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RadioLabs new USB WiFi Directional Antenna, O2Connect is designed to be a fixed mount, long range wifi panel antenna with high speed B G N, 150 Mbps, USB module built in. RadioLabs new chipset gives 2x the power and twice the receive sensitivity for very long range connections and point to point bridging up to 5 miles Line of Sight. CaptiFi High Power RV Marine WiFi Antenna kit with Repeater. The best, complete, WiFi Antenna System for your RV or Boat.

The popular CaptiFi Ultra, USB Antenna, has incredible range, blazing fast speed and the ability to connect to signals at far distances that our competitor s antennas only dream of achieving. This powerful yet compact antenna, coupled with RadioLabs new WiJacker v2 repeater system, achieves speeds and long distance connection to remote WiFi signals never thought possible. This kit includes the CaptiFi USB WiFi Antennathe new WiJacker v2 USB WiFi Repeaterour universal rugged Marine Antenna Mount and a 16ft extension cable giving you a robust, powerful WiFi system.

You ll never have to install any software. System is 100 Plug and Play. USB WiFi Router Repeater Marine RV WiFi. Create your own personal WiFi Access point on the go. This amazing USB WiFi Repeater controls any RadioLabs USB WiFi Antenna for RV or Marine. Newly redesigned 300 MBPS WiFi speeds, create your own instant personal Access Point. Simply plug your RadioLabs RV or Marine WiFi Antenna into the front of the repeater, connect with any WiFi enabled laptop, phone or tablet, scan and select your desired WiFi Signal at the campground or marina, and enjoy high power, long range WiFi signal in the comfort and privacy of your own RV or boat.

Works on any RadioLabs USB WiFi Antenna for RV, and can instantly program with any tablet, phone, laptop or PC. Wireless Networking. Rugged CNC Machined chassis, 12v connect, instant plug and play and hotswap USB port, is a fantastic redesign of our original USB WiFi Repeater, just highly refined. New user interface, added antenna and universal power makes this the best WiFi solution for RVs and boats on the market, period.

WiMag Mobile Magnetic Mount WiFi Antenna Dual Band. Share your signal with up to 200 or more devices, either hardwired, or simple WiFi connection. Powerful Mobile WiFi Magnetic mount antenna. The new, WiMag Dual Band antenna, designed and manufactured by RadioLabs, is the most powerful WiFi Mobile antenna ever made. Huge gain factor found only in much larger antennas is achieved in a very compact package. Developed for US Military use in 2001, this amazing antenna provides the highest gain possible.

RadioLabs has not offered this antenna to the public for quite some time, because we ve had our hands full making these antennas for huge overseas contracts, global networking and security corporations and video surveillance. Lastest From Radios. This powerful antenna has been tested and performs amazing for it s small size. Best Mobile WiFi antenna on the market, since 2001. Radio and Shortwave Products. RadioLabs Sangean Earbuds High Quality Headphones.

Excellent quality earbuds, with great audio, retention and soft on the ear. These earphones were designed for long term wear, nighttime listening and sound just as good on shortwave and AM radio as they do high quality Rock and Roll. Sturdy housing and right-angle shaft, sits at the perfect angle to not cause tension. Cord will not tangle, and is made out of soft flexible rubber. Will not wrap up or crimp. Audio response is amazing and excellent bass response.

Portable AM Radio Antenna Signal Booster Improve Reception. Using World War 1 technology, this AM signal booster, creates a huge radio signal field around the outside of the antenna, substantially improving the reception, decreases static and eliminates noise on any portable receiver near it. Simply setting this antenna behind the radio and tuning the knob gives a 200-500 increase on most portable receivers.

This incredible little AM Radio Antenna, drastically boosts the signal strength, reduces noise and improves reception on any portable AM Radio. No wires, no batteries and no gimmicks, this antenna works miracles. Sangean ATS-405 AM FM Shortwave Portable Radio. Sangean ATS-405 Shortwave Receiver. The Sangean ATS-405, portable receiver, is a high performance AM FM and full Coverage Digital Radio. It was designed for who wants full coverage AM FM shortwave and world band full coverage.

In our tests, we have compared sensitivity to all other receivers, and it s AM and FM is amazing. Shortwave coverage is excellent of the whip. Kaito KA-500L AM FM SW Emergency Radio. The 405 is a great emergency radio for worldwide listening. Reliable, self-powered Emergency Radio The Kaito KA-500L, charges the internal Lithium ion, standard 18650 battery off of multiple power sources, including wind-up, solar, DC input, etc.

