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I m sure Tony would accept your apology wholeheartedly and he doesn t feel bad about the fact that you say that. How do I learn from that kind of information. I think the first reaction I have is that humanity is infinite. Minds are infinite. The variety of minds, the variety of ways people are constituted is more than anyone of us can imagine. The fact that Tony Robbins worked for me at that point in my life is not medicine for everyone.

Rob sneezes. Guy Bless you. Rob I don t know how that s going to sound on the audio. Guy So what happened And I can see Rob on this video conferencing we have. There I m talking about Tony Robbins and he said how Tony Robbins, he just doesn t connect with him and I m trying to explain something and he Rob choked on his thoughts laughs which is just a really interesting Freudian event in this podcast.

If you see it as shtick and if it s a total turnoff to you, I m going to honor that. I don t think you should feel any differently about it. I think that s totally fine. That s an indication of something. As long as you understand what it s an indication of there s absolutely no problem with that. I was not far away. I was standing in the back of the room and it looked like total shtick to me too but I was also in desperate need of something.

I was in desperate, desperate need of something to kick-start me, a change in perspective in my personality that would help me start moving toward my goals. If I had been standing further back or had arrived later or if, for some reason, Tony Robbins had been more of a turnoff, I would have not made it over that barrier. But maybe, within a very short period of time, some completely different life event or life experience would have gotten me onto the same path. Maybe it would have been climbing a mountain or going off on a holiday with friends or transcendental meditation who knows.

I just think it s really important. You don t have to get there if Tony Robbins isn t your type of thing. Something I tried to express to as many people as I can is, as long as you re walking somewhere, as long you re on any path of self-exploration, then that s the right thing. You need to trust yourself as to what that is and don t take anybody s guidance. Don t listen to Guy Spier gushing about Tony Robbins or anything else.

In my case, having looked you in the eye at least through video-conferencing I m pretty confident that the way he turns you off, you should not feel concerned about it. When we have to face up to our fears and overcome our internal challenges, I think there are a lot of excuses we find not to do that because we all prefer not to do that. When we miss the appointment with the psycho therapist, we miss the opportunities to be challenged.

I sense in a lot of people who don t want to go to Tony Robbins seminar, that they want to dismiss it and what s really going on is that they re fearful of what they might learn about themselves or they re fearful of making changes. If the answer is, in all honesty, that you do have to face up to some things in your life that you re still utterly turned off by Tony Robbins, then find another way to face up to those issues. What I d really want to say to them and I don t think it s the case, in your case, is just to say, Is it that you re really turned off by Tony Robbins or is it that you re actually fearful about making changes and facing up to some issue in your life.

I ll give you one simple idea that is coming up for me. Next year will be the 25 th year of my Harvard Business School class so I will go to my 25 th year reunion. Reunions can be really hard events because they force you to confront they forced me to confront what my hopes and dreams were then, what I ve managed to achieve and what I ve not managed to achieve as well as who have I become and how have I changed.

That s the reason I encourage all of my friends to attend reunions even if they re not looking forward to it and even if they don t like the feeling of showing up there. My 10 th year reunion at business school was a very hard reunion because I actually wanted to be married and I wasn t. If it feels bad it may help you to make some really important changes you want to make in your life.

I wanted to be married and I didn t even have a girlfriend. For your listeners, the guys who don t like Tony Robbins no problem, as long as you re on a path of growth and learning in some way or other. Rob I read his book, Moneywhich was interesting even though it was long. That was a great question. I showed up to the reunion and there were all these happy classmates of mine with babies and wives and marriage photos and that was painful for me. And Rob, that wasn t a left turn.

But, it helped me to realize what compromises I needed to make and what things I needed to do differently in order to find myself in the position where I was able to get married. Maybe I need to read, Awaken the Giant Within. Or maybe I don t. It s just that every person I talk to about Tony Robbins and it s come up with other business owners, in particular, that I know. They all love him and I m thinking, Am I missing out.

Maybe the better question though, for you is, did you really walk over hot coals. Guy It didn t. Rob I don t get that. I ve done it four or five times. Rob Did it hurt. Rob There s a trick. There s got to be a trick, right. Guy I don t think it s as much a trick as it simply I suspect if you look at the science carefully, you ll realize that somewhere between the ashes of the hot coals and the limited amount of time you re spending on them, it s not that big a deal.

