward, becomes ill from his alien infestation, prompting Karine to help him back to the lander.

While attempting to provide Ledward with medical assistance, Maggie Faris witnesses the beginnings of a severe infection on Ledward s back. Out of fear, she locks Karine in with him. A Neomorphs bursts out of Ledward s back and mauls Karine to death. Maggie Faris Edit. Maggie Faris Amy Seimetz is the lander pilot serving aboard the Covenant and Tennessee s wife. Faris pilots the lander carrying the excursion team down through the ionic storm, to the surface of the planet.

While the excursion team makes their way to the crashed Engineer ship, Faris stays with the lander, to calibrate its instruments and communicate with Tennessee. She receives communications from Karine Oram that Ledward is ill, prompting her to prepare the medical bay. Upon seeing Ledward s deadly and potentially contagious condition, Faris locks Karine and him in the medical bay, refusing to allow Karine to escape.

When the Neomorph emerges and escapes the room, Faris arms herself and attempts to kill it. In the process, she inadvertently damages the lander, causing it to explode. A burning Faris stumbles out of the ship and succumbs to her injuries on the foot ramp. Ricks Jussie Smollett is a navigator serving aboard the Covenant and Upworth s husband.

While the excursion team departs down to the Engineer home world, Ricks stays in the cockpit of the Covenant alongside Tennessee and Upworth. As Tennessee brings the ship within eighty kilometers of the ionic storm, Ricks protests with his wife. When Tennessee looks to come within forty kilometers, Ricks once again protests with Upworth, but relents when she agrees to utilize the command override to reduce altitude. After the survivors from the excursion are rescued, Ricks and Upworth have sex in the shower.

Midway through, a stowaway Alien prods Upworth with its tail and impales Ricks through the back of his head, killing him before moving on to Upworth. Upworth Edit. Upworth Callie Hernandez is a medic serving aboard the Covenant and Ricks s wife.

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