This is the emergency weather radio you want before you re trapped and need it. Makes the perfect gift for your loved ones who live in earthquake, hurricane or tornado prone areas. Easy to use and built-in flashlight make this a great radio to always have on hand in your home, car, RV or boat. RadioLabs Sangean 909X ClearMod AM FM SW Receiver. R adioLabs popular Sangean ATS-909X ClearModis a modified version of the new Sangean ATS-909X, providing both increased clarity and sensitivity.

Our amazing filter modifications, performed by skilled technicians, significantly reduces noise, static and adjacent channel splatter. While the 909X is already a very sensitive receiver, our custom receiver modification takes the AM SW bands and supercharges them for greatly improved worldband and AM performance. AM Radio Antenna AM Signal Booster. AM Radio Signal Booster The RadioLabs AN200 AM Antenna is a beautifully designed loop antenna for enhanced AM or Medium Wave reception.

The antenna instantly and dramatically boosts the AM reception of any portable radio, home stereo receiver or table top radio, by simply placing the antenna near your radio and tuning it, or, with this model, allows you to hard-wire the antenna to your home stereo receiver or table top radio with twin lead attachment. Amazing signal clarity and makes distant stations instantly sound like they re local.

WiFi and Wireless Antennas RadioLabs. Wireless Networking Products from RadioLabs. -RadioLabs Resources. Wireless Networks, The Truth WiFi Antennas -Choosing a WiFi antenna- Increasing your WiFi Reception -Wireless Range Calculator- -Connect WiFi to Shop, Garage, Barn Wireless Extender- AM Radio Noise Problems.

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A Range Extender allows you to extend your wireless networks to areas of the home where the signal may not be strong enough; whilst an Access Point allows you to add wireless capabilities to a non-wireless router. So if you want to improve the speed and range of an existing wireless network or set one up, D-Link s access points and range extenders offer a fast and reliable connection for all of your wireless devices.

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Mark as New Bookmark Subscribe Subscribe to this message s RSS Feed Highlight this Message Print Email this Message to a Friend Report Inappropriate Content. on 06-01-2019 12h03. on 06-01-2019 12h07. Welcome to this user forum. What signal level and signal quality is the box showing. First try restarting the BT YouView box, as that can help. on 06-01-2019 12h11.

on 06-01-2019 12h14. The signal is showing anywhere between 88-90. Lucy1964 wrote I ve tried resetting and retuning. What is the signal quality showing, as that is more important. on 06-01-2019 12h52. 06-01-2019 12h59 - edited 06-01-2019 13h00. So you ve got about 90 signal strength which is maybe a little low as 95 would be better. And about 20 signal quality which is terrible. Have you tuned into the correct transmitter region. Do you know how far you re from the main transmitter.

If you re very close it could be that the signal is too strong and you need to do something about weakening it, as the Youview s tuner can t well handle really strong signals. on 06-01-2019 14h06. on 06-01-2019 14h15. You could try adjusting the attenuator to drop the signal level slightly, to see if it improves the quality.

It may not help, as I think you have a poor quality signal entering the booster. The problem is that signal boosters do not normally improve the quality, as they introduce a small amount of noise. It may be that you need to improve your outside aerial to get a better signal from the transmitter. A good aerial company should be able to do this properly, as they have signal level meters. on 06-01-2019 14h35.

on 06-01-2019 14h39. Lucy1964 wrote Okay thanks for your a iq option recusou a execução da ordem, is there anyway to simply turn the message off in the mean time. You may be able to get rid of it by slightly adjusting the signal level on the attenuator, or there may be a gain adjustment on the booster itself. Check the predicted coverage in your area through our Freeview Checker. Step 1 Check what channels you should be getting. If you re having problems with reception, picture or channels when watching Freeview then look no further than our step-by-step troubleshooting guide, these are the steps that we would talk you through if you called one of our advisors at the Freeview advice line.

From there you ll also be able to see any planned maintenance, transmitter faults or live issues that could be affecting your area. Just enter your postcode and house name or number to find all channels available via an aerial at your address. Reception, picture and channels troubleshooting guide. If there s no information on there about faults or engineering work, return to this page and follow step 2. With most devices you ll just have to press retune when prompted.

But if your TV doesn t prompt you to do this, you may need to manually start the automatic retune or do a full manual retune. The instructions for both are below. Alternatively, watch our helpful retune videos. Automatic retune These may vary slightly depending on which device you have, but they usually include the following simple steps. Press menu on your box or TV remote control Select set-upinstallationupdate or a similar option. If you re asked for a password, the default code is 1234 or 0000.

Select first-time installation sometimes called factory resetfull retune or default settings. Press OK if your equipment asks if it s OK to delete existing channels and then your retune should start automatically. If you re prompted to, save the channels that are found. Manual retune If you ve already run through the automatic retune options and it still isn t sorted, you can manually search by channel frequencies. As a first step, check to see if your desired channels are appearing further down the list in the TV Guide usually the 800s.