You don t need to get yourself into a peak state or any of those things. The real value of walking over the hot coals is a very powerful metaphor for life. And doing it in that way, having the preparation that Tony Robbins gives you and the celebration afterwards sears into every person who does the fire-walk, the experience of, I was incredibly fearful.

I ve overcome those fears. I took the steps and here I am celebrating. There is so much of life that requires you to do exactly that. One of the things that inspired me is when you ve got somebody who is stuck in a dead-end job working as a payables accountant at some company and they re just too fearful to make the change, they come to the Tony Robbins seminar and they make the change.

They come out and they know their life is going to be better. Or even more moving for me is when somebody and you get this at every seminar, somebody who is a spouse in an abusive marriage where the spouse is abusing them. We ve all read stories in the newspapers about how, when you re an abused spouse, there are all sorts of iq option plataforma why you don t leave the situation that is utterly horrific.

And every sane person should leave. Tony Robbins gives them the power. In many cases, you re a self-started. You run your own business, you re a happy guy. You have retirement savings and you re in a really, really fantastic place, but Tony Robbins helps people who are not in such a fantastic place. In some ways it was ridiculous to me that I was not in a great place given the enormous advantages I had in life. I m very grateful to Tony for giving me that kick-start but some people show up to those seminars that don t have any of the advantages I did and come out capable of taking what Tony Robbins would call, massive action.

Rob There s no question he s helped millions of people. Guy I think of this his name s running out of my head but maybe it ll come back if I talk about him. The Sea of Sales Force Corporation credits the whole sales group corporation which the last time I checked had a market valuation of 60 billion, he credits his exposure to Anthony Robbins.

I do think that being at a seminar, if you have the time and energy it really iq option plataforma worth showing up to a seminar just to see what it s like, live, because it s experiential learning. Reading a book is great but it s nowhere near it s less than one-tenth of the value of being in the seminar. Maybe I ll learn something. I would say it s less than 100 th of being in a seminar.

Listen, I can t thank you enough for your time. So, Aquamarine Fund, before we go and I ll include links to it as well as to your book in the show notes so people can find them, you re still accepting investors. Or is that a closed fund. Guy It s not closed. I think that I ve naturally put up all these obstacles to people coming in because I want it to feel to me like it s my family in a club.

But yeah, we re open to investors to the right kinds of investors. Rob What s the right kind of investor. Guy It s somebody who, first of all, has the cash to invest with cash they don t need for at least five years if not longer. And, they want to join me in the enterprise of finding and discovering better businesses to own at a good price and becoming a partner with me in doing that. Specifically becoming a partner with Guy Spier where they don t just want to just be a customer.

There are people who have invested with me that I ve not met but I will meet them at my partnership meeting. There s kind of a self-selection going on which is just so enormously fun. So that s why I say, for the right people. Rob I got this invitation but I m not an investor so I assume the partnership meetings are just for the investors. If somebody s expressed interest in the fund in the past, or if you re just a guy that I am interested in and I m interested in you, Rob. Rob Well, I will see if he s coming to the DC area anytime soon and maybe I ll give it a go.

The partnership meetings become kind of a collection of like-minded people who are either investors in the fund or people who have expressed interest in the fund, or people I m interested in. It s certainly not the Berkshire Hathaway meeting but I think there is part of me that s trying to create a miniature Berkshire Hathaway, if you like, in that I want to collect like-minded people there. Nothing would make me happier than for you it s happened, actually. People meet each other and they find investors.

I know a couple of guys who now share office space. They do business with each other. I mean, I want all of those things to happen. I think that s a lovely thing. Rob Well, God willing, I m going to come this year. One of the reasons is so that 20 years from now when your meeting s at Madison Square Garden because you need a place that big, I ll be able to say, like the Berkshire folks now who went to his meetings in the 80s say, Oh, I was there when we were at the Columbia University Faculty House.

Guy Laughs It is a great location by the way. And I just hope I have something useful to say. Rob Please, please. What I should ask for the listeners, what s the minimum investment. Or is there one. Guy I ve railed against this because it really frustrates me. I d rather have a guy who knows what I m about, who wants to invest 20,000 than a guy who doesn t know anything about what I m about who has 5 million to invest. It was very kind of you to ask though, Rob. But, because of all sorts of regulations, I can only accept an investor we can reduce it from 1 million to 500,000 but we can t go below that.

I m always uncomfortable answering because I want this to be adding value to your listeners and not me talking about whatever product I m touting or something like that. Rob I appreciate that. Look, I can tell you right now, the listeners sense your generosity. There s no question about that. But you re in the business you re an investor. You ve done extremely well the last two decades. Guy Thank you.

Rob If there are listeners that want to explore that more, I think they should know how to so I ll include a link to your website so they ll be able to go and get information there. And I will be sending you back this card. I wish I could come to Zurich but it ll probably have to be New York. Guy Actually, Rob, just a couple of things.

I m having so much fun talking to you. You might split this into two podcasts because there s got to be somebody on a very long commute to listen to this point laughs but I have a small conference I hold every year called, Value X. I ll send you to that website. By the way, Rob, you ll love it. You ll absolutely love it.

Rob Not well, but I can fall down a mountain as well as anybody. Guy It s skiing and talking about investing. It s just an incredible group of guys. A friend of mine based here in Zurich we used to organize a conference together then we had slightly different views and ideas about how to run the conference so we had two different conferences, but my friend John Miljevich in the summertime, has something called the Zurich Project.

You could come here and do 20 phenomenal podcast interviews with some extraordinary minds. I won t give you the name because that would be incredibly embarrassing to him but, I m sitting with this guy at the Zurich Project and after about 20 minutes of conversation he tells me he s actually a friend of Mark Zuckerberg so I immediately fall on the floor. I have to pick myself up and he said, I m just a friend. I m not anything else.

We re just buddies. But this guy had sat with Mark Zuckerberg on a regular basis and he s just there hanging out at the Zurich Project. And, John Miljevich has this publication of managing ideas and in New York they run something called, The Lattice Work. I think he calls it, The Lattice Work, which is a similar kind of idea just like Investment Minds Meeting Investment Minds.

It s democratic and relatively low cost. John s is a little bit bigger and slightly more expensive but it s, I think, easier to become a part of it. What am I telling you. There are other places. There s the Berkshire. Have you been to the Berkshire meeting, Rob. Rob I ve been twice. Once I took my wife and daughter and the other time I took our son.

Guy These are all kind of mini Berkshire meeting type of events. It would be great to have you at my partnership meeting. I d be so happy to have you there. Rob I appreciate it. I ll just give you a story. It s in my book but I was repeating it the other day and it s such an astounding story There I am at my first Berkshire Hathaway meeting and I go to the toilets and I ve just taken a leak that s my English expression. And who comes out of the stalls but Warren Buffett.

And I m like, Oh, my God. That s Warren Buffett. He looks at me and he doesn t know me from a bar of soap because I m just one of his many shareholders. And he just smiles at me and says, I always get a little nervous before these things. It just put the icing on it for me. It humanized him, for me because he was nervous before his own meeting.

And the love he showed for his shareholders when I think that Rob Berger, who has a 2,100 rating in chess wants to come to my partnership meeting in New York, just wracks my nerves a little bit. Rob Buffett has a Grand Master that comes well at least every year I ve been, and plays blindfold speed chess, or a simul with, I think it was Patrick Wolfe the last time I was there. Guy That s right. Rob Well, listen Guy, you ve been terrific. I will definitely be there in New York. This has been a lot of fun.

I m going to send this in today. It s been great being on your show. I think more importantly, thank you for providing an extraordinary service to your listeners and readers. Again, you emailed me out of the blue. I would not have responded the way I did unless I had heard you on the podcast and thought I could see this is a guy who has got no axe to grind. He s got no agenda.

He just wants to help other investors, which is great. We need more people like you in the world and we should celebrate the people in the world that are like you. So, I m so happy and honored actually, that you d want me on your podcast so thank you. Rob Thank you, I appreciate it. Guy I will send you the recording of this. What I d like to believe is that I kind of love playing with technology so if you split the sound track if it s possible, then you will be able to get my side of it recorded locally and your side of it recorded locally and you ll get a high quality for both sides, I hope.