If they are, make them easier to find by saving them to your favourites list. If you can t find the channels in the 800 range, enter your postcode into our Freeview Checker to find a list of channels available at your address. Once you have these details, please follow the below steps. Using your remote control, press the menu button. Select the set up or installation option.

If you see picture icons, select the tool box, satellite dish or spanner. Select manual retune or manual search. If you re prompted for a code, try 0000 or 1234. When your device asks for a channel number frequencytype in the number provided in the detailed view of the Freeview checker relating to that channel. Repeat steps 1-5 using the different numbers next to each group a group is a bundle of TV servicesto complete the manual retune. Then press menu or exit to finish. Step 2 Retuning your device.

When something s been updated, most Freeview devices will ask you to retune rescan for any channel changes. For more help, you can also watch our retuning videos or read our other retuning FAQs. Step 3 What to check after retuning. But any recordings you ve made should still be there. You might find that your channel favourites and scheduled recordings are also deleted after retuning, so you ll need to check and reset them.

However, if your set top box or TV isn t working correctly, you may sometimes need to clear its memory completely, or restart it. If you have any problems, check the instruction manual, or get in touch with the manufacturer. Step 4 Check your equipment and cables. If you have followed the retune process and it still hasn t resolved the problem, try unplugging your set-top box or TV and then retuning it.

Freeview TV Your Freeview TV should come with a power lead and a remote control with batteries. Make sure the TV is plugged in and fit the batteries to the remote. These instructions should work for most Freeview TVs or boxes, but they differ, and you may have to speak to your manufacturer or the retailer you bought your device from for help. Plug in the aerial and turn the TV on. If you have a smart TV then it you will ask for your wifi network and password, so have these ready.

Set-top box If you have one, you should have the following items a power lead, a remote control with batteries and HDMI leads. Are they worn or damaged. Look for worn parts or bent pins on the connections. Internet Make sure any internet cables are securely plugged in or if using Wi-Fi that your TV Box is connected to your network. Cables Take a good look.

Step 5 Check for 4G interference. Sometimes 4G mobile broadband services can interfere with TV signals in some areas. A company called DMSL has been established by mobile phone operators to help resolve these reception issues for Freeview users. You can get a free one from DMSL see its 4G filters guide for more information, or call its support team on 0808 131 3800.

Step 6 Check your aerial. Aerial lead Make sure it s undamaged and connected to the aerial point in your living room. You can use its tool to check if there s 4G interference in your area if there is it can usually be resolved by fitting a 4G filter between your aerial cable and your TV. The lead must be securely plugged into the socket in the back of your Freeview TV, set-top box, or recorder marked RF inAntennaAerial or Ant in. External aerial It s likely that your existing aerial will work, as long as it s not out of position or damaged by the weather.

As a rule, we recommend removing any unnecessary aerial amplifiers or splitters, which can lead to equipment being overloaded or receiving too little signal. If you live somewhere which shares an aerial, talk to your neighbours to see if they use Freeview and what the reception is like. If they get good reception it s likely that you will too. If they re not seeing a perfect picture, then get the communal aerial checked. Ask your landlord, management company, housing association or council.

Also get in touch with them if you don t quite know what kind of aerial the building has got, or you suspect it might not have an aerial at all. If you need more advice, we recommend you get in touch with a qualified aerial installer. Visit the following websites to find one local to you. They will understand the circumstances and local geography in your area and suggest the best option for you. Get me Viewing Confederation of Aerial Industries Get me Digital Registered Digital Installers.

Remember, it s always a good idea to get more than one quote. Thanks for voting. What could we do better. That s great, what did you like. Check that it s pointing in the same direction as others nearby. How to improve your TV s sound Retune videos How often should I retune my TV. How do I manually retune my TV. How do I retune my TV. Reach us on social. Contact us for support and advice via our Facebook page, Facebook Messenger or Twitter.

Rather speak to someone. Call the Freeview Advice Line. Monday 09 00 - 18 00 Tuesday 09 00 - 18 00 Wednesday 09 00 - 20 00 Thursday 09 00 - 20 00 Friday 09 00 - 18 00 Saturday 09 00 - 17 00 Sunday CLOSED. DTV Services Limited, Company Number 04435179 - 27 Mortimer Street London W1T 3JF. Get the best of next week s TV line-up in your inbox every Friday. The camera BRAIN is the primary building block of the RED system, housing the image sensor and advanced computing components.