It would be terrible if you sent it to me and the audio file was blank laughs. Rob I hope so too. Let s hope it recorded well. If not, at least you and I will have enjoyed the interview. I will look for that and I thank you. I ll email your folks when it s live but it will be a couple of weeks before we have it up. Do you use some kind of editing service. Rob Well, I edit my own. I normally don t edit interviews at all. Even with my hacking and coughing, I may or may not edit it but I have the software to do that if I need to.

Guy And, is chess24 better than Internet Chess Club. Rob I think chess24 is one of the best out there. You can join for free. They do have a premium thing that gives you a few extra features. It s a great interface, very easy to use. They have an app for the iPhone if you want to play on your phone or iPad. Guy I ll take a look. And, what s your handle. Rob My handle is odd. It s boogonie. It s actually a nickname I had in college. It was a play on the word Berger and benoni.

Benoni is an opening for black that I used to play so somehow they called it the bergnonie I don t know why. But it s boogonie. I have a little picture of myself, kind of like the kind that is in The Wall Street Journal except that I weighed about 30 pounds more than I do today. Guy You re looking pretty trim, I must say. Rob I look a little chunky on chess24. That s what a bad back will do for you.

I had terrible back problems and if you ever want motivation to work out and get into shape, have a bad back. Guy Well, hopefully I ll find another motivation. Again, thank you. I ll look for the audio. It s been great. Guy Have a good rest of the day. My problem is that I don t want to charge anybody any real amount of money so I always have too many people, more people who want to attend than can attend.

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If you re shopping for a tablet, especially if you have a Windows computer or Android phone, it s time to look at models that might fit into your lifestyle better than an iPad. It s possible to find stats that support the notion that every tablet maker is winning right now. The most recent Strategy Analytics global tablet numbers have Android dominating sales, with Apple selling just 30 percent of the tablets out there in the second quarter of 2013.

But competing research firm Chitika says that more than 80 percent of North American tablet usage comes from iPads. The obvious explanation is that Apple tablets are more successful in the U. than abroad, and iPad users surf the Web on their tablets much more than other tablet users do. Once you expand your vision beyond the iPad, though, a bunch of exclusive features start to come into view. The new Intel Bay Trail tablets, such as the Asus Transformer Book T100, will run every app advertised for Windows, with no compromises.

Microsoft s Windows RT tablets, such as the Surface 2, feature a full version of Microsoft Office, and typically give you the option of an add-on keyboard for even better productivity. With its pressure-sensitive Wacom pen support, Samsung s Galaxy Note is the go-to tablet for anyone who likes to doodle or scrawl.

Amazon s Kindle Fire HDX goes in an entirely different direction It s super-easy to use, with unlimited on-demand, 24-hour live video customer support. The iPad has none of those features. In the world of non-Apple tablets, our major concern right now focuses on stability and system lag. Some of the tablets in this story served up occasional crashes as a trade-off for their unique features in our tests. But those kinds of issues can be fixed with firmware updates, and both Microsoft and Android tablet makers have been issuing bug fixes on a pretty regular basis.

I m pretty sure you ll find a tablet you like here, but if you don t, check out our full list of tablet reviews. We ve identified 10 top contenders to take on the new iPad Air, but we ve tested plenty more. Microsoft Surface 2. See who s competing best against the large-screen iPad Air here in the U. Microsoft Surface 2 32GB. Operating System Windows RT Pros Improves upon a great design with high-res display and improved kickstand.

Faster performance thanks to Nvidia Tegra 4 processor. All-day battery lasts more than 14 hours. Comes with Office RT 2013 now with OutlookBest of Skype package, and 200GB SkyDrive storage. Cons TouchCover and TypeCover keyboards sold separately. App selection is still relatively small. Windows RT 8. 1 is still limited and confusing. Bottom Line The Microsoft Surface 2 brings the Windows RT tablet back with better hardware, a refined design, and expanded productivity tools.