A DSMC2 BRAIN is capable of data write speeds of 300 MB s, can simultaneously record in REDCODE RAW and Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHR HD, and is offered with four sensor options - delivering incredible dynamic range and up to 8K resolution. With features like cable-free peripherals, integrated media bay, wireless control, DSMC2 is the most powerful and intuitive camera to date. CHOOSE YOUR SENSOR. MONSTRO 8K VV. It is also compatible with a growing arsenal of modules and accessories from RED and other Third-Party manufacturers.

Tack on interchangeable OLPFs and lens mounts and DSMC2 gives you the ultimate control over your footage. 4 Megapixel CMOS Sensor 40. 60 mm Diag 46. 31 mm 60 fps at 8K Full Format 8192 4320 75 fps at 8K 2. 4 1 8192 3456. HELIUM 8K S35. 4 Megapixel CMOS Sensor 29. 77 mm Diag 33. 80 mm 60 fps at 8K Full Format 8192 4320 75 fps at 8K 2. GEMINI 5K S35. 4 Megapixel Dual Sensitivity CMOS Sensor 30. 72 mm x 18 mm Diagonal 35. 61 mm 96 fps at 5K Full Format 5120 2700 75 fps at 5K Full Height 1.

7 1 5120 3000. DRAGON-X 6K S35. 4 Megapixel CMOS Sensor 30. 8 mm Diagonal 34. 5 mm 75 fps at 6K Full Format 6144 x 3160 100 fps at 6K 2. Superior Image Quality. DSMC2 combines advanced color science with incredible dynamic range. The result is cinema image quality that breathes life into your footage. Showcase the depths of shadows as well as highlight roll-off to capture otherwise imperceptible details. All RED cameras deliver stunning resolution and image quality creating clean and organic images that bring your footage to life.

RESOLUTION MATTERS. The MONSTRO and HELIUM sensors take the next step in exceeding beauty offered by film - up to 17x more resolution than HD and over 4x more than 4K. 4 1 6144 x 2592. Image captured 90 minutes after sunset with only available light at 3200 ISO. GEMINI OFFERS FLEXIBILITY IN ANY SITUATION. In Low Light mode, GEMINI is RED s highest sensitivity sensor to date, with significantly increased performance in low-light situations and improved performance in shadows due to the new design.

Your Workflow. RED s proprietary REDCODE RAW file format, also referred to simply as R3D, gives you maximum flexibility during post. DSMC2 offers greater creative freedom via its ability to simultaneously record in both R3D and Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHR HD. MONSTRO HELIUM GEMINI DRAGON-X. 4 Megapixel CMOS EFFECTIVE PIXELS 8192 4320 SENSOR SIZE 40.

Shooting RAW has never been this easy. 60 mm Diagonal 46. 31 mm DYNAMIC RANGE 17 stops MAX DATA RATES. Up to 300 MB s a iq option recusou a execução da ordem RED MINI-MAG 480GB 960GB Up to 225 MB s using RED MINI-MAG 120GB 240GB. MAX FRAME RATES. 60 fps at 8K Full Format 8192 432075 fps at 8K 2. 4 1 8192 3456 60 fps at 7K Full Format 7168 378075 fps at 7K 2. SENSOR TYPE MONSTRO 35. 4 1 7168 3024 75 fps at 6K Full Format 6144 3240100 fps at 6K 2.

4 1 6144 2592 96 fps at 5K Full Format 5120 2700120 fps at 5K 2. 4 1 5120 2160 120 fps at 4K Full Format 4096 2160150 fps at 4K 2. 4 1 4096 1728 150 fps at 3K Full Format 3072 1620200 fps at 3K 2. 4 1 3072 1296 240 fps at 2K Full Format 2048 1080300 fps at 2K 2. PLAYBACK FRAME RATES PROJECT TIMEBASE 23. 94, 60 fps, all resolutions REDCODE SETTINGS RANGE FROM 2 1 UP TO 22 1. 5 1 REDCODE for 8K Full Format 8192 4320 at 24 fps 12 1 REDCODE for 8K Full Format 8192 4320 at 60 fps 2 1 REDCODE for 4K Full Format 4096 2160 at 24 fps 3 1 REDCODE for 4K Full Format 4096 2160 at 60 fps.

4 1, 16 9, 14 9, 8 9, 3 2, 6 5, 4 1, 8 1, and Ana 2x, 1. 25x 7K Full Format 7168 37802 1, 2. 4 1, 16 9, 8 9, 6 5, 4 1, 8 1, and Ana 2x, 1. 3x 6K Full Format 6144 32402 1, 2. 4 1, 16 9, 8 9, 3 2, 4 3, 6 5, 4 1, 8 1, and Ana 2x, 1. REDCODE RAW ACQUISITION FORMATS. 8K Full Format 8192 43202 1, 2. 25x 5K Full Format 5120 27002 1, 2. 3x 4K Full Format 4096 21602 1, 2. 4 1, 16 9, 8 9, 3 2, 4 3, 5 4, 6 5, 4 1, 8 1, 1 1, and Ana 2x, 1. 3x 3K Full Format 3072 16202 1, 2.