Operating System Windows RT Pros Comfortable keyboard dock with speakers and amazing battery life. Plenty of ports. Cons Doesn t run all Windows apps. Bottom Line Now on sale for 399. 99, the Dell XPS 10 has an incredible 20 hours of battery life so you can run Microsoft Office all day. Just don t try to install any Windows apps that aren t certified for Windows RT.

Asus Transformer Pad Infinity TF700. Operating System Google Android Pros Excellent snap-on keyboard. Sharp screen. Relatively light Android skin. Cons About to be replaced with a new model with better specs. Bottom Line The Asus Transformer Pad Infinity is a great buy for a sharp quad-core Android tablet, especially now that it s being sold for 369 at some retailers. But its processor trails behind this year s Android and Windows tablet models, so it s being replaced by a faster, higher-resolution TF701 very soon.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10. 1 2014 Edition. Operating System Google Android Pros Multi-window multitasking. Pressure-sensitive stylus integrated throughout the UI. Great display. Bottom Line The Galaxy Note 10. 1 2014 excels at note-taking and productivity for an Android tablet, but application crashes and user interface lag prevented us from recommending it over the iPad.

Sony Xperia Tablet Z. Operating System Google Android Pros Thin and light design. Cons Mediocre battery life. Doesn t feel durable. Bottom Line Handsome and stuffed with entertainment features, the Sony Xperia Tablet Z is an elegant, powerful Android tablet, especially for home use. HP Slatebook X2. Operating System Google Android Pros Snap-on keyboard.

Two memory card slots. Cons Dim display. Bottom Line The HP Slatebook X2 has a very useful convertible design, lots of ports, and great gaming performance, but we were annoyed by periodic freezes and crashes. Great price for a Tegra 4-based tablet. Google Nexus 10. Operating System Google Android Pros Sharp, very high-res display. Excellent price for the specs. Cons Sluggish and buggy for the hardware specs.

Bottom Line Google s official 10-inch tablet underperformed its spec sheet because of too many software bugs and an OS that didn t seem optimized for the hardware. Nothing s official, but we re hearing grumblings about a new large-screen Google tablet on the horizon. Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8. Operating System Google Android Amazon Fire OS 3. 0 Pros Super easy to use interface.

Mayday tech support is revolutionary. Good parental controls. Cons Constantly tries to get you to buy more things from Amazon. Bottom Line The Kindle Fire s FreeTime parental controls and excellent live, video tech support makes this the best tablet for kids and technophobes. 9-inch model yet, but the 7-inch HDX fared well in our tests. Asus Transformer Book T100. Asus Transformer Book T100HA.

We haven t reviewed the 8. Operating System Windows 8. 1 Pros Amazing price for a 10-inch, full Windows tablet. Attachable keyboard dock. Cons 1,366 by 768 isn t the greatest screen resolution. Bottom Line You don t have to pay 800 to get a real Windows tablet that runs the millions of Windows apps out there. The Asus Transformer Book T100 is one of the first round of new, low-cost Windows tablets running Intel s Bay Trail processor. Nokia Lumia 2520.

Operating System Windows RT Pros Gorgeous glossy design. Excellent wraparound keyboard case. Comes with Microsoft Office. Cons Doesn t run many Windows apps. Asus promises long battery life. Bottom Line The Lumia 2520 one-ups the Surface with an even-prettier design, also keeping the built-in Microsoft Office apps but still suffering incompatibility with many apps advertised for Windows. Tablet Best Picks. The Best iPad Cases for 2020 The Best Tablets for 2020 The Best Kids Tablets for 2020 The Best Cheap Tablets for 2020 The Best Android Tablets for 2020.

Tablet Reviews. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus Microsoft Surface Book 3 15-Inch Amazon Fire HD 8 2020 Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8. TCL Adds 10 Tab Series Tablets, Senior-Focused Smartwatch to Its Lineup Hands On With the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 vs. Apple iPad Pro Which One Can Replace Your Laptop.

Samsung Focuses on Productivity With 5G-Capable Galaxy Tab S7 Tablets More in Tablets. Weatherproof, wire-free cameras High quality 2K video Smart A. The Alro Pro 3 is a top-notch choice for smart home security. features Simple to install and use Easy upgrade for existing Arlo owners Minor performance issues with multiple 2K streams Advanced features require subscription. This review was last updated by Digital Trends editor John Velasco on 8 11 2020.