4 1, 16 9, 3 2, 4 3, 5 4, 6 5, 4 1, 8 1, and Ana 2x, 1. 3x 2K Full Format 2048 10802 1, 2. APPLE PRORES. ProRes 422 HQ, ProRes 422 and ProRes 422 LT at 4K 4096 2160 up to 30 fps ProRes 4444 XQ and ProRes 4444 at 2K 2048 1080 up to 120 fps ProRes 422 HQ, ProRes 422 and ProRes 422 LT at 2K 2048 1080 up to 120 fps. AVID CODECS. DNxHR HQX at 4K 4096 2160 12-bit up to 30 fps DNxHR HQ and SQ at 4K 4096 2160 8-bit up to 30 fps DNxHR 444 at 2K 2048 1080 12-bit up to 120 fps DNxHD 444 and HQX 1920 1080 10-bit up to 120 fps DNxHD HQ and SQ 1920 1080 8-bit up to 120 fps.

35 lbs BRAIN with Integrated Media Bay. DC IN POWER INPUT. 5 V DC to 17 V DC requires an expander with DC-IN. OPERATING TEMPERATURE. 0 C to 40 C 32 F to 104 F. STORAGE TEMPERATURE. 20 C to 50 C 4 F to 122 F. RELATIVE HUMIDITY. 0 to 85 non-condensing. COLOR MANAGEMENT. Supports 33 33 33, 32 32 32, 26 26 26, and 17 17 17 3D LUTs Variable number of 3D LUT outputs with DSMC2 expander module User programmable shaper 1D LUTs Tetrahedral interpolation, 16-bit processing.

Integrated dual channel digital stereo microphones, uncompressed, 24-bit 48 kHz Optional 2 additional channels with DSMC2 expander module, uncompressed, 24-bit 48 kHz. Integrated R. WiFi antenna Ethernet, RS232, and GPI Trigger with DSMC2 expander module. MONITOR OUTPUTS. 3G-SDI HD-SDI and HDMI with DSMC2 expander module 1080p RGB or 4 2 2, 720p RGB or 4 2 2 480p RGB or 4 2 2 HDMI only SMPTE Timecode, HANC Metadata, 24-bit 48 kHz Audio.

MONITOR OPTIONS. DSMC2 Touch 7. 0 Ultra-Brite LCD Direct MountDSMC2 RED Touch 4. 7 LCD, DSMC2 RED Touch 7. 0 LCD and DSMC2 RED EVF OLED with cable-free connection. 0 LCD, RED Touch 7. 0 LCD, RED Touch 5. 0 LCD, RED PRO 7 LCD, DSMC2 Touch 7. REDCINE-X PRO DELIVERY FORMATS. 4K DPX, TIFF, OpenEXR. 0 Ultra-Brite LCD, BOMB EVF OLED and BOMB EVF LCOS compatible with DSMC2 LCD EVF Adaptor A or DSMC2 LCD EVF Adaptor D, and LCD EVF cable.

RED via RRencode plugin 2K DPX, TIFF, OpenEXR. RED via RRencode plugin 1080p RGB 4 2 2, 720p 4 2 2 QuickTime, JPEG, AVID AAF, MXF 1080p 4 2 0, 720p 4 2 0 H. VIDEO EDITING SOFTWARE COMPATIBILITY. Adobe Premiere Pro, AVID Media Composer, DaVinci Resolve, Edius Pro, Final Cut Pro, Vegas Pro. Tech specs reflect both current and projected information. Everything is subject to change. SENSOR TYPE HELIUM 35. 4 Megapixel CMOS EFFECTIVE PIXELS 8192 4320 SENSOR SIZE 29.

77 mm Diagonal 33. 80 mm DYNAMIC RANGE 16. 5 stops MAX DATA RATES. SENSOR TYPE GEMINI 15. 4 Megapixel Dual Sensitivity CMOS EFFECTIVE PIXELS 5120 3000 SENSOR SIZE 30. 72 mm 18 mm Diagonal 35. 61 mm DYNAMIC RANGE 16. 75 fps at 5K Full Height 1. 7 1 5120 3000 96 fps at 5K Full Format 5120 2700120 fps at 5K 2. PLAYBACK FRAME RATES PROJECT TIMEBASE. 94, 60 fps, all resolutions. REDCODE SETTINGS RANGE FROM 2 1 UP TO 22 1.

3 1 REDCODE at 5K Full Height 5120 3000 and 24 fps 6 1 REDCODE at 5K Full Height 5120 3000 and 60 fps 2 1 REDCODE at 5K Full Format 5120 2700 and 24 fps 8 1 REDCODE at 5K Full Format 5120 2700 and 96 fps 2 1 REDCODE at 4K Full Format 4096 2160 and 24 fps 6 1 REDCODE at 4K Full Format 4096 2160 and 120 fps. 5K Full Height 1. 7 1 5120 30005K Full Height 6 5 3600 3000and Ana 2x, 1. 3x 5K Full Format 5120 27002 1, 2. 4 1, 16 9, 6 5, 4 1, 8 1, and Ana 2x, 1. SENSOR TYPE DRAGON-X 19. 4 Megapixel Super 35mm CMOS EFFECTIVE PIXELS 6144 x 3160 SENSOR SIZE 30.

5 mm DYNAMIC RANGE 16. Up to 300 MB s using RED MINI-MAG 480GB, 512GB, 960GB 1TB Up to 225 MB s using RED MINI-MAG 120GB 240GB. 75 fps at 6K Full Format 6144 x 3160100 fps at 6K 2. 4 1 6144 x 2592 96 fps at 5K Full Format 5120 x 2700120 fps at 5K 2. 4 1 5120 x 2160 120 fps at 4K Full Format 4096 x 2160150 a iq option recusou a execução da ordem at 4K 2. 4 1 3072 x 1296 240 fps at 2K Full Format 2048 x 1080300 fps at 2K 2. 4 1 4096 x 1728 150 fps at 3K Full Format 3072 x 1620200 fps at 3K 2.

4 1 2048 x 864. REDCODE SETTINGS. 3 1 REDCODE at 6K Full Format 6144 x 3160 and 24 fps 7 1 REDCODE at 6K Full Format 6144 x 3160 and 60 fps 2 1 REDCODE at 4K Full Format 4096 x 2160 and 24 fps 6 1 REDCODE at 4K Full Format 4096 x 2160 and 120 fps. 6K Full Format 6144 x 31602 1, 2. 4 1, 16 9, 3 2, 6 5, 4 1, 8 1, and Ana 2x, 1. 25x 5K Full Format 5120 x 27002 1, 2. 3x 4K Full Format 4096 x 21602 1, 2. 3x 3K Full Format 3072 x 16202 1, 2.

3x 2K Full Format 2048 x 10802 1, 2. DNxHR HQX at 4K 4096 2160 12-bit up to 30 fps DNxHR HQ and SQ at 4K 4096 2160 8-bit up to 30 fps DNxHR 444 at 2K 2048 1080 12-bit up to 120 fps DNxHR HQ and SQ at 2K 2048 1080 8-bit up to 120 fps DNxHD 444 and HQX 1920 1080 10-bit up to 120 fps DNxHD HQ and SQ 1920 1080 8-bit up to 120 fps. Manufactured with durable gold-plating and silver solder construction. Designed and engineered to provide premium, broadcast video and sound, HDMI connectors, the PPA International 50 Hi-Speed HDMI to HDMI Cable is perfect choice for any entertainment environment.

95 Gbps Transmission Rates. Proposition 65, officially the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986, is a law that requires warnings be provided to California consumers when they might be exposed to chemicals identified by California as causing cancer or reproductive toxicity. The warnings are intended to help California consumers make informed decisions about their exposures to these chemicals from the products they use.

The California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment OEHHA administers the Proposition 65 program and publishes the listed chemicals, which includes more than 850 chemicals. In August 2016, OEHHA adopted new regulations, effective on August 30, 2018, which change the information required in Proposition 65 warnings. PPA International 50 Hi-Speed HDMI to HDMI Cable with Signal Booster, Up to 4. WARNING This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

We are providing the following warning for products linked to this page. California requires the following notice. WARNING Some dust created by power sanding, sawing, grinding, drilling, and other construction activities contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Some examples of these chemicals are. lead from lead-based paints, crystalline silica from bricks and cement and other masonry products, and arsenic and chromium from chemically treated lumber.

Your risk from exposure to these chemicals varies, depending on how often you do this type of work. To reduce your exposure, work in a well-ventilated area and with approved safety equipment, such as dust masks that are specially designed to filter out microscopic particles. WARNING This product contains lead, a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Jewelry and Tiffany Style Lamps. Wash hands after handling. Electrical Cords.

WARNING The wires of this product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Motor Vehicles. WARNING Motor vehicles contain fuel, oils and fluids, battery posts, terminals and related accessories which contain lead and lead compounds and other chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects and other reproductive harm.