Since its early days as a quirky offshoot of Netgear, Arlo has found its rhythm with a superb selection of wire-free and weatherproof smart cams. The high-definition Arlo Pro 2 tops our list of 2019 s best outdoor security cameras, and it s a fine choice for indoor monitoring, too. In April 2019, Arlo s Ultra 4K arrived, marking the first shot fired in a next-generation battle for UHD smart cam supremacy. It boasts superior image clarity and impressively wide vistas, but a 300-per-camera price tag and a restrictive upgrade path for existing Arlo owners meant it wasn t quite a slam dunk.

While it lacks Arlo Ultra 4K s headline-grabbing UHD resolution, it offers a broader suite of enhancements that make it arguably a better choice than Arlo s priciest kit. There s been fierce competition in the space of late but Arlo s outstanding track record has given consumers confidence that this one should succeed. The Arlo Pro 3 499 for a 2-camera kit, with add-on cameras priced at 199 each sits squarely between the two.

Arlo Pro 3 review A smart security choice. In fact, its security camera line continues to broaden with recent entries such as the Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight and Arlo Essential helping to diversify its lineup. Terry Walsh Digital Trends. This new model boosts image resolution ranging from the Arlo Pro 2 s 1080p to a sharper, more vibrant 2K 2560 x 1440 pixels with support for high dynamic range HDRwhich promises better video quality in very dark or bright areas.

A 160-degree field of view may be narrower than the Arlo Ultra 4K s generous 180 degrees, but it s a noticeable step up from the 130-degrees offered by the outgoing model. Other features are lifted directly from the Arlo Ultra 4K. An integrated spotlight allows Arlo to claim support for color night vision, while noise-canceling two-way audio and an on-camera siren further reinforce the Arlo Pro 3 s security credentials. A better choice for Arlo upgraders.

It also benefits from the neat magnetic charging system we met in April, which promises up to six months of camera battery life between charges. Visually, the Arlo Pro 3 s cameras and supporting SmartHub look identical to those we encountered when reviewing the Arlo 4K Ultra. That s not a bad thing as Arlo s much-copied design is one of the more compact and attractive systems around. The curvy, all-plastic chassis is robust enough to weather the elements, while the installation is simplified by a strong magnetic mounting system a screw-mounted option is also available.

A partially flattened base also allows the camera to be placed indoors on a shelf or desktop. In short, you can install the Arlo Pro 3 anywhere. Arlo s much-copied design is one of the more compact and attractive systems around. Also included here is Arlo s latest SmartHub VMB4540which provides network connectivity between the cameras and your router. Again, it looks identical to the slimmer device introduced with the Arlo Ultra 4K, but a closer examination reveals important differences.

External video storage for camera recordings is available, but on this model, it s enabled by a single USB 2. That s good news for surveillance video hoarders, who will benefit from storage capacities up to 2 TB. The Arlo Pro 3 s lower-resolution video also allows the system to operate with reduced bandwidth requirements. 0 port rather than the microSD slot equipped on the Arlo Ultra.

This SmartHub operates on 802. 11 b g n Wi-Fi rather than the faster AC standard supported on the Arlo Ultra 4K. Perhaps the best news is that owners of some older Arlo systems can add Arlo Pro 3 cameras to their existing network and receive the benefit of enhanced 2K video streams without the need to replace their SmartHubs. Arlo Pro 3 owners can even add Ultra 4K cameras to their systems at a later date, with no loss of functionality. That makes the Arlo Pro 3 a better upgrade option than Arlo s top-tier kit.

Setup s a cinch. As was the case with every Arlo system we ve reviewed, getting up and running with Arlo Pro 3 is really easy. Arlo recently introduced a new version of its smartphone app, which does a great job of guiding you through installation. Where cheaper smart camera systems can switch between direct Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections during setup, Arlo s wired SmartHub handles installation smoothly.

Hardware installation is equally simple, with screw and magnetic mounting options available in the box. Arlo s newer, concave magnetic mount is fabulous, balancing strength and versatility. Cameras smartly snap to the mount at the rear and can be angled precisely, despite the firm connection. For more ambitious mounting, the included adjustable security mount can be screwed into walls, fences, ceilings, trees, and so on.

It supports 360-degree rotation and 90-degree tilt. In use, the Arlo Pro 3 s 2K image quality is a noticeable improvement over the previous-generation camera and a huge leap from the 720p supported by the original Arlo system. While it doesn t have quite the clarity you ll get from Arlo Ultra 4K or wired Nest Cam IQ models, it s still very good indeed. The enhanced resolution allows you to take advantage of the camera s 12x digital zoom without images immediately disintegrating into a blurry mess.

Arlo Pro 3 is equipped with a smart Auto Zoom and Tracking feature, which is handy for security monitoring. Push beyond 3x zoom, though, and quality will noticeably degrade. Sadly, as we found with the Arlo Ultra 4K, when the feature is enabled, the camera s resolution is dropped to 1080p. Night vision provides greater sharpness and clarity than many competitors.

We found daytime image quality to be balanced, with accurate colors and good contrast. A step up in video quality. Arlo s Auto HDR feature makes it one of the few smart cameras we ve tested indoors that avoids overexposure near bright windows, which means you ll capture images of anyone peering through your windows to see if you re home. The 160-degree field of view is wide enough to cover all but the most expansive rooms or huge gardens, and fish-eye distortion is negligible.

At night, Arlo Pro 3 s color night vision feature requires the camera s integrated spotlight to be illuminated. The resulting images are certainly more natural than the standard, spooky monochrome pictures produced by competitors. However, while range is good, color night vision suffers from the blurriness and noise typically associated with high ISO photography. With the spotlight disabled, the camera reverts to a standard night vision setting. Again, the illuminated range is good, and while monochrome images are also a little noisy, Arlo Pro 3 s night vision provides greater sharpness and clarity than many competitors.

Piercing alarm, integrated spotlight. While the Arlo Pro 3 isn t necessarily competing with the likes of Simplisafe or Nest Secure as a full-fledged smart home security system, it s equipped with a number of overlapping features that make it worth considering while we await the arrival of the upcoming Arlo Security System.

The piercing alarm from Arlo Pro 2 s SmartHub has been shifted to the cameras themselves, with an option to trigger when motion is detected. The resulting racket is certainly sufficient to scare off an intruder and, combined with the camera s bright, integrated LED spotlight, it forms an effective first line of protection for your home. The Arlo app supports a number of configurable modes to arm the system. Alongside a manual toggle, you can choose to enable monitoring using a timed schedule or geolocation setting.

Each mode can be customized with simple IFTTT rules covering motion detection, video recording, and the integrated alarm, or you can quickly build a custom mode to fit your preferences. It s all very simple. Simple to use, but under the hood, it s super smart. Elsewhere, we found the updated Arlo app easy to get along with. There are only a few ways to tweak camera settings, but they include useful options like brightness, low-light settings, and video quality controls.

Navigating, reviewing, and sharing video clips from the library is simple. A standard daily timeline view is ably assisted by filters that help users zoom in on the action from specific cameras, or review clips based on the type of alert triggered or object detected. Our only criticism with the app is that we found connecting to a camera s livestream could take a while, even on the local network.

On some occasions, we were viewing live video within 5 seconds. Other times, we d experience a delay of up to 30 seconds. With both cameras simultaneously livestreaming 2K video, we did see some temporary performance issues during stress tests. Every 20 seconds or so, both streams were replaced with a black screen for a second, before the livestream was restored. With 2K local streaming disabled, performance improved, although we continued to see a flicker once in a while.

With both cameras reporting a good signal, we can only assume this was a network bandwidth issue or a processing bottleneck. Perhaps retaining Arlo Ultra s 802. 11ac connectivity would have been a better choice. Intelligent features locked behind a paywall. While Nest often takes the plaudits for smart cam A.the Arlo Pro 3 is equipped with an admirable array of enhancements that add real convenience and utility.