These chemicals are found in vehicles, vehicle parts and accessories, both new and as replacements. When being serviced, these vehicles generate used oil, waste fluids, grease, fumes and particulates, all known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, and reproductive harm. Types of Headlights for Cars and Trucks. Get the Best Priced Headlight Assembly.

Replacement Headlight Information. There are many types of bulbs for car, truck and SUV Headlights. All car replacement headlights usually have both high and low beam options. Other light assembly designs have two separate bulbs with single filaments. Some achieve this by using a single bulb with two filaments. How Much Does it Cost for a Headlight. According to most aftermarket auto parts retailers, the average cost of most halogen replacement bulbs is about 15.

00, while HID High intensity discharge bulbs typically cost 100 or even more on some vehicles. The average cost to replace the entire assembly is usually around the range of 150 to 800. What is a Composite Headlamp. Most modern vehicles use what s called a composite headlamp. Choose from top brands including Action Crash, DIY Solutions, TYC, Dorman, Anzo, Hella, Genuine, APA URO Parts, Automotive Lighting, VAIP - Vision Lighting, Valeo, Crown Automotive, Rampage and Bosch.

The glass headlight bulb is actually made of silica quartz, which is highly resistant to heat. Light Emitting Diode LED Headlights for Cars and Trucks. Light emitting diode LED headlights are made up of several small light sources arranged together. They generate light when electrons pass through a superconductor material contained in the LEDs. Halogen bulbs rely on a regular plain glass bulb and filament.

However, they are also filled with a mixture of halogen gases, such as nitrogen and argon, or iodine and bromine. An often overlooked issue is halogen bulbs should never come into contact with human skin because the oils and salt can damage the glass and make it less able to withstand the higher temperatures and will burn out easier. High Intensity Discharge or HID Xenon Headlights.

High intensity discharge or HID headlights as they are commonly called are also known as xenon headlights because they contain the gas xenon, which can give the headlight a distinctive blue sheen. These types of bulbs are usually much brighter at night than any other kind of bulb. Another component of your car s lighting system is the fog lamp, which is a lower-frequency light aimed closer to the ground to provide visibility in fog, dust, or snow without excessive glare.

Composite and sealed Beam headlights are 2 different kinds of parts. In a composite headlight assembly the individual bulbs can be removed and replaced. However on Sealed beam headlight units the entire assembly needs to be replaced when a bulb burns out. Your car s lighting system also includes tail lights so that you can be seen from behindbrake lights to signal to others when you are preparing to stop or slow downand turn signals to let other drivers know of your intentions.

Keeping your car s lighting system in great shape, then, is critical. From bulbs to covers and from wiring to switches, shop at PartsGeek. com to get great lighting components at unbeatable prices. Fitment Information Catalog E Vehicle 2014 Subaru Legacy. Fitment Information Catalog D Vehicle Notes 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 PASSENGER SIDE HEAD LIGHT ASSEMBLY; INCLUDES PARK SIGNAL LIGHT; FITS ALL MODELS EXCEPT 1999-2002 WITH SPORT.

Fitment Information Catalog Q Vehicle 2011 Kia Sorento. Fitment Information Catalog B Vehicle 2005 Dodge Ram 1500. Fitment Information Catalog B Vehicle 2007 Hino 268. Fitment Information Catalog F Vehicle 2007 Jeep Wrangler. Fitment Information Catalog B Vehicle 2006 Mercedes CLS500. Fitment Information Catalog A Vehicle 2003 BMW 325i. Fitment Information Catalog A Vehicle 1997 Jaguar XK8.

Fitment Information Catalog F Vehicle 2006 Jeep Wrangler. Fitment Information Catalog G Vehicle 2006 Porsche Cayenne. Fitment Information Catalog H Vehicle 2008 Lexus IS250. Fitment Information Catalog C Vehicle Sub Model 2004 Ford Focus ZX3. Fitment Information Catalog T Vehicle 2004 Ford F250 Super Duty. Your Bosch Headlight Assembly provides more safety as you re traveling in the dark. Your Hella Headlight makes for more safety when traveling at night.

Your Replacement Headlight Assembly is a component that allows you to drive your vehicle in the dark and in bad weather. A composite headlight is a custom fit plastic reflector bonded to a plastic or glass lens and fitted with a bulb. The bulb is of a quartz-halogen or HID design. A TYC Headlight Assembly furnishes greater safety when traveling in the dark. Headlights perform many functions in your daily driving besides just lighting your way. You signal a driver of an oncoming hazard by flashing your lights, or ask a slow driver to move aside.

You turn on your highbeams for extra visibility in particularly dark areas, perhaps when you re on a deserted roads without street lights. In foggy conditions, your headlamps allow you to cut through murky conditions to continue driving safely. These are also one of the parts on your car that get replaced more frequently than many others.