Sadly, most are locked behind an Arlo Smart subscription service, priced from 3 per month. A 3-month free trial is available on setup, so you can try out the features and see if the upgrade makes sense. They include advanced object detection, which helps the camera to differentiate between people, vehicles, animals, and packages the latter is currently in beta. Smoke and carbon dioxide alarm detection sends you a smartphone notification when a camera detects an audible alert.

subscribers also get the benefit of an e911 feature, which allows you to call emergency services with a single tap on your smartphone. We loved Arlo s rich notification feature, which adds a thumbnail to the smart notifications sent to your phone. When a person is detected, you ll see a frame captured by your camera. Many smart cams do the same, but Arlo also darkens the image and clearly highlights the person in the frame.

While it s simple to use, Arlo is super smart under the hood. A quick glance and you can check whether the camera s detected friend or foe. With everyday features like custom activity zones and 30 days cloud of video recording also included, Arlo Smart s features work well. Only you can decide whether they re worth the additional outlay. While the Arlo Ultra 4K captured the headlines with its flashy UHD video resolution, we think the Arlo Pro 3 is a more worthy and economical successor to our favorite smart cam for the last two years, the Arlo Pro 2.

It s certainly not cheap, but the Arlo Pro 3 s enhanced image quality, integrated security features, and simple app controls make it a fabulous choice for home surveillance. features that make the Arlo Pro 3 one of the smartest systems around. If you re happy to invest in a monthly subscription, you ll benefit from an extended suite of useful A. Meanwhile, owners of first- and second-generation Arlo systems have a reasonable path to upgrade their cameras and or SmartHubs.

We ve been waiting for a competitive smart cam to knock Arlo Pro 2 off its perch perhaps it was inevitable that the Arlo Pro 3 would do the job. Few smart cameras offer Arlo s winning blend iq option plataforma ease, quality, and versatility, but there are plenty of cheaper systems available if your budget is limited. The Swann Smart Security Camera 129 is a solid budget pick, with similar wireless connectivity and weatherproof protection to Arlo, as well as 1080p HD imaging.

At the premium end of the market, the Arlo 4K Ultra 599 for a 2-camera bundle definitely beats the Arlo Pro 3 on video quality, but you should be aware you ll need to invest in iq option plataforma cameras and a replacement SmartHub to take advantage of UHD video. Elsewhere, Nest Cam IQ Outdoor 399 and Nest Cam IQ Indoor cameras 299 are accomplished top-tier performers that lack the Arlo Pro 3 s versatility and value.

Arlo Pro 3 is built to withstand Mother Nature s fierce temper, with operating temperatures between -4 Fahrenheit -20 Celsius and 113 degrees F 45 Cso expect the hardware to be robust. As for software, Arlo continues to release enhancements and tweaks for all Arlo systems, so we d expect owners to enjoy a long and happy life with the Arlo Pro 3. It s an investment, but the Arlo Pro 3 is a fabulous choice for those considering their first smart home camera system.

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Nikon Z 5 Review Full-frame but too slow. It s also worth noting that Arlo has expanded its line recently, introducing new models like the Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight and Arlo Essential. Artificial Intelligence in Service. Artificial intelligence AI is increasingly reshaping service by performing various tasks, constituting a major source of innovation, yet threatening human jobs.

We develop a theory of AI job replacement to address this double-edged impact. The theory specifies four intelligences required for service tasks mechanical, analytical, intuitive, and empathetic and lays out the way firms should decide between humans and machines for accomplishing those tasks. Rust, University of Maryland, 3451 Van Munching Hall, College Park, MD 20742, USA.

The theory asserts that AI job replacement occurs fundamentally at the task level, rather than the job level, and for lower easier for AI intelligence tasks first. AI first replaces some of a service job s tasks, a transition stage seen as augmentation, and then progresses to replace human labor entirely when it has the ability to take over all of a job s tasks. The progression of AI task replacement from lower to higher intelligences results in predictable shifts over time in the relative importance of the intelligences for service employees.

An important implication from our theory is that analytical skills will become less important, as AI takes over more analytical tasks, giving the softer intuitive and empathetic skills even more importance for service employees. Eventually, AI will be capable of performing even the intuitive and empathetic tasks, which enables innovative ways of human machine integration for providing service but also results in a fundamental threat for human employment.

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