Making sure your headlights are working properly ensures your safety and the safety of others on the road. Replacing a headlight is easy at PartsGeek. We have hundreds of replacement assemblies to choose from, with top brands like Anzo, Action Crash Parts, Hella, Valeo, Crown Automotive and TYC. What is a headlight. Headlights illuminate the road in front of the car so that both driver and oncoming cars can remain safe on the road.

With our 30-day return policy you can shop with confidence because you have a month to send back a part if you need to. The headlight is composed of the assembly and the bulb. Headlight assemblies can be replaced when the plastic or glass that houses the bulb becomes damaged or cracked. If the light itself goes out, then the lightbulb within needs to be replaced.

Headlights are designed to fit the design of the car and therefore when replacing your vehicle s assembly it s important to get the right fit to match your particular make and model, as some change from model to model and year to year. How much are headlights. The price varies depending on the components that come with the assembly. Some headlights also have added components like washers, and those are more expensive.

And sometimes just the lens or one component of the overall headlight assembly needs to be replaced. For a headlight assembly, the price can run between 150 to a few hundred dollars per side. If just one component, such as a bulb, needs to be replaced, the price for a standard halogen bulb can be as low as 15 to 30. How often do headlights need to be replaced. The frequency of headlight replacement depends on which component you need to replace.

For example, bulbs are one component of a headlight that need more frequent replacement, but LED lamps last longer than standard halogen bulbs. The assembly of the light could become cracked or damaged, and in that case there s no standard replacement timeframe. Replacement in some cases is more a matter of whether or not the lens gets broken through a fender-bender or accident rather than dependent on the lifespan of the assembly.

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Install was easy but for some reason the light had no power. Had power at the factory plug by none to the light. Wiggled the harness on the light and has been fine since. Report 98 Percent Of U. With traffic congestion, pollution, and oil shortages all getting worse, now is the time to shift to affordable, efficient public transportation, APTA director Howard Collier said. Fortunately, as this report shows, Americans have finally recognized the need for everyone else to do exactly that.

WASHINGTON, DC A study released Monday by the American Public Transportation Association reveals that 98 percent of Americans support the use of mass transit by others. Of the study s 5,200 participants, 44 percent cited faster commutes as the primary reason to expand public transportation, followed closely by shorter lines at the gas station. Anaheim, CA, resident Lance Holland, who drives 80 miles a day to his job in downtown Los Angeles, was among the proponents of public transit.

Expanding mass transit isn t just a good idea, it s a necessity, Holland said. Environmental and energy concerns ranked a distant third and fourth, respectively. My drive to work is unbelievable. It s about time somebody did something to get some of these other cars off the road. Public support for mass transit will naturally lead to its expansion and improvement, Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority officials said.

With everyone behind it, we ll be able to expand bus routes, create park-and-ride programs, and build entire new Metrolink commuter-rail lines, LACMTA president Howard Sager said. It s almost a shame I don t know anyone who will be using these new services. Sager said he expects wide-scale expansion of safe, efficient, and economical mass-transit systems to reduce traffic congestion in all major metropolitan areas in the coming decades. Improving public transportation will do a great deal of good, creating jobs, revitalizing downtown areas, and reducing pollution, Sager said.

It also means a lot to me personally, as it should cut 20 to 25 minutes off my morning drive. The APTA study also noted that of the 98 percent of Americans who drive to work, 94 percent are the sole occupant of their automobile. When public transportation is not practical, commuters should at least be carpooling, Collier said. Most people, unlike me, probably work near someone they know and don t need to be driving alone. Collier said he hopes the study serves as a wake-up call to Americans.

In conjunction with its release, the APTA is kicking off a campaign to promote mass transit with the slogan, Take The Bus I ll Be Glad You Did. I spend more than two hours stuck in 12 lanes of traffic. The campaign is intended to de-emphasize the inconvenience and social stigma associated with using public transportation, focusing instead on the positives.

Among these positives the health benefits of getting fresh air while waiting at the bus stop, the chance to meet interesting people from a diverse array of low-paying service-sector jobs, and the opportunity to learn new languages by reading subway ads written in Spanish. People need to realize that public transportation isn t just for some poor sucker to take to work, Collier said.

He should also be taking it to the shopping mall, the supermarket, and the laundromat. Designates Open-Air Dining Areas Along 101 Freeway Median. Nation Could Really Use A Few Days Where It Isn t Gripped By Something. Scaled-Back GOP Stimulus Bill Fails In Senate. Area Man Will Always Remember This As The Summer He Lived Life Normally And Everyone Was Mad At Him. Now you can get the top stories from The Onion delivered to your inbox.

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